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  • Name: Larisa Golubkina ( Larisa Golubkina )
  • Date of birth: 9 March 1940
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress, singer, TV presenter, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Larisa Golubkina: biography

    Larisa Golubkina — Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, singer, people’s artist of the RSFSR. Most of all she is known for her roles in the Comedy «hussar ballad» children’s film «the Tale of Tsar Saltan» and the epic «Liberation».

    Larisa was born in Moscow a year before the outbreak of war. Her father, Ivan Pavlovich was a soldier, who later passed all the Great Patriotic war, and my mother, Klavdia Mikhailovna worked scrollsize. However, the man helped the mother Larissa, after she gave birth to a daughter, not to come back, and to do housework and upbringing of the child.

    The girl along with secondary school went to a vocal coach, studied music. So after the 8th grade, she entered the Moscow musical pedagogical College. But as the father Golubkina was against the profession of the artist, the girl has long concealed from him their choice.

    Ivan Pavlovich to the actors and singers were so strictly biased opinion that when Larissa on the beach came a woman who works in theater, he shouted that she dared to speak with his daughter, as artists are lower in position than the girl who grew up in a military family.

    The father insisted that Larissa thought better of it and after College he entered the biology Department of the University. She actually looked a little like preparatory courses, but to continue training was at the faculty of musical Comedy of GITIS. The first theater Golubkina became the Central academic theatre of the Soviet army, where I waited for her brilliant role in the play «Soldiers and Eva».

    In addition to participating in theatrical productions and in films, Larisa Golubkina was the presenter of television programs «Morning mail», «Artlite» and she participated in the program «exactly Exactly» in 2015. She also successfully performed Russian songs in the musical project «Singing stars of theatre and cinema» and even recorded a musical CD with his vocals.


    After Larisa Golubkina played in a student production of «long Ago», directed by Eldar Ryazanov decided to film this production, and invited the young actress in his film. His choice was not accidental – a few dozen more experienced artists are not managed with the same ease to transform from men into women and Vice versa.

    And Golubkina has managed to adapt to the male gait, learn to ride a horse and wear a military uniform. Comedy «hussar ballad» became incredibly popular with audiences across the country. Larissa woke up famous, but most importantly, we related to her profession was replaced by the father, who said he is proud of his daughter.

    A rather memorable role was given to actress in the future. It is worth noting adventure Comedy «Give the book of complaints», the film adaptation of Pushkin’s «Tale of Tsar Saltan» and military drama «what is your name now?..».

    Unusual happened «benefit of Larisa Golubkina», which was edited based on the play by Bernard Shaw «Pygmalion». Only the Director added a few new musical numbers, therefore Larisa did a lot of singing and dancing, mostly in the burlesque style.

    Another popular project involving Golubkina was the TV series «Liberation» that lasted for five films about the Great Patriotic war. The film was shot and exhibited in over 4 years and during this time interest in painting faded, and nurse Zoya, which was performed by Larisa Golubkina, became a symbol of military field romance.

    The actress remained in demand until the mid 80-ies, and then focused on theater and television activities. Only in the 21st century it again began to appear in the movie. The woman starred in the detective «painting adventure» and social film «Golden mountains», and was also involved in the episodes of the melodrama «the Perfect couple» and «Mamuka».

    Personal life

    In 1969, Larissa began to live actual married to the writer Nikolai Scherbinsky-Arsenyev. Four years later they had a daughter Maria Golubkina. She also became an actress and later married a musician Nikolay Fomenko and gave his mother two grandchildren.

    But soon after the birth of her daughter Larissa away from the husband, and in 1977 married officially. Her new husband was the legendary Soviet actor Andrei Mironov. They met much earlier, but then Andrew was still married to Catherine of Hail.

    Golubkina and Mironov have lived together for fourteen years, until the death of Andrei Aleksandrovich in 1987. After that, the actress never married again. Moreover, in their apartment since she refuses to change anything and all saves, which was during the life of her beloved husband.


    • 1962 — Gusarskaya Ballada
    • 1965 — what is your name now?
    • 1964 — Give me a complaints book
    • 1966 — the Tale of Tsar Saltan
    • 1968-1971 — Release
    • 1979 — Three men in a boat, not counting the dog
    • 2001 — Mamuka
    • 2001 — the Perfect couple
    • 2007 — painting adventure
    • 2011 — mountains of Gold


    • 1980 — Sings Larisa Golubkina
    • 1984 — Song Of St. Basner on lyrics by M. Matusovsky
    • 1999 — Sing stars of theatre and cinema


    Larisa Golubkina

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