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  • Name: Leonardo DiCaprio ( Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio )
  • Date of birth: 11 November 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: American actor and producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Leonardo DiCaprio: the biography

    Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles in November 1974. His parents – father George DiCaprio and mother Irmelin, Indenbirken – divorced a year after the birth of her son. The father, who worked as an artist and distributor of comic books, soon married, but the mother didn’t marry. She raised her son herself, torn between the two works. Helped only beloved Russian grandmother Leo, nee Elena Smirnova. She was taken out of Russia at 2 years of age at the time of the October revolution. Grandma married a German of Wilhelm Indenbirken and took his name. Mom Irmelin Leonardo was born in the shelter of the West German town of OER-Erkenschwick in 1943.

    Its the name of future five-time nominee for «Oscar» received from my mother, who during pregnancy visited the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci and was impressed by his work.

    To become famous as an actor Leo has dreamed about since childhood. Actor biography Leonardo DiCaprio began when he was a little boy. In 2.5 years he played in an episode of children’s TV show. Teenager Leonardo began to attend drama courses and the Studio, where he diligently studied acting. Later he studied during 4 years at a University in Los Angeles, where he also chose the drama Department.


    A cinematic biography of Leonardo DiCaprio began to work in advertising. In childhood and adolescence, Leo starred in three dozen commercials. But in films, the young actor also failed to appear. DiCaprio played a small role in the cult TV series «Santa Barbara». Then there was the multi-tape «Roseanne» and «the New adventures of lassie».

    The real debut of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie took place in 1991. Leonardo starred in the Comedy horror film «critters 3». Immediately behind him began to work in the painting series «growing pains», but soon received a better offer in the project «this boy’s Life». Here the young artist first worked with the star of the first magnitude – with Robert De Niro.

    Leonardo has long wanted to star in another role: sugary handsome him pretty tired. And the chance came in 1993 when he was offered to play a mentally retarded boy, Arnie, brother of the protagonist. The brother was played by johnny Depp. For this work, DiCaprio was first nominated for «Oscar». At that time he was only 19 years old.

    Beginning from 1995, Leonardo appears in a number of high-profile films that made him famous and popular. First of all, the Western «the Quick and the dead», where the artist played along with Russell Crowe and Sharon stone. Immediately followed by the film «total Eclipse», where DiCaprio appeared in the title role, playing a poet-homosexual Arthur Rimbaud.

    After the appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio in «Romeo+Juliet» young artist recognized as the new sex symbol of Hollywood. In the film «the basketball diaries» and «Marvin’s Room,» Leonardo DiCaprio proves to those who doubted his talent, he deserves the recognition and has found its niche in world cinema. Leo plays a troubled teen, is brilliantly live in the role. In «Marvin’s Room,» he worked with Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton.

    The picture that made Leonardo DiCaprio the world-famous star, becomes the «Titanic» by James Cameron. It is noteworthy that the actor almost turned down the role in this film, but the Director convinced him of the success of the film adaptation of kinodramy. Subsequently, the «Titanic» received 11 «Oscars». The ceremony has not done without scandal: the Academy refused to nominate DiCaprio for best actor, with the result that Leonardo decided not to attend the ceremony. But he received a Golden globe and became one of the most highly paid Hollywood stars. In addition, the magazine «People» included Leo in the list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

    The most famous bands after the «Titanic» are the films «the Beach», «gangs of new York» and «Catch me if you can.» They were followed by no less successful picture «the Aviator», «the Departed» and «shutter Island.» In the drama «the Beach,» DiCaprio played an American tourist who visited Thailand in search of good earnings. Here together with Leonardo was played by Tilda Swinton and Virginia Ledoyen. The film has brought considerable box office, but was not treated kindly by critics.

    The same cool reaction from critics was given to film «the Man in the iron mask», where DiCaprio appeared in the form of Louis XIV. But the box office was again pleased with the creators and actors of the film: he has collected more than $ 180 million.

    Much better are the responses of the criminal tragicomedy called «Catch me if you can.» Prototype DiCaprio is one of the most audacious criminals of the 60s Frank Abignail. This role brought the actor’s third Golden globe and the huge box office.

    More success and money brought Leonardo Di Caprio work in the film Martin Scorsese’s «Gangs of new York». The film tells of clashes between criminal gangs of immigrants and Americans. Following joint work DiCaprio was the picture of Scorsese’s «the Aviator», which tells about the American businessman Howard Hughes. The film received huge success, and Leo was nominated for an Oscar, which went to another artist.

    Note that DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar six times. Award five times went into other hands.

    The most famous films of recent years for Leonardo DiCaprio to become the film «shutter Island» and «the Wolf of wall street» by Scorsese, «Django unchained» Tarantino and, of course, «the Great Gatsby» Lurman.

    In 2016 there is a new picture, where the main roles were played by Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom hardy, will poulter and domhnall Gleeson. In the film entitled «the Survivors» follows the trapper glass (played by Leonardo), is wounded while hunting a bear. The film was a major event in the film industry and was released in Russia in January 2016. This pattern not only increased the number of admirers of talent of the artist, but was interrupted by «oscarguy» a series of setbacks DiCaprio: for her role in the film «Survivor» jury found Leo’s the best actor of the year.

    Personal life

    Personal life Leonardo DiCaprio – the subject of constant and careful attention of the media. Leo is still not married, although he had turned 40 years old. In his life there were many novels and beautiful women, but none of them managed to marry a Hollywood handsome.

    In the 90s Leonardo met blond Danish model Helena Christensen. The heroine of the second novel DiCaprio was another model – the Brazilian Gisele bündchen. My love to the girls of model appearance, the actor confirmed having relations with a model from Israel Bar Refaeli. She almost brought Leo to the altar, but the marriage broke down. The final point in these relations was delivered in may 2011.

    In 2011 and 2012, another two models: Blake lively and Erin Heatherton. And these novels proved to be fleeting and ineffectual in terms of marriage.

    In 2014-2015, the actor met with German model Toni Garrn. To predict what the outcome of this relationship, no one, moreover, that at the end of September 2015 DiCaprio again began to appear at public events alone.


    • This guy’s life
    • The quick and the dead
    • Total Eclipse
    • Romeo+Juliet
    • Marvin’s Room
    • Titanic
    • Beach
    • Gangs Of New York
    • Catch me if you can
    • The wolf of wall street
    • Django free
    • The Great Gatsby


    Leonardo DiCaprio

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