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  • Name: Elena Katina ( Lena Katina )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: singer, ex-vocalist of the Duo «Tatu»
  • Marital status: married

    Lena Katina: biography

    Elena Katina is a Russian singer who became internationally popular as a singer of pop group «Tatu». Since 2009 she is performing as a solo artist under the name of Lena Katina and quite popular, especially in the American market.

    Elena was born in Moscow, into a family of famous composer Sergey Katin, who wrote songs for the group «dune», as well as for singers Larisa Dolina, Marina Khlebnikova and other local stars. After some time, Elena’s parents divorced, and her upbringing did she Inna V., which helped Asya Nikitichna — grandmother on my father’s, an artist by profession.

    The girl grew active, so we decided to give it to the sports section to direct the energy in a useful direction. A little later, and innate musical talent. Little Lena began to learn to play the piano, then for three years, sang in the children’s vocal ensemble «Avenue».

    In the end, fate brought Katina in the legendary ensemble «Neposedy» where she met with other future stars – Yulia Volkova Sergey Lazarev, Yulia Malinovskaya, Vlad Topalov. With this team, Elena has participated in many festivals and competitions.

    In 1999, music producer Ivan Shapovalov decided to create a new project, soon dubbed «Tattoo». At the casting, we selected only one Lena Katina, who had already begun rehearsing when the managers believe it is appropriate to turn the «Tattoo» and the Duo was invited to the singer and her longtime friend Yulia Volkova.

    By the way, despite the incredible creative workload, Katina has managed to graduate in absentia by a Moscow humanitarian-economic Institute and to higher education in the specialty «Psychology».


    Prior to joining Volkova Lena Katina recorded two songs: «Yugoslavia» and «Why me». But the first joint single, «I’m crazy» instantly propelled the girls to the rank of Russian stars. It was followed by the song «Us catch up», «half an hour», «gay Boy» and other controversial hits.

    Surprisingly, during the first recordings Elena had discovered a little problem with diction. When living singing, they are not noticeable but the sound began to make itself felt. Then the experts advised her… to sing with a cork in his mouth to develop a jaw. This Council helped the girl to get rid of the problem.

    Glory «Tattoo» is not limited only by Russia. Girls recorded album in English «200 km/h in the Wrong Lane», which became number one in America and in most European countries. The album broke sales records, ahead of CDs, even Michael Jackson and Madonna. By the way, Madonna spoke about the Duo, Lena Katina called the singer from Eastern Europe, whose English is so good that allows you to compete with the American performers.

    After the duet «Tattoo» in 2011 ceased to exist, the singer began a solo career, focusing on the American public. Under the name of Lena Katina, she re-recorded old hit songs, and then began to offer students and new creations. The first solo song Helena was «Waiting», then with the Mexican band «Belanova», she recorded hit single «Tic Toc». The ballad «Keep on Breathing» Katina devoted to people affected by the disaster in Japan in spring 2011.

    A big hit was the song «Never Forget», which topped the main chart of the world «Billboard». Thus, the singer repeated his success with the duet «Tatu», because the song «Not Gonna Get Us» has been raised in the first place in America. By the way, none of the musicians from the CIS member States, this was not possible.

    In 2014 the project «Lena Katina» sold debut full-length album «This Is Who I Am». In the same year the girl was reunited with his old partner Volkova and recorded the song «Love in every moment». She also has a joint composition «Melody» with Clark Owen, «Century» with a group of «Re:boot» and «New love» with a new team of producer Shapovalov «Podnebeses».

    Personal life

    In summer 2013, Elena Katina officially entered the marriage with the Slovenian rock musician Sasho the Palacio. Interestingly, the young people played two lavish weddings – and in Slovenia and Russia. Two years after that, the couple became parents for the first time: they had a son who was called Alexander.

    The family resides in Los Angeles, but in connection with the creative process Elena sometimes arrives in Moscow.

    Not all the Katina fans know her from childhood poor eyesight. After becoming famous, the singer had the operation at an American clinic and laser correction has eliminated this deficiency.


    • 2001 — 200 on the counter
    • 2002 — 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane
    • 2005 — Dangerous and Moving
    • 2005 — People with disabilities
    • 2008 — a Cheerful smile
    • 2009 — Waste Management
    • 2012 — » Melody
    • 2014 — This Is Who I Am
    • 2014 — Love in every moment
    • 2014 — Century


    Lena Katina

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