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  • Name: Leonid Morgunov ( Leonid Morgunov )
  • Date of birth: 30 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Neryungri, Yakutia
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: comedian, kvnschik, actor, TV presenter
  • Family: married Ekaterina Morgunova

    Leonid Morgunov: biography

    Leonid Morgunov – professional player in the KVN team «deja vu», «Heart of Siberia» and «Parapaparam», as well as one of the leading popular shows on travel «Russo Turisto».

    He was born in the town of Neryungri, which is located in Yakutia. Before him the family had no relationship to the scene, but the father was a big fan of KVN, ‘ve taped the funniest game and always viewed it in the company of the son. Therefore, the performances of cheerful and resourceful Lenya accustomed from an early age.

    Also the boy soon became interested in music. He tried to play various musical instruments, and parents even enrolled him in music school, piano class, but there to engage young Morgunov lacked patience. He later taught himself to play the guitar, and even appeared on the scene as part of school groups.

    Another teenage hobby was sports, especially hockey, which he dedicated to the Yakut long winter evenings. In high school Leonid Morgunov began to get involved in the WHC was brought to spontaneously arise school teams and wanted to create their own full team.

    This desire came to life in law College, where he went after school. By and large, the law young man not particularly interested, most of the time he spent on the rehearsals and city competitions. After graduating from College, Leonid went to the capital of Siberia and entered the Novosibirsk pedagogical University. However, at the University Morgunova not seen often, as he plunged into professional competitions of KVN.

    After the capital of Siberia a young man had a capital of Russia. In Moscow Morgunov went at the suggestion of the STS channel, which cooperates with still being involved in various television projects. In addition to KVN and television, Leonid together with a close friend Sergey oborina is quite a popular organizer of holiday parties.


    For the first time in the Championships of KVN Leonid Morgunov began to speak in his native Neryungri, first in the team law College, and then in the best team of the city of «deja vu», which appeared in the far Eastern League.

    After moving to Novosibirsk was in the professional part of the «Heart of Siberia». Together with them, our relationships come on the scene in the Premier League have Maslyakov Jr. In the season of 2008 year, the team has set a record by winning all games in which participated and won cups in Asia, the Russian Railways and the Governor of Novosibirsk, and also won in the First League. In the main League of the country Morgunov and «Heart of Siberia» played for two years, and then funding the team stopped, and she collapsed.

    Leonid very long left out your favorite game. Almost immediately Ivan Abramov, the captain of the team «Parapaparam» representing the University, invited him to join the artists team. As Morgunov had already moved to Moscow, special difficulties had not arisen. With him «Parapaparam» made the finals of the Highest League, won 2nd place in the 2013 season, became the winner of the Champions Cup in 2014, and twice was the winner of the main prize of the festival «wailing kivin».

    After finishing his playing career Leonid Morgunov of KVN not divorced. He is the editor of Cheboksary and Voronezh League and also occasionally appears on the jury.


    After the Novosibirsk team «Heart of Siberia» ceased to exist, Morgunova was invited to Moscow to the channel STS, in order to program «Videobite» that is an entertainment show, which stars appreciate the funny Amateur videos. He later wrote sketches for Comedy programs «Give young people» and «One for all».

    2015 artist along with Ekaterina Morgunova has become the leading travel show, «Russo Turisto». As he and Kate love to travel, they took video notes on their voyages, and the idea to share with the viewers their experiences. Moreover, the transmission format is somewhat different from similar programs. Except Morgunova, as former members, many jokes on the air, they still show in the famous cities is not gaiennie tourist spot – rare sights, quiet restaurants, folk flavor and so on.

    Personal life

    During one of trainings of KVN Leonid Morgunov drew attention to the nice girl Catherine, Utmelidze, member of the team «Pyatigorsk». They dated for a while, and in the summer of 2014 to get married. It is noteworthy that Leonid made a proposal on the stage of «Dzintari» in Jurmala, during one of the performances in the festival «wailing kivin». After the wedding Catherine took her husband’s name.

    Leonid loves to travel, and prefer European trips, lazy beach holiday.

    One of the hobby Morgunova is a computer sports simulation games, in particular, he highlights the football game FIFA.


    Leonid Morgunov

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