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  • Name: Arkhangelsk, Leonid ( Leonid Arhangelskiy )
  • Date of birth: 19 may 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Leonid Arkhangelsky: biography

    Actor Leonid Arkhangelsky, a native Muscovite. He was born in may 1988. His own attitude to the world of theatre and cinema had not. Not immediately going to the actors and Leonid. Like all his peers, in childhood and youth he was fond of sports. Has learned to skate, to ride, to fence and to shoot. Later, Leonid became interested in fire dancing and martial arts.

    Leonid Arkhangelsk
    Leonid Arkhangelsk
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    When Arkhangelsk was in high school, he summed up all their talents and realized that he was a straight road in the movie. It will be useful to everything he learned in school.

    The guy received a high school diploma, went to Yekaterinburg, where without difficulty he enrolled in drama College. Graduated in 2010 and was employed in the municipal drama theatre named after A. P. Chekhov in the city of Serov in the Sverdlovsk region.


    On the stage of a provincial Serov and began his artistic career of Leonid Arkhangelsky. But here the young actor stopped for a moment. After several theatrical seasons he returned to Moscow, where he began to build a career in film.

    For the first time on the screens appeared the Archangel in the criminal 16-episode drama «Salam Maskva». This movie was released in 2012. The novice actor got a cameo role: he played a journalist.

    But in 2013, Leonid Arkhangelsky is already involved in 12 projects. Basically it is a cameo role, but the aspiring actor has agreed to all the proposals, aware that it acquired the necessary experience. Some films after the release received high marks from viewers and critics. Among the most striking was the series «Lyudmila» (Arkhangelsk got the role of a war journalist), «Pyatnitskiy, Moscow. Three station» and «the Fighter» (German scout).

    A turning point in the career of Leonid Arkhangelsky was 2014. The actor waited for his star role. He was asked to play the groom in Żory Gooseberry family Comedy «Gorko 2».

    Leonid Arkhangelsk
    Leonid Arkhangelsk

    A young artist to other top TV shows such as «the Secret city», «Spiral», «Christmas Tree 1914» and «the Other shore». It is noteworthy that all embodied artist images belong to different roles.

    Today filmography Arkhangelsk is 25 movie titles. The key characters while he has not played, but vivid supporting roles to his credit already. In 2016, the audience will see 3 of the movie where appears the artist. This series «the Secret city 3», «Vlasic» and «Provocateur.»

    Personal life

    Today, for the actor’s main priority is career. If you believe the information from social networks, personal life, Leonid Arkhangelsky on the second plan. He is not married. Tells a little about himself, preferring to talk about the played roles and plans for the future.

    In his free time the artist likes to «walk» in social networks and developed a website. Prefer active rest.

    Leonid Arkhangelsk
    Leonid Arkhangelsk


    • «Salam Maskva»
    • Lyudmila
    • «Pyatnitskiy»
    • «Moscow. Three station»
    • «Kiss 2»
    • «The secret city»
    • «Spiral»
    • «Christmas trees 1914»
    • «The other shore»
    • «Agent provocateur»


    Leonid Arkhangelsk

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