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  • Name: Lars von Trier ( Lars Trier )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: Danish film Director and screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Lars von Trier: a biography

    Lars Trier was born in 1956 in the capital of Denmark. In Copenhagen he spent his childhood and teenage years. Then began a triumphant career of a talented Director whose name is often accompanied by scandals.

    Lars’s parents were not artists. Inger and Ulf Trier worked in the public service. It is noteworthy that the mother of Lars Trier adhered to Communist views, and his father considered himself a social Democrat. The son was educated in the spirit of complete freedom, with the result that he had to drop out of school: Lars was not able to «fit» into the rigid disciplinary rules of the institution. But he learned self-reliance.

    Interest in cinema arose from Lars Trier very early. At age 11 he took a tiny cartoon lasting a few minutes. The passion of the son was supported by the mother. Her brother and uncle Lars Berg Hest, was a famous Danish documentary filmmaker. The mother gave the son his personal camera. In the old films she used to bring Lars home from work, he studied installation.

    In 12 years, Lars Trier made his debut as an actor in the film «secret summer». But acting is not captured teenager, he was more interested in the technical side of the filming process.

    At the age of 17 He attempted to become a student at the Copenhagen film school. After the failure he did not give up and managed to get into the Association of movie fans «Filmgrupp-16». Uncle is a documentarian helped my nephew become editor of the Danish film Fund. Here at the end of the 1990s Lars Trier managed to shoot two short films. These works helped Lars to go to film.

    Teenage years Lars Trier was accompanied by the search itself. For a long time the young man believed that in his veins flows Jewish blood, as his father Ulf was half Jewish. Lars even while attending the synagogue. But a few years before the death of the mother confessed that his real father is a German Fritz Hartman.


    In the credits of the short films produced by Lars during the work in the Danish film Fund, he began to add to his name the aristocratic prefix «von». Justifying its nickname, the Director likes to point out the famous playwright Strindberg, who signed some of his documents only as «King» («Rex»). Noble titles used by Hollywood filmmakers Sternberg and Stroheim. So there was Lars von Trier.

    The official debut of a young Danish film Director in the film took place in the late 1970s. It was a short tape, which, however, remained unnoticed by the wider audience. But graduation short film drew the attention of critics. It was called «images of liberation» and won the main prize of the festival, held in Munich in 1984.

    The door to the «big» movie, Lars von Trier has opened a full-length film «Element of crime». This film received awards from three film festivals in Cannes, Chicago and Mannheim. It is noteworthy that in this project, von Trier acted not only as Director but as screenwriter, cameraman and even an actor.

    But the wide popularity of the Dane brought a picture of an «Epidemic» and «Europa». With the first feature film («the Element of crime»), these paintings were combined into a trilogy. All three projects were filmed in different styles and had the General plot, but the common thread through them was the theme of a scourge that swept Europe and is similar to the Apocalypse.

    If the trilogy made a name Director famous, popular Lars von Trier became after the mid-1990s series «the Kingdom», called «the European answer to the American «twin Peaks». Serial tape so loved by both sides of the Atlantic that von Trier was forced to release a 280-minute film version of the series.

    The next big success came to the Danish film Director with the release of the film «Breaking the waves». In the storyline, this drama tells of the sacrifice of women, who dooms itself to shame and exile for the love to the paralyzed man. In this film, the debut of a young actress Emily Watson. The film won the jury prize at the Cannes festival.

    The mid-1990s was marked by the fact that Lars von Trier and his compatriot Thomas Vinterberg wrote the loud Manifesto called «Dogma 95». The idea of the document – breaking fashion traditions of the new cinema, among which are rising sky high budgets of films, various special effects, replace or obscure meaning movie, and reliance on big-name «stars» with millions of fees.

    In the framework of manifest the Director made the film «Idiots» that caused a scandal. This film is about a group of young people who feign mental retardation for the purpose of overcoming social taboo. Special scandalous resonance caused a very natural scene of group sex. The film was shown at the Cannes film festival, but the awards he received.

    2000 was marked by Lars von Trier huge success. His painting «Dancer in the dark», where the main roles starred Catherine Deneuve and björk received the «Palme d’or» at the Cannes festival. While von Trier has again combined the three projects («Breaking the waves», «Idiots» and «Dancer in the dark») in the trilogy, calling it «heart of gold».

    In the early 2000s Dane started filming a new trilogy called «USA – land of opportunities». In the first film, «Dogville», starring Nicole Kidman. She was supposed to star in the second – «Manderlay», but Kidman refused, and it was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard. The third and final tape of the trilogy should have been released under the name «Washington,» but von Trier abandoned the work, having lost interest in her.

    Another high-profile project Director introduced in 2009. He got the name «Antichrist» was shown in Cannes. And again scandal. The creation of Lars von Trier was accused of sadism, very explicit sex scenes and anti-Christian symbolism. The film even received antinagradu for misogyny. But the shocking — favourite style of behavior of a Dane.

    Two of the last tape, directed by Danish Director shot during the last decade, also caused a huge resonance and ambiguous perception. However, the movie «Melancholia» with Kirsten dunst in the lead role in itself was not scandalous. But the corresponding «background» he made himself the Creator of the picture, saying at a press conference in Cannes about his German roots and attachment to the aesthetics of Nazism. Lars agreed to what is said about understanding and sympathizing with Adolf Hitler. The Board of Directors of the festival had declared von Trier persona non grata. But the film was shown and received high marks from film critics.

    But the second project, «Nymphomaniac», which premiered in 2013, has caused a lot of noise. It is filled with scenes of sexual acts neemalirovannuyu shot with professional porn actors.

    Personal life

    The first wife of a famous Dane was the Director of children’s films Cecilia Holbaek. Married with her in von Trier had two daughters – Agnes and Selma. The couple lived for 8 years and broke up in 1995.

    It is noteworthy that the personal life of Lars von Trier was adjusted immediately after the divorce from his first wife. You could even say, in the process of parting. For his second wife Bente Frege was a teacher of the eldest daughter of Lars. The marriage proposal she received when younger daughter of the Director was barely 3 weeks.

    In 1997, the couple gave birth to twins, boys Ludwig and Benjamin.


    • «The element of crime»
    • «Epidemic»
    • Europe
    • «The Kingdom»
    • «Breaking the waves»
    • «Idiots»
    • «Dancer in the dark»
    • «Dogville»
    • «Manderlay»
    • «Melancholia»
    • «Nymphomaniac»


    Lars von Trier

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