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  • Name: Larisa Latynina ( Larisa Latynina )
  • Date of birth: 27 December 1934.
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Kherson, Ukraine
  • Height: 161
  • Activities: gymnastics, 9-time Olympic champion, Honored master of sports
  • Marital status: married

    Larisa Latynina biography

    Larisa Semyonovna Latynina, a Soviet and Ukrainian gymnast, the most decorated athlete in the world until 2012, has won numerous sporting titles and awards.

    Early childhood Larisa Latynina, who was born in Kherson, on the eve of war, can not be called cloudless. The girl’s mother was a simple village woman, uneducated, but maccauley of a better fate for his daughter. Father abandoned his wife and child, when Lori was not yet a year old, so Larissa’s father did not know.

    Larisa Latynina in childhood
    Larisa Latynina in childhood

    Mother Pelageya Anisimovna was hoping that her husband would have to return, wrote him letters. Before the war she received a reply. The man wrote that he is very sorry about his actions and wants to see the daughter sent a picture of her. Perhaps it would be, but the war intervened. Simon A. of Dire died in the battle of Stalingrad, and not acquainted with my daughter. His name is engraved among the thousands of other names on the monument in Volgograd.

    Having survived the years of occupation until victory, mother and daughter struggled to make ends meet. Pelageya Anisimovna worked tirelessly, trying to give her daughter everything necessary to its Larocka was not worse than other children. My mother worked two jobs (was a cleaner and Stoker), and Larissa went to school and tried to learn from the best of all to justify my mother’s expectations.

    Larisa Latynina in his youth
    Larisa Latynina in his youth

    From early childhood the girl was a noticeable strong-willed character, a kind of steel stud which made her to be the best in games and learning, and Hobbies. The latter is not prevented Lori to finish school with a gold medal, and this is merit and determined girl who wanted to be first in everything, and his mother, who was holding daughter in tight rein.

    First fascination with the future champion was the ballet. The city opened a paid Studio, where he taught Nikolai Stesso. The girl dreamed of becoming a ballerina, and mother could not refuse her, although fees for classes and was 50 rubles, almost half the salary. Larisa has made some progress, dreaming of becoming the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre, but at the same time in her life there was another passion – gymnastics.

    Larisa Latynina in his youth
    Larisa Latynina in youth | Seven days

    The girl who used to be the first, was not easy: it was praised by both teacher and choreographer Stesso, and the first coach Mikhail Sotnichenko. Besides, it was necessary to make every effort to be at school. Larissa felt attraction to both arts, and teachers were pulling her in different directions. Decided life: choreography Studio had closed, classes stopped, and she chose the sport.

    All the basics of ballet gave a lot of young gymnasts: plastic, expressiveness and the ability to improvise, by investing in a beautiful movement and exercising the soul. Larisa quickly ahead of her friends in the gymnastics section, although they were older and more experienced. The coach was afraid that she was «conceited», and tried to put the girl in place, giving him impossible assignments. Mikhail Sotnichenko taught Laura that she must be the first not only in training and competitions, but in everyday life, always ready to help, to do something on a par with others.


    In the ninth grade Larissa of Deri passed the standard for the first category, and in 1953 graduated from high school with a gold medal. We can not say that the sports biography of the gymnasts from the very beginning was impeccable. In the life of a champion happened not only victory, but an unfortunate failure. So, at the all-Union championship of 1950 in Kazan, she was unsuccessful and cried alone for a few hours.

    Defeat only inspired by the strong-willed girl to feat. It was two times more to train and soon became not only the first master of sports in the city, but also took fourth place at the Kharkov championship in gymnastics among adult athletes.

    Larisa Latynina in his youth
    Larisa Latynina in youth | Kronverksky leopards

    In 1954, Laryssa Diri moved to Kiev and entered the Polytechnic Institute and began to study under the leadership of Alexander Mishakov. The girl was trying to have it all: attend classes and lectures, trained and prepared for the competition and sessions, passed tests and went to international tournaments.

    Long so could not continue to combine sport with studies became difficult. Larissa offered an individual schedule of classes and tests, but she refused and he transferred in his second year at the Institute of physical education.

    A series of victories

    At the xiii world Championships in Rome in 1954, Larisa Latynina in the USSR team became the champion, earning his first gold medal for floor exercise. Admired by international critics and gymnasts, but it was only the beginning of a brilliant sports career, and major medals, Latynina was yet to come.

    Larisa Latynina at the Olympic games
    Larisa Latynina at the Olympic games | the news website of Kuzbass

    Larisa Latynina became the absolute champion of the Olympic games twice, in 1956 and 1960. The championship team medal was won in 1956, 1960 and 1964. She received four bronze medals for floor exercise, vault, exercises on the uneven bars and balance beam. Silver Latynina brought exercises on uneven bars (twice), balance beam, vault and all-around, but the most vivid performances were held in the framework of free exercise: here is a Ukrainian gymnast for many years had no equal.

    Twice Laura became the absolute world champion (1958 and 1962), also on account of its titles champion of Europe, USSR, absolute champion of Europe and the Soviet Union.

    Larisa Latynina
    Larisa Latynina | April

    In 1963, in Tokyo, Latynina last acted as captain of the Soviet gymnastic team, but a few years later participated in the international competition, gradually receding into the background. So Laura taught young gymnasts will to win, gradually giving them invaluable experience. It is not surprising that Larisa Latynina became the coach of the USSR was for a full ten years.


    Ten years of his life, from 1966 to 1976, Larisa Latynina gave coaching. Largely through her leadership, the women’s national team of the USSR was able to win gold medals at the Olympic games 1968, 1972 and 1976. She raised outstanding gymnasts, among them are such bright stars as Lyudmila Turischeva, Olga Karasev, Larisa Petrik, Lyubov Burda, Tamara Lazakovich, Nellie Kim, Antonina Koshel and others.

    Larisa Latynina
    Larisa Latynina | R-Sport

    The record of Larisa Latynina in the number of gold medals and titles lasted half a century, recently was able to beat American athlete Michael Phelps. He beat the legendary champion for only one reward: on account of 19 American Olympic gold medals.

    Personal life

    At the beginning of career personal life Larisa Latynina went well. First marriage and life with her husband Ivan Latynin not very happy, but the grief this marriage athlete to no avail. During joint photo of the couple look happy, continuing to make friends and communicate today.

    Larisa Latynina with her first husband, Ivan
    Larisa Latynina with her first husband, Ivan | Russia today

    Future spouses met during training, Laura studied at the Polytechnic Institute, Leningrad Ivan – the merchant Navy. Marriage contributed a lot mother of Larissa, which he immediately liked. In 1958, Laura and Ivan’s daughter, Tatiana. By the way, Larissa has performed at the world Cup, being five months pregnant and nobody knew. Marriage when a woman, living with her husband, realized that they were absolutely strangers. In breaks between competitions and training is somehow not noticed. They parted quietly, without scandals.

    Larisa Latynina with her daughter
    Larisa Latynina with her daughter | VTB

    Family for Larissa was always in second place after sport, but she was bringing up her daughter enthusiastically. Tatiana did not go in her mother’s footsteps, choosing dances. For a long time she danced in the legendary ensemble «birch» went on tour abroad, where she met her future husband, Rostislav. In those days it was a real scandal: the daughter of a Soviet champion marries a foreigner!

    But times change, Tatiana long happy with her husband and grandmother Larissa already nursed two grandchildren, and got great-grandchildren. Today Tanya and Rostislav live in Moscow, Rostislav business there is a chain of restaurants.

    Larisa Latynina with her daughter and husband
    Larisa Latynina with her daughter and husband | Russia today

    Men Larisa Latynina is a separate page of her life, but one episode she prefers to forget. This «episode» second man gymnasts, whose name she did not mention in the memoirs or in an interview. We only know that this man she left Ivan Latynina and gave him the best years of his life. From 36 to 46 years old Larisa Semyonovna lived with this person, deceived by the illusion of love and receiving instead only sorrow and suffering.

    The same mystery surrounds another Chapter of her life. In addition to his daughter Larisa was another son Andrew, whom she loved very much. The son died. This black band champion managed to survive, but the mountain remained forever in her memory, heart, soul. The reason for the death of his son Latynina not called in the press, and his mother prefers to skip the details.

    Larisa Latynina and Yuri Feldman
    Larisa Latynina and Yuri Feldman | the Contemporary Museum of sport

    To recover from the loss of Larisa Semyonovna helped with the man, her third husband, with whom they together since 1985. Yuri Feldman met his future wife at the recreation center. The love story of these two wonderful people deserves special attention. Started with the usual small talk, a chance meeting turned into a romance and culminated in marriage.

    Larisa Latynina and Yuri Feldman
    Larisa Latynina and Yuri Feldman | Biographical centre

    Today the couple live in their own house, Larisa Semenovna enjoys agriculture, gardening, breeding livestock and poultry, finding happiness in simple family pleasures, which she lacked in her tight athletic youth.


    Larisa Latynina

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