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  • Name: Malevanny Larisa ( Larisa Malevannaya )
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1939
  • Age: 78 years
  • Place of birth: village of Fyodorovka, Rostov oblast
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, theatre Director, writer, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Larissa daub : a biography

    When you hear the name of Larisa Daub, immediately comes to mind images of mom «Interdevochka» and the wife of the General from the movie «Encore, another encore!». This wonderful actress has played in more than fifty cinema roles. And they are all very «convex», vital and compelling. So can play only a talented, real artists.

    Few people know that Larissa daub became an actress not because of, but in spite of the many circumstances. She was born in January 1939 in a small village Fedorovka of the Rostov region. In a child, the future people’s artist of the RSFSR drank a lot of grief. Father soundly drunk, drinking even those small money that appeared in the house. Mom, a tired pull on his shoulders the whole family and deal with her husband’s disease, died at 43.

    For Larissa Daub in this drab and hard life there was one bright «window»: the cinema. She stared at the flickering screen, with a frozen heart, watching the life of the characters and imagining ourselves in their place. When she admitted she would like to become an artist, relatives and friends reacted in different ways: some with surprise, and some with a chuckle.

    But poverty and provincial origin was another obstacle to the goal. Larissa Daub, whose name, if translated from Ukrainian, hinted at «painted beauty», beauty was not considered. In any case, girlfriends, and even my own grandmother about it, she is constantly repeated. Larissa was offended because she thought so. But she was sure that movie needs all kinds of artists, and ugly including.

    But the skepticism of family and friends have worked: after school, Larissa daub recovered do not in theater, both dreamed of, and the teaching institution. Selecting the historical-philological faculty, she almost made it to graduation. But then it seemed something decidedly «clicked»: Drawing rejected previous indecision and left the Institute. She went to Leningrad and the first try arrived in the theater. At the time Larissa was 21 years.


    After graduating from the directing Department LGITMiK, Larissa daub received an offer to work in the Theater named komissarjevskaya. But she rejected this great offer and went to Krasnoyarsk, where she decided to go her husband Gennady Walkers. A young family with a small child has endured almost 4 years of wandering in the frozen Siberian city, huddling in a small Dorm. But patience is exhausted, and they returned to Leningrad.

    The city on the Neva met them hospitably. Gennady Oporkova was offered a position of chief Director in the Theater of the Lenin Komsomol. And Larissa daub received an offer from the George Tovstonogov. He called her to the troupe he led the Bolshoi drama theater. And again, the actress went after her husband.

    Some time passed, and Larisa Ivanovna all-taki has passed to the BDT. To refuse to re-offer Tovstonogov (and this, they say, unprecedented for George A.), she could not.

    In the BDT, the actress has served for 30 years. At this stage she has played many roles. Her colleagues turned out to be such major artists as Oleg Basilashvili, Oleg Borisov, Kirill Lavrov, Vladislav Strzhelchik, and many others. It was the best years in his artistic career Painted.

    In a Large Larissa daub came already a Mature actress. In her Luggage were played in Lenkom starring roles in productions of «the Passenger» and «With favourite do not leave» and several awards, including two awards of the WTO for the best work of the season.

    Georgy Tovstonogov immediately offered the actress a difficult Central role in the production of «Cottagers». The success of the play and the undoubted skill of the Drawing provided a permanent visible roles in all subsequent performances. She appeared in «the Quiet Don», «Optimistic tragedy», «Uncle Vanya» and many other well-known productions, which went on stage BDT for several seasons.

    In 1984 Larissa daub made his debut as a Director. She staged a play «Daughter», which was a long time on the stage of the Small stage BDT native.

    In 1988 Larisa Ivanovna proceeded to guide the municipal Theatre of Vasilievsky island and worked here until 1993.


    A cinematic biography of Larissa Daub started immediately after the end of high school theater. In 1966, the screens out the picture «Seeing the white nights» Julian Panich. But if here the young actress got a tiny role in the melodrama «the wedding day» Vadim Mikhailov daub played the main character. Her Nura Salova was so «real» and convincing, that he immediately drew her attention.

    70-80-ies was the star for the actress. Distinguishing, complex, multi-faceted images played Larisa daub in the films «let me rise!», «Beyond the clouds – sky», «beyond the horizon» and «the one». Her Vera in the movie «Late night rendezvous» and the Countess in the Adolescent may serve as a standard of excellence for current students of theater schools.

    But the projects that brought Larissa Daub real fame – a film of Peter Todorovsky. Intelligent teacher, Alla S., Tanya’s mother in «Interdevochka» and a tragic role cast the General’s «Encore, another Encore!» is a real «gold» in the work of the actress.

    Talented and impeccably played call critics and audiences of the role of Drew in the series «Black crow» and «Idiot». These films were released in the new century.

    Personal life

    The first husband of the actress, as mentioned above, was the Director Gennady Walkers. This marriage lasted as long as the husband of Larisa Daub missed the chair by the main Director of Theatre of a name of Lenin Komsomol. As later told Larissa, the marriage started to crumble due to the fact that man failed the test of power and flattery. Glavrezha immediately surrounded by young Actresses who needed a role. They flirted with the Director, and by all means sought his attention and roles in performances. And the Walkers could not resist. Larissa daub did not suffer and went to BDT.

    Married with Gennady by Operculum was born the only son of the actress. When he grew up, he decided to go his own, and not by a parent: it programmer

    Personal life Larisa Daub has changed after several years of divorce by Gennady Oporkova. In her life appeared a man to love. Unfortunately, his name is hard to find. With him, the actress and Director has lived for 20 years. But in recent years, says Larysa Ivanivna, the Union kept «on parole». It was difficult for her to decide to break the relationship that exhausted, but she did it.

    Now Larisa Ivanovna daub on the deserved rest. The main joy in her life – three grandchildren, donated by his son Alexander.


    • «Wedding day»
    • «Let me take off!»
    • «There, behind horizon»
    • «Late goodbye»
    • «The legend about tile»
    • «Interdevochka»
    • «Encore, another Encore!»
    • «Black crow»
    • «Idiot»


    Larissa Daub

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