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  • Name: Laura Keosayan ( Laura Keosayan )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Laura Keosayan: biography

    Laura Keosayan Davydovna was born in a very famous and creative Moscow family. Her grandfather Edmond Keosayan, a famous Director, knew all of the capital. Few who have not seen his iconic painting «the Elusive Avengers». A famous person was my grandmother, in whose honor the future actress got its name. Laura Gevorkyan was filmed in the 70s and 80s. Many remember her in the movie «somewhere Oriole cries…». And so this unknown uncle of Laura – Tigran Keosayan, who made «Poor Sasha», «hare over the abyss» and «Lily of the valley silvery». Not less familiar to the audience and dad David Keosayan. He did a wonderful melodrama, «Three of polugracii».

    It would seem that Laura Keosayan was destined to grow up and appear on the screen. But the girl with a huge love and respect to his family did not plan to be an artist. Although at the age of 13 Laura and debuted on the screen in the clip Igor Saruhanov «Violin-Fox», directed by Tigran Keosayan, but the plans were associated with other professions, did not expect publicity. The girl wanted to be an economist. The family is perceived with joy, especially dad, who believed that their race and so a lot of relatives who have linked their destiny with kanongataa.

    After school, Laura Keosayan, as planned, was admitted to MGIMO by selecting the economy. But soon was surprised to find that the world of numbers, she becomes more boring and uninteresting. She decided that he was mistaken in the choice of profession. But on the contrary the beginning of the movie to pull. Then Laura and I decided that I needed to change direction. Most of all upset the father. So daughter dutifully «held» until graduating from MGIMO, and only then decided to refer the documents in the theatrical institution. Chose Shukinsky Institute. Enrolled at the age of 22 and passed without much difficulty.


    At the end of the «Pike» Laura Keosayan immediately enlisted in the Vakhtangov theatre. Her first role on stage was Patrick in the musical troupe of Genera Jeanne Carlson. Further, there were several notable works, including performances of «White acacia» «the circus» and «the Coast of women».

    But popularity came to her only after her appearance in the film. Still a student, she was filmed, appearing first in the image of the Gypsy Ligita in the picture of his father «Gypsy girl with a yield» and then in the dramatic film «Love on a knife edge», where she played Laura Sarkisov.

    On account of its role ASI in the film «Code of honor» and Marina in «the March Turkish: the Last Marshal». Good for only one woman was working in the melodrama «do Not deny loving».

    Especially generous for Laura Keosayan was 2010. He brought her role of Valeria in the film «a Single man» and TV series «Destinies mysterious tomorrow». Right behind them came the TV series «Faith, Hope, Love» and «Moscow. Central district-3».

    But the most significant in the creative biography of Laura Keosayan was the role of an anesthesiologist Emma, Lusaran in the popular tape series «Sklifosovsky», where the main character was played by Maxim Averin. The actress hit the real glory, and it began to learn on the street.

    At the end of September 2015 on the screens of the Central TV channels began airing the series «juna», which is long awaited by the audience. For Laura Keosayan is a huge event, because the actress plays the main role – healer juna Davitashvili. Possible to get used to the way the famous juna, is doing the same thing for a long time, studied the biography of this extraordinary woman, learned about her habits, tastes and manners.

    Laura was lucky enough once to meet with Davitashvili. Juna learned about the film, which began filming when she was alive. She wished to meet with the artists. Gaze settled on doing the same thing and immediately asked she is going to «play in June». They had a long conversation on various topics, and, as says the artist, after this conversation she came out a different person. And she realized that these picture and the role will be the best in her acting career.

    Personal life

    For the first time Laura fell in love with 15 years. It happened during his stay in America. The object of love was a guy from Ireland. Young people are constantly calling and flying to each other’s homes. But over time, youthful infatuation dried up.

    In student age, starring in the film «the Gipsy way», the young actress met a colleague by Ivan Rudakov. Broke out between them the novel. They soon married and had a daughter Serafima. About her pregnancy, the actress has learned during the filming of «Sklifosovsky» because her pregnancy on the screen was real and not cinematic.»

    In 2013, Laura Keosayan and Ivan Rudakov dispersed. The reason for the divorce, the actress calls the cooled feelings and the changes that have occurred over the years of living together. Former spouses maintain a friendly relationship and a daughter together.


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    Laura Keosayan

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