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  • Name: Mondrus Larisa ( Larisa Mondrus )
  • Date of birth: 15 November 1943.
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Zhambyl, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: singer, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Larisa Mondrus: biography

    Larisa Mondrus – star of Soviet music of the late 60’s — early 70-ies. Many remember the popular song «Blue flax» in her performance. The first success of the singer was that at a young age, she appeared in the famous Riga dance band.

    The singer’s birthday on 15 November 1943, place of birth — Latvia. Upon graduation from high school in 1962, participates in the competition, wins it and starts work in the orchestra. Talented singer was immediately noticed by the audience. Two years later, she went to Moscow. Since moving to the capital comes a new creative period in her biography.

    Larisa Mondrus young
    Larisa Mondrus young | Larisa Mondrus young

    The singer invited in the famous orchestra Lundstrem and Rosner. Mondrus prefers Eddie Gnatovych, who led one of the most famous collectives in the Union. The new work was for the artist bridge, which integrates it in the capital Wednesday.

    The Riga stage of the time was oriented to the West, on infogateway music. In Moscow against the liberties didn’t mind. Believed that bourgeois remnants that take place in the Baltic countries, the lack of their music over time, become obsolete.

    The Repertoire Of Larisa Mondrus

    The creative motto of the Latvian artist was formulated simply: «no, Soviet!». This was the cause of her latent confrontation with the authorities. «Is it me» was her first hit. The song was intended for the film, but were played by already popular then Maya Kristalinskaya — she chose the Director.

    The popularity of the Union scale Larissa Mondrus was due to appearances on Central TV. For the «new» Blue light» in 1964, the singer won the affection of the public, having conquered her «Moonlight,» Eddie Rosner. It was invited to other TV shows. In the following «Blue light» performed by Muslim Magomayev.

    Their first joint music video was «the Conversation of birds». Beautiful duet with the «Declaration of love», which on our TV screens have not been, have made an incredible splash. Popular singer was not because of power, but in spite of. In Rosconcert claimed that Mondrus applications no, but she was often invited to the concerts in the countries of the socialist Commonwealth.

    She sang about feelings of ordinary people, her songs were very popular with listeners. Officials from the Ministry of culture urged to use the repertoire of «civil theme», dilute it with songs of Patriotic content. Sometimes she would compromise. From her civilian position depended not only the fate of the singer, but also men.

    There have been cases when without any reason, or under the ridiculous pretext, she was suspended from the recital. Was once accused that the singer came to sing in a mini-dress. The next time she was expelled from the anniversary program of the Maxi with long sleeves that someone from the leadership seemed similar to the «rags».

    Mondrus was aware of the love of the people, but however, she resisted the aesthetics, it popularitybut on the Soviet stage. And this resistance to her continued to grow. The story that happened at the arts Council, when it hacked the disc giant, was the last straw. One of the composers did not like the «pessimism» of the songs.

    This case and the subsequent forced him to make a decision that radically changed the fate. After the change of leadership of the state Committee for radio and television in 1971, when the leader becomes Sergei Lapin, her and Vadim Mulerman deprived of outlets to broadcast TV. Song «good luck», «snowflake», «Ran through the city deer» and others continue to sound and to please her fans.

    Travel to Germany

    Larissa Mondrus and her husband decide to travel abroad. In March 1973, without noise and without delay leave the USSR. In front of them, and other musicians who have been abroad, raises the question of employment in this field.

    A talented singer could start from scratch and achieve what the Soviet Union could not and think. They settled in the suburbs of Munich – grünwald.

    Larisa Mondrus
    Larisa Mondrus | Muzyka

    Larisa starts to appear on TV in the show of Ivan Rebrov, concludes a contract with Polydor Records. In 1974, the album «Die Herzen singen» in German.

    In Germany, the singer has released ten albums-giants.» Mondrus sings in five different languages. By 1977, she has gained incredible popularity in Europe. Her name along with the names of Demis Roussos, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and other celebrities entered in the directory of popular performers.

    Personal life

    Larisa was married to composer Egils Schwartz. People met the same fate abroad. Together they have more than forty years, is a constant example of love and affection to each other. In 1982, he was born beloved child.

    Larissa Mondrus and Egil Schwarz
    Wedding Larissa Mondrus and agile Schwartz | Megalyrics

    After that, the singer left the stage, became the owner of the store and sells shoes. The son of Lorena were the makings of a musician, but he chose science. The head of the Department at the faculty of Informatics at the University of Munich. He has a wife Claudia and two children.

    Interesting facts about Larissa Mondrus:

    • The first performer of the songs of Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls, among them «Million scarlet roses» (1970), which later were sung by Aija Kukule and Alla Pugacheva.
    Larisa Mondrus
    Larisa Mondrus in the movie «to Save himself. Larisa Mondrus» | Movie-Theater
    • Russia for the first time after the departure with her husband visited in 2001.
    • In 2005, spoke at the Jurmala festival «New wave».
    • About the singer is the film «to Save himself. Larisa Mondrus».

    The network has in different photos, which Larisa Mondrus in his youth and now.


    Larisa Mondrus

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