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  • Name: Leonid Bichevin ( Leonid Bichevin )
  • Date of birth: 27 December 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Klimovsk, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Bichevin: biography

    Leonid Bichevin joined the world of Russian cinema, playing in the sensational film «Cargo 200» and the dramatic film «Morphine». To a large extent helped him a great theatrical experience as a stage actor acts since 2001 and during this time has achieved considerable success in his profession.

    The future actor was born on the eve of 1984, in the small town of Klimovsk, which has now become part of Podolsk. Strange, but in his childhood Leonid didn’t even think about the artist’s career, he was closer to nature and science. He loved horses and wanted to do their cultivation, together with professional horse riding. That is why after the ninth grade Bichevin enrolled in the agricultural school of the city of Kolomna.

    Like many young men his age, he tried to find himself and his place in life. The realization came to Lena during get-togethers with a friend, then he clearly realized that he wanted to become an artist. Friend supported his intention, and the boy left school, went to Moscow, where he applied to theater institutions. Bichevin has successfully passed all tests in drama school named Shchukin, and in 2001 became his student.

    The first year was given to a beginning artist easily enough, but the second year he almost took off because of very low performance. But next year, Leonid truly experienced all the delights of studying in the theatre and began to reveal his many talents.


    On the stage, Leonid was in the first year. In the Shchukin school there was a very interesting practice — to provide students with small roles in productions. So Bichevin was in the play «the Inspector General» of the famous Director Rimas Tuminas. He did not even realize how much he was lucky to play in such a project, cooperation with popular Director even dreamed and a lot of famous theatre actors.

    The greatest impression on Leonida was made by the artist Sergey Makovetsky, who was also involved in the show. In the eyes of the guy he was like a God of the stage, so a novice artist was shocked and excited to play with him. By the way, mother Bichevina, upon learning that her son played with himself Makovetsky, almost fainted. It was then that the student was finally convinced of the correctness of his choice.

    After graduation, the talented actor was invited to the troupe of Vakhtangov Theatre. On the stage, Leonid has played in performances of «Ali Baba and the forty thieves», «Cyrano de Bergerac» and «dog in the manger». He met again with the Director Tuminas during the preparation of the play «Troilus and Cressida», in which Bichevina got a Central role.

    The theater gave him not only invaluable experience, but also many friends and teachers who by their example inspired by Leonid on conquest of new tops.


    But the cinematic career of Leonid first evolved. While still a student, he came to audition for many Studio projects, AMEDIA, but for one reason or another didn’t fit the producers and Directors. The actor has an enviable persistence, and even after the fifteenth rejection did not stop to storm the auditions. Over time, he began to allocate a small cameo role in the films. His debut in film was the TV series «is more Important than love.» Then there were several similar roles, until one day the fate smiled and gave Leonid a chance to become a rising star of Russian cinema.

    In 2006, started shooting a mixed picture of the «Cargo 200» by Director Alexei Balabanov, had become famous all over the country for his films «Brother» and «Brother 2». For the main female role was approved Agniya Kuznetsova, Leonid classmate and girlfriend. For Bichevina the role of the dude Valera was a chance to break in a big movie, and he eagerly started to work.

    Leonid remembered Balabanov’s genius child, with whom he managed to get on the same wavelength. Due to this, they have established a great relationship, although often the Director of the auteur cinema reproached his actor for shooting in the base series. The picture was successful, and Alex has promised to involve the actor in his next project.

    A year later, the Director kept his promise and invited Leonid for the lead role in a film based on works by Mikhail Bulgakov’s «Morphine». To authentically convey the addiction, Bichevin was not afraid to go to a rehabilitation center where he received treatment dependent. He spoke with them, visited the meetings are anonymous. The film was released in 2007 and brought the actor much-anticipated fame and popularity. It also began to call in projects focused on a wide range of audiences, such as «the Rowan waltz», «palm Sunday» and many others.

    In the film «the Girl and death», released in late 2012, the actor called the Director Jos Stelling. He sent the script and invited to the meeting. When Leonid looked at a filmography of Dutch film-maker, he was pleasantly surprised and excited: he had never before taken part in projects at this level. After this picture in one of the interview, Stelling said that Bichevina should learn English because it is waiting for an international career.

    No less success enjoyed painting «Chagall — Malevich» film Director Alexander Mitta. For a fair presentation of the protagonist tape artist Marc Chagall, the actor had to see his work and watch some movies. For filming the artist had to make a special makeup that completely changed the shape of the nose, adding the similarities with the hero. The film was released in 2014 and was highly appreciated by critics.

    Personal life

    During his studies at the Shchukin school, Leonid met with his classmate Agnia Kuznetsova. Their relationship lasted for seven years, and all went to the wedding. But in the end, the young people broke up, according to Bichevina the mutual resentment and recriminations. The actor himself has quite thin and a little fragile, whereas Agnes is straightforward and very honest in communication.

    With his future wife, actress Maria berdinsky, the actor met in 2009. Between them struck up a romance, and during a trip to Japan, the actor has made Mary an offer. In 2011, the pair was married in his native village bride Doronichi, and then went on a honeymoon to Italy. In 2014, the young family was born a son, Ivan.


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    Leonid Bichevin

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