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  • Name: Leonid Kanevsky ( Leonid Kanevskiy )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: Soviet, Russian and Israeli theatre and cinema actor, TV host, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Kanevsky : the biography

    The future actor Leonid kanevski, whose name in the early 1970s recognized the millions of film lovers the vast country, was born in Kiev in may 1939, in the close-knit Jewish family. His parents had only a distant relationship to the art world. Dad worked as a process engineer, and my mother provided the comfort of home her husband and two sons, Leonid and older than 6 years old Alexander. But in early youth she studied at the Conservatory. Quit school entirely and completely devoting himself to the family.

    Probably my mother’s genes resulted in both sons desire to the art world. Alexander was a literary talent (he became a famous satirist), and Leonid irresistibly drawn into the world of cinema and theatre. He didn’t miss a single movie premiere in his native Kiev, without regret spending all you pocket money.

    In high school, when it came time to decide on the admission, Leonid parents said that plans to enroll in one of the Moscow theatrical institutes. First, the adults took the news skeptically, but realized that the son is resolute and did not try to dissuade him. The only condition that was delivered to the son along with him will go mother.

    Moscow is not too hospitably received him. Neither in theater nor in schepkinskoe school did not accept him. Believe in yourself and try to enroll in drama school named after Boris Shchukin helped mom. Depressed Leonid Kanevsky not very hopeful of success, but under the pressure of the mother went to try the last chance. And won. He was admitted to the «Pike» in 1956 and was enrolled in a course of Faith Lvova. As it turned out, it was a legendary course. Together with Kanev studied future stars of the Russian cinema Andrey Mironov, Olga Yakovleva and Vasiliy Livanov.

    After graduating from the Shchukin Leonid Kanevsky was accepted into the troupe of the theatre named after Lenin Komsomol.


    Mentor and teacher Leonid Kanevsky in the world was the legendary Anatoly Efros. For 7 years the young actor made a maximum effort to earn the right to play the main role and become a leading actor of the troupe. But when this did not happen, Kanevsky went to the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Here he finally got what he bargained for: big roles, the respect of colleagues and love of the audience. They saw the young actor in productions of «Inspector», «Late love» and many others.

    A cinematic biography of Leonid Kanevsky started in the early 1960s. Debut in the film «Forty minutes till dawn», where he played the head of the store was hardly noticeable. After he had several cameo roles. The most notable of these in the films «Spring on the Oder» and «the diamond arm».

    Directors liked young actor, but his short stature has long been an obstacle to fame and the Central role. Perhaps the only movie of those years, where Leonid Kanevsky was noticeable was the «City of masters». In this tape the actor played chief of the secret police.

    Star role and all-Union popularity has come to Leonid Semenovich Kanevskomu in the early 1970s. Director Vyacheslav Brovkin, looking for actors for his television series «the Investigation leading experts», saw low Kanev major Tomin.

    When the screens out the first 4 series, it became clear that the series will be popular.

    Shooting this wonderful tape continued in 1972. Due to the huge popularity of the project the Director had to go back to shooting to 1989 inclusive.

    During these years, the actor managed to appear in several films where he played though minor role, but very bright. So in the movie «d’artagnan and three Musketeers», he played the haberdasher Bouncie. The phrase «haberdasher and the cardinal!» became a popular expression.

    But none of the films in which she starred Leonid Kanevsky «the Investigation leading experts», brought him such fame. Disappointed in the film, the actor moved to tel Aviv. Soon, he created there the theatre «Gesher», where he collected Russian fellow immigrants. «Gesher» began to please theatergoers wonderful performances. Kanevsky was awarded the Order of Friendship and the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR.

    But forget about Russia Leonid Kanevsky couldn’t. When he was offered the role in Moscow, he agreed. Therefore, his life is a constant flight from tel Aviv to Moscow and back.

    In the early 2000s, the idea to revive the series about the «Experts». Kanevsky immediately agreed.

    Leonid Kanevsky and Georgy Martynyuk, who played the main role, received awards from the Russian interior Ministry. A continuation of the series was the documentary «the Investigation led…». For the first time it was released in 2006 and received high ratings. In this project, Leonid Kanevsky busy in our days.

    In 2009 the artist appeared in the TV series «Semin».

    Personal life

    In the early 1970s, the actor met his future wife. She was a charming girl Anna Berezina, a translator. Anna – daughter of the famous for the whole Soviet Union comedian Efim Berezin, whom viewers know as the Plug of a popular comic Duo Plug and Tarapunka.

    Personal life of Leonid Kanevsky has developed happily. In this solid Union in 1977 a daughter, Natalia. She gave parents a wonderful granddaughter Rinat Piotrowski, who followed in the footsteps of a famous grandfather, and has already made first steps in cinema.


    • «Forty minutes till dawn»
    • «Spring on the Oder»
    • «The diamond arm»
    • «Every evening in eleven»
    • «The investigation leading Experts»
    • «D’artagnan and three Musketeers»
    • «Pippi Longstocking»
    • «Mary Poppins, goodbye!»
    • «The master and Margarita»
    • «Semin. Retribution»


    Leonid Kanevsky

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