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  • Name: Lena Lenina ( Elena Razumova )
  • Date of birth: 25 October 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: writer, host, model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lena Lenin: a biography

    In the biography of fashion writer and socialite Lena Lenina, there is a lot of dark spots. One of them is the exact age of the singer and the place of her birth. Most sources agree on the opinion that Lenin was born October 25, 1979 in Novosibirsk.

    Her parents are medical scientists. Elena’s father was engaged in the search for effective cancer drugs, and her mother worked as a cardiologist, has published more than 17 scientific papers.

    Family Lenine lived in Akademgorodok. The girl studied at school with advanced study of the French language. After graduation Lena entered the geological-geographical faculty of the Novosibirsk state University, and at the same time continued studying French.

    Entrepreneurial talent was at the girl already in his student years. At the age of 19, she opened the firm, which is engaged in the production of commercials and television programmes.

    After University Lena Lenina went to conquer Moscow.

    Modeling career

    Her modeling career began in his student years. Lena Lenina recalls how in the University hallway caught her Director local Studio. He was looking for a model for advertising of medical equipment.

    The second time Elena went to the audition because a friend persuaded her. She gave birth to a son, breastfed him, and did not expect that the Commission will take her and a friend.

    Today Lena Lenina – the «face» of many French jewelry and perfume companies, fashion houses. She often starred in commercials Russian brands.

    In 2005, the star promoted the brand Charlott», producing underwear. And in 2007 the Photocall of «the Body of Lenin is alive and enjoying» appeared in the magazine «Penthouse».


    Elena tried his hand also on the Central television of Russia. Several years passed, and she became the producer of the programme «Paris of revelation» and «Business fever» that came out in the TVC.

    In parallel with producer’s work, she earned enough for the production of television advertising. By the time we move to France in Lenin was already a good capital.

    In 2003, the TF1 channel has invited the star part in the reality show «Nice people» (the European equivalent of the program «Behind glass»). After the release of Lena Lenina became «the most famous Russian in Paris.

    In 2011, she starred on the TV channel «Ukraine» as the host of the talk show «Who wants to marry my son», and in 2012 appeared on «channel 8» — released in Russia the programme «the Reception of Lena». She now regularly appears on talk shows as an expert.


    In Lenine many talents, and one of them is writing. Her first book «Cours, cours, camarade!» written in French and published in 2003. The author writes about the fate of the modern Cinderella, became famous in Paris.

    In 2005 he published the first Russian book Lenin’s «Passion for perfection». Next year, the presentation of her best-seller «Multimillionaires». In the same year 2006 he published his Russian version.

    Every year Lena Lenin writes 1-2 new books. In Russia, her works give such well-known publishing houses, «AST», in France – not less authoritative «Grasset» and «Florent Massot».

    The writer has already published 23 books, 16 of which are in Russian.

    Personal life

    Extravagant Lenin used to shock the audience with vivid hairstyles and outfits. Her career is successful, she owns Europe’s largest network of nail salons.

    Live writer and model in France. There she carried my mom and son Clement. The son she bore as a student — the education of the child practiced. Now Clement is studying in France. In an interview, Lenin admitted that she would have a daughter, but fears that Klimentiy this idea does not like, because he is spoiled and does not tolerate competition.

    In 2011 Helen was married lumberman and banker, millionaire Pascal Florent-Edward. The wedding was celebrated in the old French castle. With her future husband she met at the reception of the Duke of Orleans. Honeymoon the couple spent on Bali.

    The second time they celebrated a wedding in Moscow – especially for friends of Lenine. Pascal is younger than Helena, two years. After the wedding the couple lived at his mansion near Paris. The man doted on the beautiful woman promised to carry her in his arms. But in 2014, Lenin said that they parted. The reason – the pathological jealousy of the husband. According to her, after a divorce normal friendly relationship with Pascal is not go, although she really wants to.

    Married Lena Lenina that is not going. She says she has already received from life more than you can dream of. The journey tire her, dialogue with the stars brings the old joy. Elena enjoys Hiking in the bath with her friends.


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    • «Sexual. How to seduce any man»
    • «Revenge of the blonde jokes about brunettes»
    • «MultiMillionaires 2»
    • «Perfection. A passion for perfection»
    • «EliteFrance»
    • «Les nouveaux tzars»
    • «great…»
    • «Stars»
    • «Seduire a la russe»


    Lena Lenina

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