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  • Name: Larisa Rubalskaya ( Larisa Rubalskaya )
  • Date of birth: 24 September 1945.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: poet, writer, translator
  • Marital status: widow

    Larissa Rubalskaya: biography

    She jokingly calls himself a man of late maturity», because later she married, later became a poetess. But the late start did not prevent her successful career and personal life.

    Larisa Rubalskaya – Muscovite. She was born September 24, 1945. Her childhood fell on the difficult postwar years. The father of Larissa worked as a teacher in school, mom was in charge of the hozchast in the same school. It was a hard time, so parents Larissa was not until the education had to work to feed the family. They remain wonderful people.

    The father of Larissa was born in Zhytomyr region, fought. When, after the victory returned home, learned from the villagers, parents, two sisters and relatives shot by the Nazis. To remain in his native village, he could not – went to Moscow. In the capital he met his future wife, the mother of the poet. Its also not spared grief – the guy she loved died in the first year of the war. Parents of the poet is no longer alive — father died when he was 59 years old, mother in 2007.

    Larisa Rubalskaya did not like lessons at school — they seemed boring. The girl wanted to play in the fresh air, to breathe, to laugh. Feature after school she was given the appropriate: mental abilities are average, engaged in regularly, to go to College is not recommended. However, with a note that Larissa is a good friend, and an active participant in the initiative.

    The girl got a job as a typist at the Institute of Literature and will soon have a new feature stating that she’s not late, and prints without error.

    The next step was training in the pedagogical Institute at the faculty of Russian Philology. After graduation Larissa Rubalskaya got to school, but stayed there for two weeks. The reason for the dismissal was the lesson in the 5th grade, when Larissa Alekseevna has told his disciples that in a fairy tale «Morozko» only sees a single positive hero — the dog that barked the truth.

    The poet jokes that her employment history is reminiscent of the trilogy – she worked as a librarian, proofreader, teacher. In 1973 Rubalskaya enrolled in Japanese language courses and successfully completed them. She has long worked as a translator, while the verses are not ousted the Japanese from her life.


    Larisa Alekseevna became a songwriter after forty years. Her first gift was considered a man, he also gave the start of her career, when shown the verses to composer Vladimir Miguli. And soon Valentina Tolkunova sang the song «Memories», a poem composed by Larisa Rubalskaya, and music – Vladimir Migulya. From that moment began the career of songwriter Rubalskaya. Her songs sound in each «Song of the year».

    In the 90 years, L. A. was at the peak of popularity. She wrote «my Daughter» and «Live in peace, the country» for Alla Pugacheva, the «Real» and «Transit passengers» for Irina Allegrova, «Vain words» Alexander Malinin, «a Strange woman» Michael Muromova, «I am Guilty, guilty» for Philip Kirkorov.

    Larisa Rubalskaya is the author of over 600 poems from which came hits and most beloved songs. She is often invited to the jury contest. The poet likes to give concerts, and publishes collections of his poetic lyrics.

    Personal life

    Larissa A. said that men, it does not cling because there is no innate sexuality. And she fell in love quickly, when he saw the tall blond who knows how to play the guitar. Blondes were many, but they all left her.

    Closer to thirty friend introduced Larissa Rubalskaya with a friend of a friend. The poet admits that the first man she didn’t like it, but she agreed to meet him again. And six months later they got married and lived happily together for 33 years.

    Husband of Larisa Rubalskaya David Rosenblatt – a dentist by training. He was a loving husband, friend, sustainer, supporter and part-time producer. In may 2009, David I. did not – after a stroke he endured a long illness, at one time was paralyzed. Children the couple never had. Larissa A. said that they had been with David is similar, with the same values and priorities, so, probably, and lived happily ever after.

    She always has a lot of people. The poet believes that have them to yourself that is able to listen and sympathize. She calls herself a normal person without showing off.

    Rubalskaya loves to cook and eat. On the figure the writer is not concerned. She is that rare woman who openly talks about their advantages and disadvantages.


    • «His Majesty Salad»
    • «This card fell I»
    • «Turn the clock back»
    • «Everything was as expected»
    • «Vain words»
    • «I’m sorry Ivanov»
    • «Recipes for an encore»
    • «Who teaches the birds find their way?»
    • «Ring hot hands»
    • «The night is shattered»


    Larissa Rubalskaya

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