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  • Name: Leah Michelle ( Lea Michele )
  • Date of birth: 29 August 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Bronx, new York
  • Growth: 159
  • Activities: American actress and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Lea Michele : biography

    Lea Michele sarfati was born in the late summer of 1986 in the Bronx. The future actress mother, Edith sarfati, was of Italian origin and worked as a nurse. Father mark sarfati was the owner of a grocery store and the main breadwinner of the family. Lea Michele is an only child. For her well-being parents changed residence and moved to new Jersey, where he stayed in Tenafly. Here was a good school and performing art center. Adults in the early years, Michelle noticed that the girl is very artistic and musical.

    Michelle sarfati carefully attended all the classes and regularly appeared on stage in school plays. At 8 years old Lea Michele heard about the casting for girls of their age in the musical «Les Miserables.» It is easily auditioned and got her first role of Cosette.

    Since then originates the biography of Leah Michelle. After a year the young artist was called to the staging of the Broadway theatre under the name «ragtime».

    After receiving a high school diploma Lea enrolled in one of the universities in new York. But 1 know she took in the musical «Fiddler on the roof». To combine a busy schedule and theatrical training. Sarfati left the University, preferring the stage.


    In 2006, Lea Michele and her parents were convinced that the University walls were not left in vain. Perspective the artist took in the sensational musical «Spring awakening». The production was a huge success, besides brought Leah Michelle is one of the most prestigious awards of America «Drama Desk Award».

    A cinematic biography of Leah Michelle did not develop so rapidly, but in the end it is the release brought the girl to global fame. The first film role she played in 1998 when she was barely 12 years old. The girl was entrusted with a small role in the film «Buster and Chauncey: naughty friend». After 2 years, Leah got the role of the second plan in the film «Third shift». But then came a long lull. The girl was playing in musicals and persistently went to the casting, dreaming of new work in the movie.

    Luck Leah Michelle in 2009, when the young artist was 23 years old. She tirelessly visited auditioned for the role in the movie and finally she got lucky. Along with her friend Jenny, Ushkowitz took «glee.» It was sort of a musical, there, too, needed a good vocal. The casting of the girls went so well that they proposed to withdraw from a 13-episodes of the tape.

    «Glee» was a huge success after the release of the first series. The image of Rachel berry, played by Lea Michele, loved the audience and the critics. From that moment in front of a young artist not just opened doors in Hollywood, she becomes the star of the dream factory. She is regularly invited to various popular TV shows. Once Lea Michelle even sang at the White house.

    Three consecutive years since 2010, Lea Michele annually to the winner of the prestigious prize of the Guild of actors getting nominated for «Best cast». And in the Treasury of award-winning Hollywood star has «Emmy» in 2010 and «Golden globe» 2011.

    Beauty regularly entered in the lists of «most-most Hollywood stars» for impeccable taste and ability to behave in public.

    Not so long ago Lea Michele has tried himself as a singer. Sung the song «Gives You Hell» was in the list of the most successful hits of the chart «Billboard 2000». This success enthused the actress, she began writing a solo album. It was released in 2014 and is called «Louder». The next disc, the singer gave his fans after 2 years, it’s called «TBA».

    Personal life

    The paparazzi ready to great lengths to find some dirt on the star. But all attempts are futile. Lea Michele has never been seen in a scandalous antics, she does not drink alcohol or drugs. Every word of his interview is carefully thought out and knows how to perfectly and tastefully dressed.

    Personal life Leah Michelle hasn’t always been happy. Novels with colleagues Theo Stockman and Cory Mantacom failed. If the first guy the girl broke up, the romance with Corey ended tragically. The young actor, with whom Lea Michele met on the set of star «Choir» project, in the summer of 2013 was found dead. According to rumors, the cause was overdose of drugs. The tragedy happened 2 weeks before the wedding.

    In the spring of 2014, the tabloids wrote about the new novel stars model Matthew Pats. But in the winter of 2016, the relationship ended.


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    • «Glee»
    • «Project «Choir»
    • «Scream Queen»


    • «Louder»
    • «TBA»


    Lea Michele in childhood

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