Laysan Utiasheva

photograph of Laysan utiasheva

  • Name: Laysan Utiasheva ( Laysan Utiasheva )
  • Date of birth: 28 June 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Rayevskiy, Bashkortostan
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Russian athlete, honored master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, world champion, the sixfold champion of Europe
  • Marital status: married Pavel Volya

    Laysan utiasheva: biography

    Laysan utiasheva was born 28 June 1985, family historian and librarian. Has Bashkir, Polish, Tatar and Russian origin. When Rosie was little, my parents wanted to give her daughter to do ballet, but one day completely by accident the girl was noticed by a gymnastics coach Hope Kasyanov, which noted the incredible flexibility of the joints Rosie and brought her into the world of sports.


    In 1997 utiasheva moved to the capital. Two years later, she received a master of sports, and since 2000 it was time for the main sports victories Laysan. One of the most important achievements is the absolute champion title at the world Cup in Berlin in 2001.

    Laysan Utiasheva
    Photo gymnasts | Scoopnest

    In 2002 I began training under the guidance of the famous Irina Viner. Was new to win the international tournament in Slovenia, unofficial world championship in France. However, by coincidence on a survey in Germany revealed multiple fractures of the navicular bone of one foot and the divergence of the bones on the other. Doctors put disappointing forecasts up to impossibility of independent movement.

    Laysan utiasheva and Irina Viner
    Irina Viner |

    But thanks to the wonderful surgeons already by 2004, Rosie has returned to the sport. European championship, international competitions — all this was conquered a strong-willed athlete. However, after some discussion with Irina Viner in 2006 utiasheva finally made the decision to leave the sport.

    Weight problems

    A long period in the life of a young girl dedicated to the gymnastics and sporting achievements, it is not surprising that she quickly started to gain weight, my regime. Rosie recalled in an interview, that six months was lying on the couch, watched a movie and ate. Prohibited in sport mode the sweets and meals were the usual products.

    Her feelings led one of the public events. Rosie was invited, along with other gymnasts at the meet, but she did not go, because I didn’t want to appear before colleagues on the sport in a new role, cuppy cake.

    Laysan Utiasheva
    Adhere to a healthy lifestyle |

    Her return to harmony began with attempts to lose weight through running and wraps cling film. Information girl was getting on the Internet until her eyes caught the old food diary of the times of his sports career in gymnastics.

    Since then, Rosie has become to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle; it controls the growth of weight and regained the beautiful appearance. Exercise and attention to your own body and diet to help the young gymnast to stay in shape after the birth of two children and to share their experience my husband and members of his projects.


    After a career gymnast, Laysan became a presenter of several programs on television — «Personal trainer» on TV channel «Sport plus», «Fitness with stars» on TV channel «Live». So the girl wrote an autobiographical novel, which told how many years and effort given to the exercises. She also created their own dance show, which premiered in 2009

    In October 2011 the TV started the authorship program, «the Academy of beauty with Laysan Utyasheva». In 2012, the singer tried himself in cinema, starring in small roles in the TV series «Champion».

    Laysan utiasheva-string
    Photos of the athletes | Showbiz

    Very high demand among viewers it is the author’s program of weight correction. Exercise for weight loss Laysan Utyasheva not extremely difficult. 10-12-minute videos gymnast teaches girls to fight obesity. Videos I found a lot of fans and followers is a pretty simple technique. To develop a simple and effective program slim girl helped personal experience of struggle against excess weight.

    Interesting appearance often causes leading question about her nationality. She says that is half-Bashkir, as her mother was a Bashkir, and his father was Tatar, Polish and Russian roots.

    22 Mar 2012 on «radio Romantika» has launched a new transfer Laysan, in which it invited famous musicians, actors, and over a Cup of tea and spoke to them about life, dreams and aspirations.

    Laysan utiasheva in the show
    In the show «Dancing» |

    From August 2014 on TNT aired «the Dance» in which Laysan utiasheva is a permanent leading.

    1 December 2016 on the first channel went transmission from the cycle «Alone with all» with Laysan Utyasheva, where a young woman told a leading Yulia Menshovoj about your family, projects, life on television and in sports.

    Mom’s death

    14 Mar 2012 in the life of a Laysan tragedy from a heart attack death of her mother Zulfiya utiasheva. Mother was always my best friend and the closest person. She was only 47 years old. Once the gymnast has left big-time sports, she tried to make up for lost time, spending every free moment with my mom.

    Laysan especially hard was the death of a loved one, as life seemed normal.

    Laysan utiasheva s mother Zulfiya
    With mother Zul |

    That ill-starred day he and my mom were sitting in the cafe. Zulfiya suddenly felt ill. Rosie immediately called an ambulance. The arrived doctors reassured women, saying that this is the beginning of the pressure increase. Arriving on the Moscow traffic jams home, the mother Laysan abruptly became worse, she couldn’t utter a word.

    For a long time in the ambulance answered that all machines are busy. The frightened girl screamed into the phone that her mother is dying, and received a rather cynical response: «we all die, you are not alone». Arriving at the doctors only verified death from congestive heart failure.

    Mom Laysan Utyasheva
    Mom Lyaysan Utyasheva | Personality

    Rosie recalls the period with the pain:

    «Still feel guilty for the fact that we are a little rested. But mom never complained about his health. We all in the family all centenarians. My grandmother is now 80 years old. Great-grandmother lived to be 102 years old. So my mother always said that he wants to live to a hundred and forty. But it turned out only to forty-seven…,» the gymnast said in an interview with «7 days».

    Only after the birth of her daughter Sofia, a young woman able to let go of the pain of losing a loved one. As Rosie says, she received in a dream a blessing from your mother, and important people in her life – children and husband.

    Personal life

    Personal the girl’s life was under the eye of the paparazzi while she «earned» for himself the image of the presenter. Her photo appeared in sports magazines, but also on the society pages. One of the most memorable stories discussed in the press, was an acquaintance Laysan Utyasheva and Orlando bloom in 2008. They met at a private party in London, at a time when the actor had an affair with Miranda Kerr. Despite the clear presence of passion in Orlando, Russian journalists wrote about the possible romantic line in the relations Utyasheva and Hollywood handsome.

    Orlando Bloom
    Orlando Bloom |

    After losing mom, Rosie retreated into herself, she tried to avoid publicity and to spend more time where it won’t bother. The most striking change in his personal life Utyasheva was held in September 2012, when the singer was married to comedian Paul Will.

    At the same time, the press became aware of judicial Laysan property dispute with her ex-boyfriend, 34-the summer businessman Valery, Lamaze. According to the media, the main subject of sports was the BMW X6.

    Laysan Utiasheva
    Photo gymnasts | Stars.Gee

    Laysan and Paul Will long time friends, and only after some time the friendship grew into true love. Relations with the resident of «Comedy Club» helped the girl to experience the grief from the sudden death of the mother. Very long time fans and friends lovers didn’t believe in wedding of Will and Utyasheva. In the circles of show business made the news for April 1st joke. At the same time, in the world of sports for many confidants knew about this unexpected romance. Irina Viner personally dispelled the rumors «fake» the wedding of Paul and Laysan.

    Laysan utiasheva I Pavlo Volya
    My husband Paul Will | Fotostrana

    In may 2013, in one of the private clinics in Miami Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya became the parents of little Robert. 6 may 2015, the couple had a daughter, Sophia. In March 2016, the Internet had spread the news that Laysan possibly pregnant again. The occasion was a photo in Instagram account, the TV presenter, supplemented with the tag #desensibilisation and #baby.

    Fans of the star couple was quick to make the assumption that the family of Paul Will again appear kid, but information was not confirmed.


    «Willpower» is a family project to promote a healthy lifestyle involving Laysan Utyasheva and her husband. Working tandem gymnasts and humorist was successful and fruitful. The course has a few hundred video tutorials on various topics. Laysan in the project is responsible for the body, and Paul – nuts.

    The success of the project confirmed its popularity. In his recent interview with «Caravan», the founder of the system admitted that «Willpower» more than 3 million followers in 28 countries around the world.

    Laysan utiasheva I Pavlo Volya
    Launched the family project «will Power» |

    The project brings together two equivalent structural units. Section «The Body» includes a number of training tips for acquiring harmony, advice on nutrition and the development of flexibility. The unit «The Brain» filled with information, support intellectual vigor, optimism, attitude for success. Spouses are willing to communicate with students and reveal the secret tokens of their professions, which help them in everyday life.


    Laysan Utiasheva

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