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  • Name: Leonid Parfenov ( Parfenov Leonid )
  • Date of birth: 26 January 1960
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Cherepovets
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: journalist, broadcaster, Director
  • Marital status: married to Elena Chekalova

    Leonid Parfenov: the biography

    Leonid Parfyonov is best known opposition public figure, a star and a legend of modern TV journalism and a real fighter for people’s rights. He is also the author and Director of many documentaries on popular culture, sport and historical events of the twentieth century. For his dedicated work in the field of broadcasting Leonid in 2010 he received an award named Vlad Listyev. It is worth noting that in the nineties these two journalists had to work together.

    Leonid Parfyonov won several awards from peers and an appreciative audience. There is hardly a journalist for 15 years, four times won the “

  • Taffy». Leonid Parfenov was born in 1960 in the small town of Cherepovets, the district center of Vologda oblast. Six years later there was born the younger brother of Vladimir. The father of the boys worked as an engineer at the plant, mom is a teacher. Parfyonov admitted that his childhood in Cherepovets was even provided, but terribly boring. The father often took his son hunting, but in addition to the joys of Parfenov-youngest was very little. At school the boy was not one to talk, because at an early age, Leonid became interested in literature and up to the seventh grade was substantial intellectual baggage. In a small regional centre just was not a teenager, able to compete with Lenya in erudition. Nevertheless, He studied bad he was not given the exact Sciences.

    At thirteen, Leonid wrote in the regional newspaper large and serious articles. For one teenager received a magnificent prize-a trip to the best resort of the Soviet Union, «Artek», where he met with young enthusiasts. Even in Crimea, Parfenov continued to write in the local newspaper, expressing interesting and original stance on the problems of modern teenagers, while his peers preferred to spend time relaxing and entertainment collective.

    Parents gradually came to terms with the son’s decision to become a journalist. But even they find it difficult to believe that an ambitious Leonid will be able to enter Leningrad state University named Zhdanov. Parfenov absolutely no doubt in their own abilities and easily passed the entrance exams. Since then Leonid began a new life in which the boy tried to make up for lost time and opportunities.

    He immediately joined the cultural life of Leningrad, radically changed her wardrobe and made plenty of useful contacts. Making friends with students-Bulgarians, Parfenov had the opportunity each year to relax outside the USSR and was first shocked opened before the eyes of the formation of culture. Even more students were struck by the fact how powerful was the informational filter, not allowed to inhabitants of the Soviet Union «Western». And those discoveries made by Leonid Parfyonov to doubt that he wants to live with the status quo.

    Leonid Parfyonov-TV

    In 1982, after training in the GDR journalist Parfenov left the walls of the Alma mater and the distribution returned to Cherepovets, where a young professional had a chance to work through the next four years. Gradually article Leonid began to appear in local periodicals, and the young man literally in half a year was transferred from the newspaper on local TV. It was unprecedented success for the recent graduate, especially because the skills of the presenter and the narrator Leonid Parfyonov never studied.

    In 1986 Edward M. salagaev, paradoctor programs for youth CT of the Soviet Union, Leonid was invited to work in the capital as a special correspondent. Of course, He could not refuse such a chance. Two years worked as the journalist in the television show «World and youth» and has collaborated with several other programs on CT. And in 1988, a young specialist was invited to the newly created Anatoly Malkin and Kira Prosalovskaya television station «ATV». There is Leonid Parfyonov met with Igor Gon, Valdis Pelham, Alexei Kortnevym and other celebrities who are actively changing the appearance of the Soviet television at the turn of the decades.

    Just a year TV journalist had copyright information telecast «

  • The other day», later made Leonidas famous all over the Soviet Union. The format of the programme that the behavior of lead in the air was unusually daring, even audacious. The reality of the new, in the late Soviet period demanded a new format, and Leonid managed to create images that entertain the audience. However, in the next year lead was removed for being too harsh statements towards the resignation of a prominent political figure Eduard Shevardnadze. The disgrace did not last long and was generally almost invisible to the career of Leonid. Moreover, after the collapse of the Soviet Union due to the freedom of speech there are a lot of Newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, so talented journalist was plenty to choose from. In the same 1991, He joined the television company «VID», created by Vladislav Listyev.

    In 1993, the TV host began collaborating with another newcomer among the TV companies «NTV». There the journalist raised their brainchild, previously closed project «Namedni». 1994 ended Parfenov for his first prize of «taffy» for a journalist coined the program «NTV — new year’s television». The following year, Leonid joined as host of the talk show «hero of the day», the format of which was referring to an interview on live with prominent Russian cultural figures and politicians. Then Leonid Parfenov in collaboration with Konstantin Ernst had invented Christmas show «

  • Old songs about the main thing», rapidly gained popularity among viewers of the former Soviet Union. Parfenov and Ernst masterfully played on the desire of the audience to see something new and different, combining in one program the all-Union famous stars, new for the Russian television format of musical and from childhood familiar to the target audience of the Soviet song.
  • From 1997 to 1999, Leonid was on the Board of Directors of the channel, and was also the General producer. The TV show «the other day» turned into a cycle of documentary-historical films, out until mid-2004 until he was fired Parfyonov from the channel. Then the journalist began to cooperate with «the First channel» which created documentaries.

    Since the journalist managed to create a few books-albums, work editor-in-chief of the news magazine, to appear in the video for the song «Rap moleben in support of faith» and start a close cooperation with the information TV channel «Rain». Now the broadcaster is also one of the advisers to the President of the Russian Federation in the sphere of ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens.

    Leonid Parfenov: personal life

    With his wife

  • Elena Chekalova Parfenov met through journalism. Saw the newspaper article of his authorship, journalist Chekalova was eager to meet talented young men. One day a friend of the journalist had brought to visit Parfenova, and since then, began the affair ended the wedding. Now the couple has two adult children: son John and daughter Maria.

    Leonid Parfenov: filmography

    • Children of the twentieth Congress
    • Portrait on the background: Boris Grebenshchikov
    • Namedni 1961-2003: Nasha era
    • The Life Of Solzhenitsyn
    • Red letter day
    • 300 years New year
    • And personally Leonid Ilyich
    • Them.
    • Zworykin-Muromets

    Leonid Parfyonov: photo

    Leonid Parfyonov

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