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  • Name: Leonid Kulagin ( Leonid Kulagin )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1940.
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Kirensk, Irkutsk oblast
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter, people’s artist
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Kulagin: biography

    Leonid Nikolayevich Kulagin, Soviet and Russian actor, also tried himself in film directing, writing scripts and staging productions. For services to the culture of his native country, he in 1986 was awarded the title people’s artist of the RSFSR. The most famous works in the film Leonid Tolstoy considered to be his debut movie «Dvoryanskoe Gnezdo», a historical adventure film «the Ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe» and, of course, the detective television series «Kulagin and partners».

    Leonid Kulagin
    Photo Of Leonid Kulagin

    Big and rich biography of Leonid Kulagin originates in the Siberian town of Kirensk in Irkutsk region. To 7 years the boy lived along the river Lena, and then with his father moved to Nizhny Novgorod and raised on the banks of the Volga river. My mother remembers the actor is not very good, because she died on the operating table due to medical error, and when Leon didn’t even go to school. The education of young Kulagina for a long time engaged one father and only much later in his life had a stepmother.

    Leonid Kulagin
    Photo of Leonid Kulagin | Lyubimaya dacha

    Leonid creative and artistic from a young age had a passion for theatre. When his dad worked as an electrician in the local drama theater, Kulagin spent days behind the scenes. As a teenager, he first appeared on stage in the play «Young guard». But after a few years the father retired, and the adolescent’s access to his favorite place was closed. But he’s not upset: in the courtyard made friends with a musician of the orchestra of the Opera house and walked there. Before graduation Kulagin, who did not miss a single Amateur competition, and attended the actors Studio at the Palace of pioneers, knew by heart almost all the arias from the plays and sang very well.

    Leonid Kulagin
    Photo of Leonid Kulagin | Moskovskaya Pravda

    He was faced with a choice: to be an actor or a singer. First, the soul of the young man was more interested in music, but he realized that sing at the level of his idol, Fyodor Chaliapin can’t. And then there at the Gorky academic drama theatre has opened a School-Studio, and Kulagin arrives there. After graduation, the young man joined the troupe of the theatre. However, Leonid quickly realized that it, like other classmates, continue to be considered a student and not taken seriously. The guy takes off, goes to Chita, and later goes to the theater Lipetsk and Bryansk. Since 1968 Kulagin included in the cast of the troupe of the Moscow drama theatre of a name of N. V. Gogol.

    Leonid Kulagin in FLM
    In the role of the mafia in the film «Ashes of the Phoenix» | Movie-Theater

    Time showed that he had made the right decision leaving from Nizhny Novgorod, almost all his former classmates remained on the sidelines. The very same Leonid Nikolaevich acted on the stage until 1995. But when I got a play about a bad marriage Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe «After the fall», Kulagin has decided to suspend acting career, which lasted for 35 years. He retrained in theater Directors, is back in Bryansk, where he played before moving to Moscow, and became artistic Director and chief Director of the local youth theatre.

    Leonid Kulagin
    Leonid Nikolayevich Kulagin | Ticketland

    For seven years, talented man has put on 17 plays, some of them are still included in the repertoire. During this time he never went on stage and almost starred in the movie. But in 2004 Kulagin returned to the capital and was headed by Producer center «Theatre Association». He again felt the interest in actor’s performance, started to connect to antrepriznyh performances. The most favorite work in the XXI century Leonid considers the role of Admiral Nelson in the play «the Lady and the Admiral». With him played by such famous Actresses as Marina Mogilevskaya and Vera Glagoleva.


    Right after the finishing theatre Studio newly minted actor sent their pictures in all the principal allied studios. But I had to wait a long time. The call came from the «Mosfilm», where he adopted the role of Commissar Parfyonov in the almanac «Beginning of the unknown century». This work was supposed to be a start line in the filmography of Leonid Kulagin, but the Committee on censorship missed the tape on the screens, seeing it as a mockery of the October revolution. Therefore, the audience first saw the actor starring in the film adaptation of the novel of Ivan Turgenev’s «noble nest», which was directed by Andrei Konchalovsky.

    Leonid Kulagin in FLM
    In the role of Fyodor laveretskogo in the movie «Dvoryanskoe Gnezdo» | Movie-theater

    This success was followed by images in the revolutionary paintings of «About friends-companions», «Payback» and «Wandering front». Had Kulagina and the role of the senior Nazi officer in the military picture of «Comrade General». But another interest of movie fans to Kulagin was caused by the adaptation of Russian classics, this time drama «Pavlovskaya millions» on the novel by Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak.

    Leonid Kulagin in FLM
    In the role of Sergey Privalov in the movie «Pavlovskaya millions» | Movie-theater

    And in 1974 on the screens out the first in the history of the Soviet Union the film, which can be attributed to the erotic genre. Talking about the melodrama «Autumn,» which Director Andrey Smirnov decided to play racy and explicit scenes. Partner Leonid was Natalia Ore, the wife of the Director. And regardless of how these episodes are perceived by the audience, the actors themselves assert that the work was very hard, from a moral point of view, and no aesthetic pleasure, and the more mutual attraction, from participation in the filming of the naked they have not experienced.

    Leonid Kulagin that Natalia ore in FLM
    Natalia Ore in the film «Autumn» | Movie-theater

    During the 80-ies Leonid Kulagin movies came out one after the other and immediately became the hits of the Soviet screen. It is necessary to highlight the historical-adventure film «Collapse «operation Terror», a film about the horses, «the Big man», war drama «Combat.» spy tape «Password «Hotel Regina». The great success enjoyed the film adaptation of the books of sir Walter Scott’s «the ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe» and «the adventures of Quentin Durward, arrow Royal guard». In the early 90s, Kulagin appeared as the father of the main character in the film for youth «Childhood Themes», in the role of the investigator for particularly important cases in the criminal Thriller «Ay! Train robbery» and a dozen paintings, the last of which, a drama about the Second world war «the tragedy of the century», was filmed in 1993.

    Leonid Kulagin in FLM
    In the film «the adventures of Quentin Durward, arrow Royal guard» | Movie-theater

    Until the XXI century Leonid Nikolaevich refuses proposals. In 2001 he again begins to appear. There are such movies Leonid Kulagin as the crime drama «the Gold of Yugra», detective «the Parisian antiquary» and the second part of the movie «the hunting Season». But the main project of the actor becomes a long series of investigations «Kulagin and partners». I wonder what the casting for the role of a lawyer tried and true representatives of the profession, but the leadership they chose Leonid Nikolaevich, as for many years he was not removed, and the viewer could get the impression that the artist actually changed his field of activity. And that is why in the script the character was renamed, giving it the real name of the contractor. They say that this is the only case in history when the name of the actor called the show’s not coming off screens for almost a decade.

    Leonid Kulagin in FLM
    The role of the lawyer in the film «Kulagin and partners» | Movie-theater

    In parallel Kulagin worked on the set of detectives, «Golden guys» and «My General,» action adventure «wolfhound of the Gray Dogs» Comedy «Bankrupt» melodrama «Paradise apples» and many other film projects. In 2016, the actor took part in the historical series «Mysterious passion», where he played a real writer Vasily Aksenov. In addition, Kulagina was invited to the melodrama of the Turkish manufacturing «Russian game». Except for him it involved a Russian actress Anastasiya Klyueva and Turkish star Firat Tanish.

    Leonid Kulagin in FLM
    In the role of Kneza in the movie «wolfhound of the Grey Dogs» | Movie-theater

    We can not say about the Kulagin-Director. In 1993 Leonid Nikolaevich wrote your own script for the crime tape, «she-Wolf» and made a film about the escape from a French concentration camp during the Second world war. After 10 years, the Director again takes up the work and create the series «Drilling» is about young people who go to work in Siberia and faced with a moral choice. In his paintings, removed Kulagin Andrey Ilyin, Anna Samohina, Egor Barinov, Anton Makarska and many other local stars.

    Personal life

    When Leonid was playing at the drama theatre in Nizhny Novgorod, where he met actress Cute Nilskoj, who came on tour from cheats. Between young people broke out the feelings and the girl made the transfer a loved one in the Chita regional drama theatre. Personal life Leonid Kulagin with this woman lasted a year and a half, but they quickly realized that their passion gradually subsides, after Leonid and Mila were very different people.

    Leonid Kulagin wife
    With his wife Eleanor of Lapitskaya-Kulagina | Cover of the year

    Leonid goes to serve in Lipetsk theatre and there met his present wife Eleanor the Lapitskaya. Interestingly, his second love played on the stage of the same roles as the first wife Kulagina. Soon Eleanor was married to Leonid Nikolayevich, and since then they are together. They had a son Alexey, and now there are already a grown grandson Cyril. None of the descendants of Kulagina did not follow in his footsteps, although his son and grandson as a child interested in theatre, and Cyril even worked at the actors House on the Arbat. Now the son Kulagina is a senior position in an advertising Agency, the financial sector has dedicated himself and the grandson of actor.

    Leonid Kulagin wife
    With his wife Eleanor of Lapitskaya-Kulagina | Express newspaper online

    In all his interviews Leonid Nikolaevich calls himself a fatalist. He is sure that all the events of our lives are pre-defined, and success or failure depends only on how we pay attention to the signs that destiny sends us.


    • 1969 — nest
    • 1972 — Pavlovskaya millions
    • 1980 — the collapse of the operation «Terror»
    • 1983 — the ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe
    • 1991 — Ay! Train robbery
    • 2004 — Ashes Of The Phoenix
    • 2004-2013 — Kulagin and partners
    • 2005-2006 — Golden boys
    • 2009 — Bankrupt
    • 2016 — Mysterious passion


    Leonid Kulagin

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