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  • Name: Laura Pitskhelauri ( Laura Pichelauri )
  • Date of birth: 11 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Laura Pitskhelauri: biography

    Laura Pitskhelauri had the good fortune to be born into a family of famous and creative, where everyone had to contribute to the world of high art. Laura’s father is a famous actor Georgiy Pitskhelauri. Grandma Alla Kim, Korean by birth, and grandfather, Georgian Shalva Lowery – former ballet dancers. But Laura claims that her veins were mixed the «cocktail» of five bloods. This explains the «amplitudes» its moods and conditions.

    Laura Pitskhelauri has a younger brother Shalva. But he preferred the arts and sports and professional football.

    For Laura, the question «who am I?», it seems, no never. At a young age grew up backstage of the theater, the girl knew that her future is a stage.

    In 2004, Laura Pitskhelauri received the diploma of the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts, where for several years he studied the intricacies of acting on the course of Vladimir pazi. In the same year she was accepted into the troupe of the Theatre of Lensovet.


    Says the actress, her guide to the world of theatre and educator, is the chief Director of the St. Petersburg academic Lensovet theatre Yury Butusov. He took Laura to the Academy, and then, taking her to the theater, taught all the tricks of the game.

    Theatrical biography Laura Pitskhelauri begins with the role of Nina in the play Butusova «Eldest son». Premiered on the Small stage and was warmly received by audiences and critics. After a successful debut, the actress played a character named in the direction of Vladimir pazi «Little girl».

    Career talented actress is developing rapidly. Now Laura Pitskhelauri takes place among the leading artists of the theater. In her creative piggy Bank has starring roles in the acclaimed productions of «Macbeth. Movie» and «Three sisters.» Theater critics praised the work of Laura in a production of «Macbeth. Movie», calling it «heart and brain» of the play. For this role the actress was nominated for two awards – «Golden Soffit» and «Golden Mask». And yet the image of lady Macbeth brought Laura Pitskhelauri the title of winner of the independent theatre prize «Bronze lion of St. Petersburg.»

    Deep and insightful called critics and theatergoers images created by a young actress in the plays «Invitation to the castle», «measure for Measure» and «Spanish ballad».

    One of the most striking recent roles Laura Pitskhelauri in the Lensovet Theatre – Irina staged by Yury Butusov’s «the Three sisters». Chekhov’s heroine in the performance of Laura was not just a gentle creature the dream of happiness, and a deep personality, able to analyze and understand the cause of the troubles older sisters.


    A cinematic biography of Laura Pitskhelauri is more than 10 paintings. But if in the TV series «COP war» and «deadly force», the actress has appeared only in passing in the film «the Ugly swans» by Konstantin Lopushansky she played a major role – a character named Diana.

    Bright and memorable was the role of Laura in the film «butterfly Kiss» and «Office». In the first film, where the main character was played by Sergey Bezrukov, the actress appeared in the image false. Shooting this project daughter first played with his father. But the second project is a suspense picture with the fantasy elements of «the Office» – gave Pitskhelauri a major role. Her character Nessie – the secret intelligence services working in anomalous phenomena.

    To meet again with the talented actress viewers in 2016, when the screens out the series «Poor people». Laura here again played a prominent role.

    Personal life

    The actress claims that her life is extreme. She prefers a quiet and measured life without the adrenaline rush and turmoil. Laura admits that as a child she even roundabouts are not loved. But, overcoming himself, once tried to experiment on themselves: «flew» behind a boat on a parachute and during holidays in Crete experienced a «free fall.» The resulting experience is needed as experience, which can never be excessive.

    Personal life of Laura Pitskhelauri has developed happily. Her husband’s name is Yuri. He is older than his wife by 15 years and found myself in the business. In an interview, Laura shared that Yuri is a very creative person with a humanitarian conscience. His profound wisdom has helped Laura in different circumstances.

    The couple has a son, Yasha, who was born shortly after Laura high school theater and, in her confession, very enriched her inner world.


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    Laura Pitskhelauri

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