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  • Name: Larisa Dolina ( Larisa Dolina )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Baku
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: Singer, actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Larisa Dolina: biography

    Larisa Dolina was born on 10 September 1955 in Baku under the name Kugelman. Her father Alexander Markovich worked as a Builder, mother-Galina Israelevna — typist. When my daughter was three years old, the family moved to Odessa, where parents were born. In Odessa, they were about three years lived in a cramped communal apartment, often Recalling the luxury of the Baku house.

    6 years Larissa was sent to a music school for cello. Since then, she always dreamed of becoming a singer, then working as a translator. Parents encouraged daughters craving for music, but also took her General education. She attended courses of foreign languages, loved English.

    The artist decided on the future at the age of 12, when I first came on the scene in summer camp. Valley sang with vocal-instrumental ensemble «Magellans», and the performance was a success. First she was asked to dance with the team, and then with another ensemble, while still a schoolgirl, she began to sing in restaurants. In 9th grade, through a series of auditions, Larisa Dolina took the ensemble of the «Wave». The girl even had to finish high school as an external student to have the opportunity to be creative.


    In 1973 Larisa Dolina parted with the band and works at the restaurant at the hotel «Black sea». It becomes very popular in Odessa and beyond. Celebrities who come to town, definitely go to the restaurant to listen to the Valley. After some time, it is an offer to sing at Yerevan vocal-instrumental ensemble «Armina». Parents are against it, but the singer decided to leave.

    Four years spent in Armenia was complicated. The girl saw life in all its diversity, had to endure periods of lack of money, are faced with situations, when to wait for help just nowhere. But the reward for the difficulty was the invitation to «the State variety orchestra of Armenia» under the direction of Constantine Orbelian.

    Only then will «the State variety ensemble of Azerbaijan», the orchestra «Contemporary» under the direction of A. Kroll. Singer Larisa Dolina in the program «anthology of jazz vocals», prepared by the Kroll took in the cities sold out. With the orchestra she travels around the Soviet republics, gaining greater popularity.

    In 1979 Larisa Dolina takes part in the Tallinn song contest and gets a special prize. In 1981 going to a festival in Czechoslovakia to win first place there.

    In 1982, the Larisa Dolina has entrusted the performance of the song «Three white horse» in the movie «Magicians». In 1983, the Kino will not be denied, and the Valley appears as an actress and singer in the film «We are from jazz» Shakhnazarov.

    The energetic singer has time to study in parallel at the pop Department of the Moscow musical College named after Gnesins. Unfortunately, the order of the Minister of culture to leave Moscow all the artists without a residence permit forcing her to move to St. Petersburg, leaving education.

    Since 1985 the self-activity of the singer. She comes from a jazz side of pop songs, on their own raises, which travels the country. The program «long jump» should show «Contrasts». In 1989, Russian TV broadcast the concert program «icicle». In 1990, she presents the viewer has a new project «young woman», demonstrating the boundless creativity and hard work.

    In 1992, she celebrates 20 years on stage. In 1993, she becomes «the Honored artist of Russia».

    Huge success awaits the singer in the mid-90s. In 1996 she performed in the concert hall. The song «Weather in the house» becomes a crown room show.

    Think the Valley can do anything: in 1997 in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory together with the State academic Symphony orchestra of Russia under Yevgeny Svetlanov she performs the most iconic hits of the outgoing 20th century.

    In 2002, Larisa Dolina decides to return to his favorite direction in music — jazz. Today its jazz concerts are real events in the art world.

    Her talent is enough for all and in all. Larisa Dolina is taking part in the show, the judges and as contestants. So in the show «the national actor» it helped to be new names in show business. In 2013, the singer becomes the winner of the show «Universal artist».

    Personal life

    Larisa Dolina got married three times. First husband in 1983, became a colleague of the singer, the second conductor of the orchestra «Contemporary» Anatoly Monchinski. In marriage a daughter, angelina, but the couple broke up. The reason Larisa Dolina sees and passion of the former husband to alcohol and misunderstanding each other. More successful at the time Valley couldn’t get over her jealousy of her husband, but, according to her, a Frank envy to endure has failed.

    With guitarist Victor Midazolam Larisa Dolina, bitter experience, has long lived in a civil marriage.

    But with her third husband, bass-guitarist Ilya by Spitsyna, she got married in the registry office. Ilya Spitsyn at the time of their acquaintance was married, he grew up a little boy. In addition, the difference in the age of 20, didn’t allow the Valley to take seriously the advances of a musician. However, Spitsyn has made the hand and heart of the singer. They’re married still.

    In 2011, Larisa Dolina became a grandmother. Angelina gave birth to daughter Alexandra. Despite the title «grandmother», the singer looks great. She says that the feeling of «happiness» will always make a woman beautiful. It’s the secret of youth. Besides, the singer is always busy, she travels a lot and loves Hiking in the mountains.


    • «Long jump»
    • «Kryzhynka»
    • «Goodbye…no…goodbye»
    • «Weather in the house»
    • «Singer and musician»
    • «The new year»
    • «Carnival of Jazz 1»
    • The «island of love»
    • «The thaw»
    • «Route 55»


    Larisa Dolina

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