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  • Name: Leonid Fedun ( Leonid Fedun )
  • Date of birth: 5 April 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activity: entrepreneur, Vice-President of JSC «LUKOIL»
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Fedun: a biography

    Leonid Fedun for a long time remained unknown to the General public, lurking in the shadows of its business partners. A talented entrepreneur, charismatic speaker and ardent football fan, he was able in the early nineties to become one of the most influential oil magnates and still is one of the leading players in the mining industry, holding the position of Vice-President of «LUKOIL».

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | Crm-news

    Leonid Arnoldovich Fedun was born April 5, 1956 in Kiev. Leonid exact nationality is unknown, some attribute to him Ukrainian roots, some of them Jewish. His father was a military doctor – all child, the future businessman spent at Baikonur in the small town of Leninsk, where his father served.

    Leonid told me that from childhood most of all he remembered the launches of space rockets, as well as interesting parent stories from work. The family maintained the order and discipline brought from the child’s meticulous, hardworking and dedicated person. Leonid Fedun with an eye on father decided to become a soldier – though he will not doctors, and in the future will become a teacher.

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | Eurosport

    In 1973, he graduated from high school and enrolled in higher military command school in Rostov. After graduating in 1977, he went to graduate school (postgraduate) at the Military Academy. F. Dzerzhinsky.

    Later Leonid Fedun has a PhD in philosophy and for several years worked as a teacher of political economy and scientific communism. In General, he decided to devote himself to a career in science rather than military.


    In 1987 Fedun got a job as a lecturer society «Knowledge». This work gave a significant boost to the wages of ordinary Soviet teacher for one lecture could get up to thirty rubles.

    Great knowledge of Leonid Arnoldovich in the areas of political economy, philosophy and history were complemented by a natural charisma and ability to speak beautifully – his lectures were wildly popular.

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | Eurosport

    In the same year, Leonid was sent to Kogalym – known among oilmen of the village. Here he is, seven days he has given lectures to local workers.

    Diligent and pleasant to talk to the teacher like the chiefs of the enterprise «Kogalymneftegaz», in particular the Deputy Director Vitaly Schmidt, who invited him to meet the Director Vagit Alekperov, in turn, offered him a job. In response to Leonid Fedun has given its consent.

    The Basis Of «LUKOIL»

    Outstanding analytical skills Leonid Arnoldovich immediately found a use in the «Kogalymneftegaz» — although he worked there for a short time. In early 1990, his head Alekperov was appointed Minister of the oil and gas industry of the Soviet Union and with Moscow are called Fedun, which during the work had become friends.

    Leonid Fedun and Vagit Alekperov
    Leonid Fedun and Vagit Alekperov | Business capital

    After a year in the bowels of the Ministry of oil and born gas oil company «LUKOIL». In the official documentation you cannot find any mention of Leonid Fedun, but in fact from the firm he probably was directly involved. Simultaneously, he created his own company «Netconsult», provided consulting services.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the beginning of privatization (in 1992) Leonid Fedun has been organizing mass buying shares of oil companies in favor of LUKOIL. A former teacher is well versed in the intricacies of the privatization procedures. He met with Nikolai Tsvetkov – also former military, who was involved in the purchase of shares from workers and with the purpose of privatization of oil producing companies.

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | The Russia Forum 2013

    Nikolai Tsvetkov visited daily by the Moscow Commodity exchange. Unlike most of the businessmen of post-Soviet space, he possessed high intelligence and was able to work professionally as a stockbroker (at least, for Russian). He understood all the mechanisms of the new financial system.

    Former officers immediately became friends, and after a while a small firm of Nikolai Tsvetkov, began to be registered by the consultant of «LUKOIL».

    In 1993 Fedun officially resigned from the Armed forces and was trained at the Higher school of privatization and entrepreneurship. He took the place of the General Director «LUKOIL-Consulting», and a year as Vice — President of «LUKOIL».

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | Newsmaker

    In this post, it has carried out many beneficial for the company changes. First, he increased the tax efficiency of the company. LUKOIL began to participate in complex projects, including, for example, work on the Timano-Pechora field.

    It was Leonid Fedun made LUKOIL the main supplier of fuel for law enforcement agencies, especially the Ministry of defence. However, the Leonid Arnoldovich continued to be closed to the public owner.

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | Days

    In 2003 a new company was established — investment financial house «Capital», which separated the investment and banking assets of LUKOIL. Leonid Fedun became Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Capital». A greater percentage of the income of the entrepreneur develops a personal stake in the firm.

    Status and income

    Personal share Leonid Fedun of the shares of «LUKOIL» according to some estimates, currently stands at about 8%. According to Forbes, by 2016, its status is 3.9 billion dollars – it takes twenty second place in the rating of Russian businessmen.

    FC «Spartak»

    Remained in the shadows Leonid Fedun became widely known after the acquisition of legendary football club «Spartak» Andrey Chervichenko at the end of 2003. According to some, is suddenly a football fan the entrepreneur behind the club spent seventy million dollars. This amount included money from the largest sponsors of «LUKOIL» and the personal funds of Fedun.

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | RMA

    Large investments in the development of «Spartacus» was not in vain, and in the season of 2005-2006, the football club made it to the Champions League and have qualified for the group stage.

    In 2006, construction began on the stadium «arena Opening» in Tushino, which can accommodate significant at 43 thousand people. The first match at the stadium was held in September 2014.

    Leonid Fedun
    Leonid Fedun | Eurosport

    Leonid Fedun in the management of «Spartak» used the same principles and secrets that in business, using many years of experience in LUKOIL. Virtuoso transfer policy (buying and selling or letting players) brought the club a good profit. In addition, Leonid Fedun put shares «Spartacus» on the exchange, which also favorably impacted the financial status of the football club.

    Until 2016, Leonid Arnoldovich continues to take an active part in the life of «Spartacus» and does not lose confidence in the fact that someday his beloved club will once again be a champion.

    Personal life

    Leonid Fedun is a woman named Marina. They had a daughter and a son of Anton and Catherine). Children of a businessman are adults.

    Photos from the wedding of his son, Leonid Fedun
    Photos from the wedding of his son, Leonid Fedun | tvnz

    In 2012, Anton Fedun married – the father then gave for the wedding million dollars, and in 2014 he married Catherine Fedun, whose wedding Leonid put even a large amount (on the photo you can see Vera Brezhnev, Nikolai Baskov, Valery Meladze and other Russian celebrities).

    Leonid is the younger brother Andrew, who has been General Director of OOO «Stadium » Spartak».


    Leonid Fedun

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