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  • Name: Lea Seydoux ( Lea Seydoux )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: French and American actress and model
  • Marital status: not married

    Lea seydoux: the biography

    Lea seydoux was born in Paris on 1 July 1985 in a very wealthy and prominent family. Her father is a successful entrepreneur, mother of the dynasty of oil tycoons, a former actress. Uncle and aunt Lea – heads of the famous French film Studio Gaumont Film. Grandpa Jerome – Chairman of another big Studio.

    Parents Lea seydoux divorced when she was very young. Since then, Lea continued to live in Paris with his father, often visited his mother in Senegal. In childhood she saw the Opera «Carmen», and the impression was so strong that Lea seydoux decided to become an Opera singer. But the vocal was not so good, and she began to attend private drama Studio. Training here helped a young Frenchwoman to cope with painful shyness and learn the basics of theatre arts.

    In 18 years, Leah finally decided that it would be an artist. To this end, she studied courses theatre workshops in Paris and new York.

    Lea seydoux: movies

    Biography Lea seydoux began in 2005 with the appearance in the clip, singer Raphael. And next year she made a successful debut in the teen Comedy, very popular in France and America, under the title «Girls on top: French kiss.»

    Every year Lea seydoux appears on screens in more and more films. In 2007, she played Catherine in the film «secret lover» and in the mystery of the painting «French street, 13». But the first tangible success came to the young actress when she played a role in «the Beautiful tree» Honore. She played the young schoolgirl who has become the object of desire of a young teacher. Created in the image of Leah, she received the Chopard award and was nominated for «Cesar». About Seydou talked about as the future of French cinema, calling the new Sophie Marceau.

    In 2009, the actress appeared in the image of Marie in the drama «Lourdes». The film was shown at the Venice film festival and was awarded the honorary award. Lea seydoux can’t find my handwriting. Critics point out its individuality and otherness anyone famous Actresses.

    Great success brings the artist work in the film «Beautiful thorn», written by Rebecca Zlotowski. For this role, seydoux has received another «Cesar». In the same year, critics praised the game Lea in the tragic film «the affair of his wife». But the most successful role the girl played, starting in 2011. Its the best film critics have called the drama «Sister», the shooting of which took place in Switzerland on a ski resort.

    In 2013 Lea seydoux was waiting for world fame. The actress played the main character in the erotic film «

  • The Life Of Adele». Here fans of her talent and the audience saw Lea in the image of the artist Emma with sky-blue hair. This is a film about unconventional love, in which a lot of explicit scenes. But this is not what bothered uninhibited Frenchwoman, and that she had to dye her hair blue. For his work in this film, the actress received «Cesar» and «Palme d’or».

    Lea Seydoux: Hollywood

    Soon a charming French slowly approached the dream factory. Here the young actress you see a variety of textures and initially offer only a cameo role. But it’s a very famous Directors. Lea seydoux appears in the episode «inglorious bastards» Tarantino. Plays a small role of a saleswoman in the movie «Midnight in Paris», which initially claimed Carla Bruni. And in 2011, seydoux played Inguletsky Isabella in «Robin hood».

    In the new film «

  • Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol» Lea seydoux appears on the screen together with Tom cruise. But the main success is waiting for talented Frenchwoman is found. In the autumn of 2014 it became known that Lea seydoux – the new girl superspy bond. The next James bond shoot in Rome.

    Lea seydoux: the business model

    A girl from a wealthy French family can not be a fashionista. Especially when a friend of this family he is Louis Vuitton. The first shoes from the legends of the fashion world, the girl received a 12 years of age.

    Despite the low, «not model;» growth – 168 sm – Lea is a famous fashion model. For the first time she posed for American Apparel magazine. And when the acting career, Seydou went up, Lea appeared on the covers of a number of fashion magazines.

    In 2011 seydoux becomes the face of a new fragrance from the Prada Candy. Soon the same brand enters into a contract with the actress to showcase a line of jewelry and jewelry. By the way, the last Lea knows she has an entire collection of expensive jewelry with precious stones from famous brands. Now the Frenchwoman is one of the leading models of Agency «Silent models».

    Lea seydoux: personal life

    Personal life Lea seydoux is hidden from prying eyes. Charming French prefers not to talk about private life is nothing. It is only known that Lea loves shopping and expensive boutiques, leads a luxurious lifestyle, buying many beautiful things and jewelry, spending all he earns. Whether she has a boyfriend, Lea said nothing, communicating only what is most valued in men their attractive appearance.

    Lea seydoux: filmography

    • The Life Of Adele. Blue is the warmest color
    • Mission: impossible-Ghost Protocol
    • Midnight in Paris
    • Beautiful pain
    • Inglourious Basterds
    • The beautiful tree
    • Girls on top: French kiss

    Lea seydoux: the photos

    Lea Seydoux

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