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  • Name: Leonid Bronevoy ( Leonid Bronevoy )
  • Date of birth: 17 Dec 1928
  • Age: 88 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor of theater, film and television, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Bronevoy : biography

    This artist is no one main role. However, Leonid Sergeyevich Bronevoy is the undisputed star of the national cinema, and of the first magnitude. Love him millions.

    He was born in December 1928 in Kiev, in an intellectual Jewish family. Parents Armor – Solomon I. staged by (changed her last name to Armor) and Bella Lvovna Landau raised the only son of a decent and honest man. Like many Jewish boys, Leonid Bronevoy learned to play the violin. His teacher was the famous teacher of the Kiev Conservatory David Solomonovich Berthier.

    And all would be well, if not tragic time in which he had to live the family Armor. Solomon Bronevoy received legal education and was employed in the Institute of national economy. But in 1927 he was expelled from the party and fired from his job, accused of Trotskyism. Helped brother. Thanks to him, Solomon Armor he could find work. He was offered a post in the economic Department of the GPU. He agreed, although his wife was against it. She wanted her husband found something quieter and went to the bar.

    After 10 years of Armor-the elder again came under the steamroller of repression. He was arrested and exiled. And soon the Great Patriotic war. Leonid Bronevoy’s mother went to the evacuation. There, in Kazakhstan, he graduated from the 7 classes. After school he entered the theater Institute in Tashkent.

    Parents Armor and not United. Bella Lvovna after the arrest and exile of her husband, trying to protect the child from the stigma of the «son of an enemy of the people», got divorced and changed her middle name of Leonidas from «S.» to «S.».


    After graduating from the Tashkent theatrical Institute, Leonid Bronevoy received the distribution to Orenburg. For some time the young actor appeared on the stage of theatres in Orenburg and Magnitogorsk. But the dream of escape to the capital and to continue education did not leave him. He took a risk, and the risk was justified. The first attempt of Armor entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater, and was enrolled on 3 course. But after the young actor again «exiled» away from Moscow. He served in the theatres of Irkutsk, and then Voronezh and Grozny.

    To return to the capital Leonid Sergeevich managed in 1961. Not to say that Moscow has received the artist hall. He had to earn a piece of bread, even a game of dominoes. After all on hands Armor after the death of his wife left a little daughter, Valentina. But in 1962, the actor took to the drama theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. Here he worked until 1988 and quickly became the leading actor of the theater.

    At this stage, Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoy played dozens of roles. The theater gave him a standing ovation. Here he appeared as the Capulets in the play «Romeo and Juliet», Christopher Blokhin in «Tales of old Arbat», Semendyaeva in «theatre Director» and many others.

    In 1988, Leonid moved to the «Lenkom». Performances with his participation, such as «the Cherry orchard», «Seagull», «the Executioner of the executioner», was included in the Golden Fund of the theatre.


    A cinematic biography of Leonid Bronevoi began in 1964. The debut was the role of the Colonel of the gendarmerie in the film «Comrade Arseny». And although the movie Leonid Bronevoy arrived in a fairly Mature age (debut took place when he was 36 years old), but it appears, has turned the actor into a star. And it happened 9 years after the first film.

    In 1973, the screens out the series «Seventeen moments of spring», made all the artists who played there, the real stars. Heinrich Muller in the performance of the Armor is amazingly beautiful.

    This is not a typical Gestapo, and an old campaigner, though dangerous, but at the same time good-natured and has a specific sense of humor. His words are winged. For example, «And you, Stirlitz, I ask to remain» or «to Believe in our time no one, not even myself. I can be».

    In 1979 came the iconic painting, «the very Munchausen», where Leonid Bronevoy played the Duke. His phrase was dismantled for quotes.

    After 3 years, the audience enjoyed watching «the Pokrovskie gate». And again the hero Armor – — Arkady Velyurov is becoming one of the most beloved and magical. Velour phrase «Mind you, I did not suggested» that Armor said with his unique tone, widely used today.

    In 1984, domestic television viewers received a new gift – a picture «the love Formula». The doctor in the performance of Leonid Sergeevich – is a wizened man whom is difficult to surprise all sorts of «miracles» and whose confidence can not shake nothing in this world. And if we add to all this a sense of humor, then we have the cutest character Armor. And again, phrases that have become winged. For example, «And the head – a subject is dark, the research subject» or «When the doctor is full, and the patient easier.»

    Leonid Bronevoy played more than 120 roles in films and theatre. Of his last films, which were most vivid and favorite, can be called the role of the old actor Zhuravlev in the film Simple things, for which Armor in 2008 was awarded the «Nika», and the role of the Colonel in resignation Baturina in a bitter Comedy of Eldar Ryazanov’s «the promised Heaven».

    Personal life

    The first wife of Leonid Bronevoi Valentina Blinova died shortly after giving birth to daughter Vale. The artist had hard times, because he practically raised the little daughter. After moving from Voronezh to Moscow has helped the relatives of the late wife.

    Personal life, Leonid Armor was adjusted only 10 years after the death of his wife. He married second time and his wife Viktoria brightened the existence of the artist. The second wife of the actor has nothing to do with the world of art. In her profession, she is an engineer. But a rare understanding and warmth in relations that had appeared in the beginning of their life, is preserved to this day.

    The actor’s daughter Valentina is a philologist. She did not follow in his father’s footsteps.


    • «Seventeen moments of spring»
    • «Formula of love»
    • «Pokrovskie Vorota»
    • «The Myunghauzen»
    • «Promised heaven»
    • «Have you seen a doctor?»
    • «I ask»
    • «What our years»
    • «Physics»
    • «Schizophrenia»


    Leonid Bronevoy

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