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  • Name: Gromov, Leonid ( Leonid Gromov )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Kursk
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Leonid Gromov: biography

    Perhaps the name of Leonid Gromov’s not the loudest in the Soviet and Russian cinema, but those who saw him play in films such as «lines of fate», «Its someone else’s life» and «Gromozeka» never confuse it with anyone else.

    Leonid was born and spent his childhood and youth in Kursk. He grew up not far away the boy home, and managed to fool around a bit with the guys in the yard, and erase one pair of skates for the winter ice rink in the Park of pioneers of Kursk, and play many roles in children’s and youth theatre-Studio «Rovesnik».

    In high school Gromov finally realized that acting is his calling for life. Received a certificate and kind words of encouragement from the artistic Director of the theater Studio of Igor V. Selivanova, he travels to the capital of Russia and the first attempt to reach the State Institute of theatrical arts in the acting Department, where he learned the basics of the art of disguise under the leadership of honored artist Oscar Yakovlevich Remez.

    In 1986, Leonid Gromov joined the famous theatre «Lenkom» and in his first season and was named the best young actor of the capital. In this theater he played until 1993, and then paired with actress Tatyana Vasilyeva played in antrepriznyh performances.


    In the movie, Leonid Gromov began acting immediately after graduating from the theater Institute, but a movie star he began at a Mature age, in the twenty-first century. The first really major works were mystical-detective picture «Its someone else’s life» and adventure Comedy «horror novel».

    Was enthusiastically adopted by fans of the film about workers in the rail «the Rails of happiness,» in which the actor starred with Jeanne Epple, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Raisa Ryazanova and other domestic stars. Equally high ratings were the medical drama «Oh, my…».

    But the greatest success was expecting Leonid Gromov after the release of the living drama «Gromozeka». For the role of taxi driver Mozerov the actor received several awards at prestigious film festivals.

    Personal life

    Enrolling in GITIS, Leonid Gromov met his classmate, Muscovite Tatiana Augshkap, which came from a famous theatrical family. Later, the young people got married, they had a son Ivan. When Ivan grew up, then went in the footsteps of his parents, he is now the actor of theatre «Malaya Bronnaya».

    But the family Union Gromov and Augshkap not withstood time, and later the couple divorced. More actor officially married was not. On the current romantic relationship, he prefers not to spread.


    • 2003 — lines of fate
    • 2004 — Its another life
    • 2006 — Rails happiness
    • 2007 — Braking distance
    • 2009 — Last cordon
    • 2010 — Gromozeka
    • 2012 — Ivan and toljan
    • 2013 — Queen of the bandits
    • 2013 — Neighbors divorce
    • 2014, my Sister, my Love


    Leonid Gromov

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