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  • Name: Bykov, Leonid ( Leonid Bykov )
  • Date of birth: 12 December 1928
  • Age: 50 years
  • Date of death: 11 APR 1979
  • Birth place: Znamenka, Donetsk oblast
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actor, film Director and screenwriter, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Bykov: biography

    Legendary Soviet actor, Director and screenwriter Leonid Bykov was born in the village of Znamenka located in the Donetsk region. His parents Fedor and Zinaida Pankratova were hereditary workers. When he was 10 years old, the family moved to the village of the Distributors on the outskirts of Kramatorsk, where he grew up Leonidas.

    Despite the fact that on stage the local Palace of Culture the Bulls started out as a teenager, his main dream was to become a pilot. In 1943, pririsoval in the questionnaire a few extra years, he tries to enter the School of military pilots, but his deception was revealed, and the young man was not accepted. 2 years later he repeated the attempt, was enrolled in the Leningrad 2 nd special school for pilots, but before the start of training ceased to be a cadet, so at the end of the war the school was disbanded.

    Then Leonid Bykov returned to my childhood passion for the theatre and has filed documents in the Kiev state Institute of theatrical art, but there it was waiting for failure, probably due to small stature. Become a student of the acting Department Bykov was only in the Kharkov theatre Institute, after which he 9 years old went on stage of the Kharkiv academic Ukrainian theater named after Shevchenko. Debut and very bright was the role of hipsters in the Comedy «the three nightingales, the Street, 17».

    In 1960, Leonid Fedorovich moved to Leningrad at the invitation of the film Studio «Lenfilm», the rising of his star as an actor. In the last year of the 60s he agrees to a change of scenery and goes to the capital of Ukraine. There he is the lead actor and Director of the Dovzhenko film Studio, also wrote the script for a satirical newsreel «Wick». But Leonid Bykov himself, according to the memoirs of his daughter, later changing the Studio considered a big mistake as they morally did not feel her in the team because of the straightness of character and open expression of opinion.


    Virtually the entire filmography of Leonid Bykov is included in the Golden Fund of Soviet cinema. His debut was in a production of the melodrama «the Fate of Marina,» and then went sparkling Comedy «tiger girl» and «Maxim Perepelitsa».

    Have been highly praised military «Volunteers» that is a Saga in verse about the life of Komsomol members, including heroes Bykov — Alyosha the Akishin. Greater popularity brought him the painting «Aleshkina love», in which he was able to demonstrate the talent of the actor-romance, creating the image of an intelligent, naive geologist with the soul of a lover, Romeo.

    In 1964, the Bulls tries his hand at directing. In the Comedy «Bunny» he was able to combine the ease of entertainment with philosophical questions about morality and integrity, thus creating a very strong movie.

    But the greatest success of Leonid Bykov was expected in the 70-ies. First, throughout the Soviet Union thundered his war drama «go To fight some «old men», filmed on his own script, and later another military ribbon «Aty-Baty, were soldiers». For many modern spectators of Bulls is associated with the roles of squadron commander Titarenko, nicknamed «Maestro» and corporal Victor Svyatkina with the call of «matchmaker».

    In 1978 Leonid Fedorovich began to shoot a new sci-Fi movie «Alien» based on the novel by Eugene satko «Alien-73», which was supposed to play the alien of Glosa. Already mounted part of the material, and even demonstrated critics, but due to the tragic events of the shooting ended with Director Boris Ivchenko, who changed the whole cast. The film was released under the title «Star trip» and the particular were not successful.

    Personal life

    Whole life the only love Leonid Bykov was his wife, Tamara K., nee Kravchenko. How to remember their children, until the last couple of days kept it a reverent attitude to each other and showed by example what real love is.

    Leonid and Tamara had two children – a son Les (passport — Alexander) and the daughter Mariana. After the death of his father, Les could not stand the exploitation of his name and emigrated to Canada.


    11 APR 1979 Leonid Bykov returned to his car from the country and on the highway «Minsk — Kiev» near the village of Dymer was in a car accident. He wanted to overtake going in front of him a tractor and drove into the oncoming lane, ran into the truck was driving. The actor died on the spot from hemorrhage of the internal organs. At the time of death of the legendary actor it was only 50 years.

    Leonid Bykov left a will, addressed his friends as follows: «…Let someone say the word «goodbye» and all. Don’t need the circus that is called honors. After this «Derbyshire» much as you can. And then let the 2nd squadron embed «Darkie» from the beginning to the end…»

    In memory of the great contribution Bykov in art and culture in his native Kramatorsk was a bronze bust. In Kiev the monument to Leonid Bykov put in the way of the Maestro of «go To fight some «old men» who has sat down on the wing of his plane. Also in the capital of Ukraine the name of the actor named the Boulevard, and at Dovzhenko film Studio was filmed biopic «…which is loved by all».


    • 1954 — tiger girl
    • 1955 — Maxime Perepelitsa
    • 1958 — Volunteers
    • 1958 — the Quarrel in Lukashi
    • In 1958 my Dear man
    • 1960 — Aleshkina love
    • 1964 — Bunny
    • 1968 — Scouts
    • 1973 — go To fight some «old men»
    • 1977 — Aty-Baty, were soldiers


    Leonid Bykov

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