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  • Name: Leonid Filatov ( Leonid Filatov )
  • Date of birth: 24 December 1946
  • Age: 56 years
  • Date of death: October 26, 2003
  • Place of birth: Kazan, Russia
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, Director, playwright, screenwriter, poet, journalist, TV presenter, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Filatov, biography

    Actor, writer, screenwriter, Director – Leonid Filatov was talented in everything. He was born on 4 December 1946, in Kazan.

    Parents Filatov met by correspondence. Then the mother worked in a factory, his father fought at the front. Once the girls were asked to write letters of support to soldiers. Mother of Leonid chose from a list of his namesake – Filatov. He said to her struck up a correspondence. After the victory they got married.

    His father worked as a radio operator, so the family often had to move from one city to another. When Leonid was seven years old, the mother broke down the nomadic life and divorced her husband. The boy stayed with his mother in Ashgabat. He went to school, there took the first steps in creativity. In 15 years the newspaper «the Komsomol of Turkmenistan,» printed bike Filatov and paid his first fees.

    In the same period, Leonid Filatov seriously interested in cinema. He read all the magazines about movies, never missed a single film, even a documentary. The young man has firmly decided to study at the directing Department of VGIK.

    After school, he traveled to Moscow, but capital is suppressed the provincial in the early days. Leonid expected to join the East – did not happen. Then he filed documents in the Shchukin school, passed the selection and became a student. Leonid Filatov did not differ exemplary behavior: missed lectures, which seemed to him boring, often at informal screenings of the movie disguised as debates. He composed pieces for the shows and signed them foreign aliases. In General, Filatov lived to the fullest, realizing that time is fleeting.


    After Ashley Leonid Filatov, worked at the Taganka Theater. At the audition, he read an excerpt from the play «the lower depths». Lyubimov, head of while the theater took an actor in the troupe. The role of Filatov in the play «What?» became one of the leading. Aspiring actor was attractive and artistic on stage, immediately won the sympathy of the audience.

    Leonid Filatov said that the Taganka Theatre became his University, he had a chance to watch the game Vysotsky, Okudzhava, Parajanov. On this stage he played many different roles. The actor playing Horatio in Shakespeare’s «hamlet», Federzoni in the play «Life of Galileo», Kulchytsky in the play «Fallen and the living». Striking role he had in «Pugachev», «the Master and Margarita» «the House on the embankment».

    In the 80-ies of Yuri Lyubimov was stripped of his citizenship for his interview abroad. In the Taganka Theatre came Efros. Leonid Filatov did not take a new leader, participated in his persecution, as later much. As a result, the actor resigned and went to work in the «Contemporary».

    Favorite «Taganka» he came back two years later, in 1987. By this time Leonid Filatov has already become a popular actor.


    His film debut was in 1970. For ten years he starred in many pictures, but interesting was not. The situation changed after the movie «the Crew», shot by Director Alexander Mitta. Initially, for the role of Igor Skvortsov approved Oleg dal, but he refused. Filatov this role has brought not only popular, but also dozens of proposals from the Directors. The actor played the main role in the film «Chosen», then there was her role in «Rooks», «Forgotten melody for flute», «Chicherin», «Group», «Partners» and many others.

    In 1991, Leonid Filatov played in the film «sons of Bitches,» written in his own script, and removed them. The film was shot in a record time of 24 days. The film received the prestigious prize of the «Kinotavr».

    During the filming of «sons of Bitches» Filatov suffered a stroke on his feet, but continued to work. The crazy pace in which he lived, a few packs of cigarettes per day, nervous strain undermined his health.

    The last works of the actor became the role in the film «Alice and Bukinist» and «Charity ball».


    In 94-m to year on the screens out the first episode of «To remember». The project was created to tell viewers about the many talented, but unjustly forgotten actors. The program has become one of the most important things for Leonid Filatov. He was «To remember» 10 years, frankly and sadly telling the audience about the dearly departed and unjustly forgotten talents.

    Filatov has produced more than 100 original programs that was unusual for television at that time. His work was awarded the State prize in the field of art.

    Literary activities

    His first tale «About Fedot-Archer daring fellow» by Leonid Filatov, written in 1985. Two years later she published the magazine «Youth». Further books were published «the Love for three oranges», «Big love, Robin hood», «I — man theater», «Lysistrata», «sons of Bitches».

    In the 90s, when the health of the actor has seriously deteriorated, he had more time dedicated literature wrote poems, plays, parodies. His poems were included in a collection of «Respect for success». In the book «Theater of Leonid Filatov» included several plays.

    The literary talent of the artist was awarded the international prize «Poetry». But Filatov once admitted that «the disease tends to weed out friends», even if you have achieved success in the literary field.

    Personal life

    Leonid Filatov was married twice. His first wife Lidiya Savchenko he met in the early 70s, they soon married. The family was all well and good until Filatov fell in love with actress Nina Checkou.

    He was married, she is married to Valery Zolotukhin. Three years they quietly watched each other, and then began a secret affair. Nina and Leonid hid their relationship for 12 long years. Several times they parted, but not for long – they are irresistibly attracted to each other.

    The divorce was both painful. Leonid Filatov left his wife, leaving her apartment. Only Nina Shatskaya he found true happiness. Common children the couple never had, but son’s wife from his first marriage, the actor was treated as private. Friends say that their family relationships remained touching, exemplary till death Filatov.


    He recovered from a stroke and kidney transplantation, joking, laughing, was in a good mood. Nina Shatskaya thought that Leonid Filatov on the mend. But he caught cold and fell ill. Doctors diagnosed actor and double pneumonia. With his transplanted kidney, any infection could result in serious consequences.

    Ten days the doctors fought for his life. All this is time Filatov was in a state of drug-induced sleep. The miracle did not happen — October 26, 2003 actor died. He died on 57-m to year of life. He was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.


    • «City first love»
    • «Yaroslav The Wise»
    • «Alice and Bukinist»
    • «Forgotten melody for flute»
    • «The banks in the fog»
    • «Joy of earth»
    • «European history»
    • «Sons of bitches»
    • «Charity ball»
    • «Alien white and speckled»


    Leonid Filatov

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