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  • Name: Larisa Verbitskaya ( Larisa Verbitskaya )
  • Date of birth 30 November 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Feodosia
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: TV presenter, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married to Alexander domowym

    Larisa Verbitskaya: biography

    For many years Larisa Verbitskaya called one of the most stylish presenters of the Russian Federation. And this is not surprising, as he is actively interested in fashion, repeatedly taking part in television as a fashion expert and is currently the Vice-President of the League of professional image makers. Years of experience Larissa in matters of style, sports and self-care led to the fact that the lead was invited to a program designed to help women learn to care for themselves. In addition, a rare interview without questions about how Verbitskaya able to maintain himself in such amazing shape. Life of Larisa Verbitskaya is a great example of how you can become successful on TV, not sacrificing family and saving energy and effort on a hobby. In 2006, the TV presenter was awarded the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Larisa Verbitskaya was born 30 November 1959 in the Crimean city of Feodosiya. The girl’s father was in the military, so the family as directed by the management soon moved to Moldova, where Lara grew up and were educated. Young Verbitskaya studied in an English school. This unusual choice was due to the desire of parents to raise daughters future diplomat. In childhood and adolescence leading to do different sports. The interest in this kind of activity started with a mug of acrobatics, which Larisa and a friend enrolled in six years. She later visited section of swimming, gymnastics and the high jump. In the last sport Verbitskaya has achieved considerable success, being some time in the youth national team of Moldova.

    Despite the fact that parents were hoping their daughter will arrive in MGIMO, Larissa assess their chances more realistically. Verbitskaya knew English and wanted to study at the Institute of foreign languages, however, were afraid that will not pass the competition, and eventually filed papers in State pedagogical University named after ion Creanga faculty of Russian language and literature. Later, Larissa learned that in that year the competition for admission was very small, so bitterly regretted the missed chance. At that time she had no plans to work in television, but, as usual, everything was changed the case.

    Larisa Verbitskaya: TV

    Almost finished training at the University Verbitskaya learned from his friend about the competition speakers in Russian-speaking segment of the Moldovan television. The girl who loved to try new activities, decided to participate in the selection and unexpectedly passed. Thus began her career as a TV presenter on one of the Federal channels of Moldova. College girl finished, already working on TV, and subsequently, her diploma was not useful.

    Despite the fact that of all the contenders post gave Larissa, which leads recommended to work on the voice. And his diction was fine, but the power and flexibility of the voice had yet to develop. She had to work in multiple programs simultaneously, and always had its requirements regarding how to talk the leading. As said later in an interview with Larisa Verbitskaya, she was very lucky to fall into the hands of the experienced and skillful teacher, who was able to efficiently deliver the voice of the newcomer. A year later, the Verbitskaya admitted to doing news. Soon the leading made an unprecedented for the Soviet era trust: Brezhnev died and the girl was allowed to read an obituary about this political figure. Presenter coped with the task, and then on the TV she was being taken seriously.

    In 1985, Larisa Verbitskaya moved to Moscow, despite the fact that in Moldova in a young presenter was a serious career prospects. In the capital again had to pass a difficult competition to get a place in narration, a Department of the Central television of the USSR. But ambitious girl again brilliantly coped with the task.

    Two years worked as a leading speaker, after which she managed to break into the growing segment of the morning broadcast. There Verbitskaya and entrenched for many years. For more than twenty years, she leads the program «

  • Good morning» to «First channel», while remaining the only one of his colleagues, who conducts one program for so long. Later, the lead was invited to the program several different stylistic directions, starting from music and ending with «good night, kids». Already in 2002, Larisa Verbitskaya was invited to the shooting of the third season of popular reality show «Last hero». And although the presenter, who are accustomed to comfort, very afraid of this occupation, she accepted the offer. The woman later admitted that the show has gone in her favor, as she’s better know their capabilities and made new friends, in particular, became friends with Marina Alexandrova.

    The project organizers waited for the imminent departure of Larissa from the program. Psychologists of the programs that called every three days for the families of each participant, said she probably will be home soon. Gradually, however, confidence has varied surprisingly because fragile blonde showed great willpower and perseverance. Despite the hardships all the best, swollen feet, mice in the sleeping bag and other troubles, the presenter reached the final of the competition and went home just three days before the end of filming. What TV show came on «the First channel» in 2003.

    In 2007 he published a weekly broadcast of «Ice age,» which was broadcast on «the First channel». In the show Larissa had to remember many skills from sports to life to quickly and effectively master difficult stunts on the ice. These efforts were not in vain, and Larissa together with his partner Povilas Vanagas easily enough have reached the final of the project.

    Some time Larisa Verbitskaya participated in the program about fashion and style «Fashion verdict», which helped the participants to find their individuality by changing their wardrobe. Now in addition to the morning program wausa removed in advertising, conducts a variety of concerts and other celebrations, and organize workshops for their young colleagues.

    Larisa Verbitskaya: personal life

    About her first husband, the presenter does not like to remember even his name doesn’t say once again. Said that, at that period of life has long placed a large cross, as her husband was jealous of the work and at one point gave me an ultimatum. From the first marriage of Larissa left a son, Maxim, who is leading brought in a parent apartment. Since then, father and son rarely saw each other. Maxim Larissa helped educate parents and the TV presenter says that the grandfather-the military was for him the perfect example of a man and role model.

    With her second husband Verbitskaya met in the circus, where he led his son to the show.

  • Alexander Dudov immediately found a common language with Maxim, what won the heart of Larissa. The year continued the novel in the epistolary genre: TV presenter and the operator wrote the letters to each other, talking to «You», and then Verbitskaya gathered her things, took her son and moved to the beloved in Moscow. In 1990 the couple was born coveted the daughter who was named ina. About their children’s TV presenter speaks much and willingly. Maxim was trained to be a lawyer and is now very successful in this area. Previously fond of cinematography and photography, but in the end decided he wanted to pursue a less creative activity.

    Daughter Verbitskaya since childhood, a very creative person, despite the pain. At an early age, the girl had frequent health problems, for a long time the family lived, focusing on his problems and needs. Inna before beginning to paint, and later was fascinated by ballet. She is very kind to Pets, and his love of horses has literally infected mother. Not in one interview Larissa repeats that he was very happy to have such amazing and strong family. And here it is possible to believe in the word: not every couple is able in peace and harmony to live for many years, having celebrated a silver wedding.

    Larisa Verbitskaya: TV shows

    • Good morning
    • Alarm clock
    • Good night, kids
    • Ice age
    • The last hero 3: Staying alive
    • Fashion verdict

    Larisa Verbitskaya: photo

    Larisa Verbitskaya

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