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  • Name: Udovichenko Larisa ( Larisa Udovichenko )
  • Date of birth: 29 April 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Vienna
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Larisa Udovichenko: biography

    Larisa Udovichenko was born in April 1955 in Austria, in Vienna. There for some time he worked as a military doctor dad. In addition to Larissa in the family grew up eldest daughter Jana. Shortly after the birth of the youngest girls family Udovichenko moved to Ukraine, located in Odessa. Here Larisa Udovichenko went to school.

    Already in childhood she showed interest in acting and dreamed of becoming an artist. Apparently, it realized the unfulfilled dreams of the mother of the Muses Alekseevny. She studied to be an actress, but the Great Patriotic war interrupted his studies. After the war, the woman was married to a military doctor, and travelling all the time and not allowed to finish education.

    In addition to theatre of Larisa Udovichenko was seriously into gymnastics. But when she was in high school, love of theatre prevailed. This contributed to classes at the actors Studio in Odessa film Studio. Here able the girl was noticed by Director Alexander Pavlovsky, inviting the role of schoolgirl Ludmilochka in the movie «Happy Kukushkin». This film offers a biography of Larisa Udovichenko. Immediately for this role was followed by another.

    After a year the young artist went to Moscow and filed documents in all drama schools. Udovichenko was VGIK, where he studied on the course and Gerasimov Makarova.

    Larisa Udovichenko movies

    Filmography actress huge. Larisa Udovichenko has appeared in over 120 films and television series.

    His first major role, the image of a frivolous spoiled girls Gali, Udovichenko played in the film of their teachers Gerasimov and Makarova «mothers and Daughters». There are starred and teachers themselves. This magnificent film now enjoy watching as a sample of the classics of the national cinema.

    But people’s love for the actress came only after the release of the cult crime film by Stanislav Govorukhin «meeting Place can not be changed». Here Udovichenko played Manka-the Bond, demonstrating their ability to transform in distinguishing images. By the way, the phrase, how to write «bond» or «obligatia», was invented by Larissa and Govorukhin gladly approved and introduced into the picture. Udovichenko literally woke up famous.

    After a couple of years, the actress has received an offer to play the sister of the heroine in the film «Valentin and Valentina». This film is also rightly got the «Golden Fund of Russian cinema. Here Larisa Udovichenko appears in the unusual role of a woman with a dramatic fate. Same, with notes of drama, becomes her character Anna Versilov in a TV tape «Teenager» based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The most notable work of this period can be called a picture of «Success», where Lyudmila Ivanovna played artist saburovu. But starring Udovichenko appears infrequently. She is the Queen of the second plan.

    And yet most naturally, Udovichenko looks in the role of a comedic actress. Good examples are «the most charming and attractive», «Good sit» and «Hitchhiking». Images, balancing between Comedy and drama, Larissa played in the films «sons of Bitches», «Wandering star», «Woman for all» and «Tartuffe». But in the movies, where the scenario was supposed scenes of violence and cruelty, the actress refused to play. Another thing – as the charming avanturistic. We see Udovichenko in a Comedy «the Groom from Miami» and «Barkhans and its bodyguard».

    In 2010, the gift for the admirers of talent of the actress is out of the Comedy «Fur-Luda Baba». This is a picture of the life of the school, its teachers and students. Larisa Udovichenko here appears in the image fell in love with his student teacher. But the film is quite chaste. The tape can look quite and children, and the older generation, brought up on Soviet films.

    Recent years Larisa Ivanovna often appears in the popular TV series («Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation»). But the artist has a dream – to play under the guidance of Director Nikita Mikhalkov in a good movie about love.

    Larisa Udovichenko: personal life

    First husband of the actress was directed by Andrei Eshpai. But the couple lived together for very long.

    Personal life Larisa Udovichenko and her family’s favorite daughter, Maria. Masha – the daughter Udovichenko and entrepreneur Gennady Bulgarian, second husband of Larisa. First, the Bulgarian was a pianist, but later received a second degree, quit music and went into business. Together the couple lived for 20 years. His only daughter, Mary, Larissa gave birth in 32 years. Marriage and Bulgarini collapsed.

    Larisa Udovichenko: filmography

    • Red and black
    • And it’s all about him
    • In my death I ask blame Klava K.
    • Winter cherry
    • Valentin and Valentina
    • The most charming and attractive
    • Mary Poppins, goodbye
    • Shot in the back
    • To love in Russian
    • Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation

    Larisa Udovichenko: photo

    Larisa Udovichenko

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