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  • Name: Larisa Chernikova ( Shepeleva Larisa )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Kursk
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Larisa Chernikova: biography

    Larisa Chernikova — Russian singer who was very popular in 90-ies. Its most well-known hits are «Lone wolf», «I love you Bob», «Secret», «don’t laugh» and many others.

    Larisa was born in Kursk. As her father left his wife when his daughter was a year old, the education of the girls doing the single mother Tatiana Shepeleva, which at that time was a concert classical pianist. But when Laurie was 6 years old, her mother was offered a post at the Ministry of culture, and the family moved to Moscow.

    Growing up in an atmosphere of classical music, the girl, and she wanted to get into the world of art. She graduated from music school, piano class and went to continue his education in the famous College named after the Gnesins. Classic but then she began to get bored. In 1992 Larisa is transferred to the cultural Institute, which, incidentally, graduated with honors, and is also included in the Ensemble of folk songs Nadezhda Babkina. With this famous singer girl spent more than six years, and then began a solo career.


    The first song Larisa Chernikova was «rain Music» which she first sang at the stadium «Luzhniki» in the framework of the festival of pop music. Then there was the song «You fly, my star…», and soon comes the first full length album «Lone wolf». In General the album was received well, but the second disc was much more successful.

    The album «give me the night» was released in 1996 and immediately broke into the charts, and the title song and «don’t laugh» became hits. More fame brings the singer’s new hits «Mystery», «First desire» and «Love the plane», also called «I love you, Dima…».

    A big hit was a cover version of the song «Why» by Swedish singer Pandora, which Larissa has performed on the Russian language under the name «Who?!..». The new album «sun city» contained such trendy songs like «I Shura — child of tender» and «Rose colored glasses». Then came the new album «I’ll become the rain…» and «love is not a Ty», which differed from the earlier albums dance their romantic orientation.

    Last Studio full-length disc Larisa Chernikova was the 2008 album «angel», which came out after the break. But then again, the singer disappeared from the horizon of the Russian platform, and only in 2016, announced his desire to return to creativity.

    Personal life

    Even in the third year of the Institute of Larissa married businessman Andrey Chernikov, took his name and just under it received national recognition. Husband strongly supported musical endeavors Larissa: leased her Studio recording, assisted in selection of material. But in April 1996, Andrew was killed. Chernikov was dedicated to the deceased husband of the sad song, «Who?» and the second album «give me the night.»

    A few years later she through the service of virtual acquaintances met with American businessman James. That she’s a famous singer, Chernikov told her new husband of only a year after the wedding. After moving to America, Larissa gave birth to a son Cyril in 2005, but family life is cracking James was addicted to alcohol.

    Going through the divorce process, the woman did not return to Russia, as he met a new lover. It appeared to be an American farmer Richard, who took the singer down the aisle for the third time. But this marriage was short – lived- Richard confessed to multiple infidelities, and his wife did not forgive him.

    The last 4 years Larisa Chernikova on their own farm, learned to care for cows and other farm animals, lived by selling genuine products of own production. But as admitted the 41-year-old singer was in the program Andrei Malakhov’s «Tonight», and she wants to have a second child, so willing to consider the option of sperm donor. But they should be the only representative of the Slavic nationality.

    It should also be noted that the network often exaggerated the rumour that Larisa Chernikova went into a coma and then died. But the fact that this tragedy occurred with the full namesake of the singer – lover of actor Alexander Domogarova.


    • 1995 — the Lone wolf
    • 1996 — give me the night
    • 1997 — the Mystery
    • 1999 — sun city
    • 2003 — I’m the rain
    • 2004 — love no Ty
    • 2008 — angel


    Larisa Chernikova

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