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  • Name: Larissa Luzhina ( Larisa Luzhina )
  • Date of birth: 4 March 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Larissa Luzhina: biography

    Larisa Luzhina – actress of theatre and cinema, which became famous after performing the role of Svetlana in the film «On seven winds». Despite its venerable age, she still continues to work.

    Larissa Luzhin was born March 4, 1939 in Leningrad. She had to go through the blockade, during which at the age of six died her older sister, father and grandmother died from wounds and hunger. Very tiny Larissa along with her mother moved to Kemerovo oblast, when the blockade is ended.

    Larisa Luzhina in his youth
    Larisa Luzhina in youth | Kinoautomat

    After the war, Larisa mother moved to Tallinn, where you had all the childhood girls. They lived with a relative in a very small room with an area of six square meters. The first few years, young Larisa had to sleep on the chairs – she was not a normal bed. Money mother never had, so the family lived very poorly.

    The local school was the drama club, the head of which was the actor of Russian drama, Ivan Rassomakhin – he has supported quality productions at the highest level. Larissa really liked this club, and she tried not to miss any classes. Some of the students delivered performances even showed on a professional theatrical stage.

    Larisa Luzhina in his youth
    Larissa Luzhina young | full Movie

    Through the efforts of hardworking teachers, the circle of interested many children in addition to Larissa Luzhin then become actors decided future celebrities: Vladimir Korenev, Igor Yasulovich, and Vitali Konyaev. They had some classes together. The students got really sick of theatre. With a neighbor’s party Vladimir Korenev Luzhin some time twisted high school romance, but the relationship didn’t last.


    Larissa Luzhina really wanted to become an actress and after school, I went to Leningrad. At the theatrical Institute there was a big competition, and she was unable to do, after which he was forced to return home. But soon she’ll be lucky and she will get her first role, albeit episodic.

    After returning to Tallinn Luzhin worked at the factory of pharmaceuticals, and after some time at the candy factory. The girl did not lose hope of becoming famous and decided to get in the House. Had a cute Larissa took the state, despite the small height — 167 cm

    Larisa Luzhina in his youth
    Larisa Luzhina in his youth

    She finally went under the spotlight – though not on stage and to the podium and without a word – and showed trendy outfits. One day on her beauty drew attention and was invited to the shooting of «Uninvited guests», where she played the small role of the singer.

    The shooting took place in Tallinn. They Larissa Luzhina befriended Lleida Laius, who was a student of Cinematography, and this film was her practical work. Thanks Lleida Luzhin eventually managed to enter the theater University. A friend showed a photo of Larissa Sergei Gerasimov (named after the school), who appointed the girl is the date of audition.

    Larisa Luzhina
    Larissa Luzhina | I think so

    Luzhin quickly gathered his things and went to Moscow. The girl managed so masterfully to read a monologue from the play «the bride» that Gerasimov without hesitation agreed to take its own course. In 1959, Larissa Luzhina has become a happy student of VGIK. In those days the school was called the «star workshop» wife Gerasimov and Makarova.


    Personal guidance of Sergei Gerasimov Luzhin started acting from the very beginning – especially because the experience she already had. In the movie «Man does not give up,» she played a major role — Any, after which there was work on the films «On seven winds» and «Man goes for the Sun.» During her participation in the film «On seven winds» Director Rostotsky I had to mess around with aspiring actress.

    Larisa Luzhin in the film
    Larisa Luzhin in the film «On seven winds» | PimPam

    First time inexperienced girl barely mastered the role of Svetlana, but thanks to the efforts of the Director and hard work as a result of its game recognized all over the country and beyond. The film was shown at the Cannes film festival, and in Sweden, Poland, and Karlovy vary. Colleagues of Larisa Luzhin in the film was Leonid Bykov, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Sophia Pilyavskaya.

    After the success of the picture Larissa Luzhina has become known throughout the country. She didn’t have a lot of fans and admirers. The first unsuccessfully tried to hit on a beautiful woman, and the second tried at all to go to it.

    Larisa Luzhina
    Larissa Luzhina | Today

    In 1964, the actress graduated from the Institute. She was sent the invitation to continue studying at the Moscow art theatre, but because of employment in film festivals, she had to reluctantly decline the invitation. After that, she’s worried about your choice.

    In the same 1964 Luzhin went to Germany, where she lived for two years until were shooting 4-part film «Dr. Clutter». The picture became popular, and the young Soviet actress was awarded with the national prize of the GDR.

    Larissa Luzhina and Vladimir Vysotsky
    Larissa Luzhina and Vladimir Vysotsky | tvnz

    In 1966, Larissa starred in the movie «Vertical». There she met Vladimir Vysotsky, which, according to Larissa, tried to care for her, but she didn’t reciprocate. Vladimir Semenovich has even dedicated a song to her «She was in Paris.»

    After this film Luzhin became even more inviting in the movie. The beginning of Perestroika, she managed to star in dozens of paintings, firmly securing the title of one of the most popular Soviet Actresses.

    Larisa Luzhin in the movie
    Larisa Luzhin in the movie «So the legend begins» | Phoenix

    In 1976 in the film «So begins the legend» about the life of Yuri Gagarin, she played his mother. The actress took the trouble to go to Gzhatsk, where she talked with the prototype of the heroine.

    After the beginning of Perestroika Larissa Luzhin less began to call to the cinema, temporarily closed the Theater Actor, where she worked. The actress borrowed some money and started to present their play «a Theatrical joke» throughout Russia.

    Larissa Luzhina now

    Now Larissa Luzhina and more work. It can be seen in small roles in many serials. She continues to play in the Theater actor, sometimes taking part in the entreprise.

    Larisa Luzhina
    Larissa Luzhina | Kinder

    In 2016, Larissa Luzhin was a participant of the TV program «Fashion verdict», together with the godfather actor Yury Chernov, where he revealed some details about the relationship with Vysotsky and how many years have kept the secret of the song he dedicated to her.

    Personal life

    Luzhin was married four times. The first marriage lasted seven years. Elect of the actress became Aleksei Chardynin, with whom she got engaged right after graduating from VGIK.

    The second time Larissa was married to Valery Shuvalov. The couple had a son, whom the father fulfilled the role of the mother – she’s almost immediately after birth, he returned to the profession.

    Larissa Luzhina husband
    Larissa Luzhina with Vladimir Gusakov | Telenedelya

    With her second husband Luzhin is also sold out quite quickly, leaving him for screenwriter Vladimir Gusakov. Ten years later, they divorced after infidelity.

    The fourth and last husband of actress was faster than her salvation from the loneliness. Administrator Vyacheslav Matveev after Perestroika, lost his job, and then Larisa divorced him.

    Larissa Luzhina and Aleksei Chardynin
    Larissa Luzhina and Aleksei Chardynin | Telenedelya

    Luzhin now lives alone, ex-male relationship is not supported. Her son Paul is married, he has children.


    The most striking films of Larisa Luzhin:

    • On seven winds (1962);
    • Dr. Clutter (1965);
    • The main witness (1969);
    • Riders (1972);
    • The sky with me (1974);
    • Thus began the legend (1976);
    • Duty (1977);
    • Detective (1979);
    • Secrets of Madame Wong (1986);
    • Juncker (2006).


    Larisa Luzhina in his youth

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