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  • Name: Lara Katsova ( Lara Katsova )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1968.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Lara Katsova : biography

    Star Lara Kozovoy-free cook from Odessa, has ascended in 2014.

    Lara – indigenous inhabitant of Odessa. She presumably was born 17 may 1968 (the exact data are difficult to find). The story of the birth of this bright woman is as unusual as she is. Despite the fact that Katsova was born in Odessa, in the metric she has written Chelyabinsk. The fact that immediately after the birth of the youngest daughter of Abram Katsev, test pilot and the inhabitant of Odessa, was sent to test a new plane to Chelyabinsk. When he learned that he had just had a baby, advised me to cheat a little and record that Lara was born in this Northern city. Thus, the family was able to obtain housing in Chelyabinsk.

    5-day Lara Kazova immediately sent aircraft from the «pearl of the sea» to «most harsh» city.

    There she graduated from high school with biological and chemical bias and have received higher education. Though not what she wanted. Lara Katsova planned to become a doctor. The basis of this dream was the desire to cure his beloved grandmother Esther Markovna, which was rapidly losing vision. But at the Chelyabinsk medical Institute Kazova not accepted. But taken in the Polytechnic, where she chose a degree in «Chemistry and physics of metals». So she became an engineer-technologist. However, the diploma Kozovoy is not useful.

    Television career

    Biography of Lara Kozovoy closely associated with his beloved Jewish grandmother Esther Markovna Trachtman, on vacation in his native Odessa Lara Katsova flew every summer. The grandmother taught her granddaughter delicious recipes and all the tricks of Jewish Odessa home cooking. Lara’s mum is also perfectly cooked.

    After graduation in Chelyabinsk Katsova went to work in Moscow. She was in a hurry to earn money for grandma’s operation. So she got in the domestic show-business. Lara met with Angelica Varum. The singer took his Kazova concert by the administrator. Then Lara moved to the ‘ on similar work by Irina Allegrova. Then worked in Valeria.

    Change in life Kozovoy happened when in the grandmother’s care was not and mom. Lara a few months to recover from the blow. This break was enough to show business «forgot» about the Governor.

    After some time Lara Katsova was able to get a job in his hometown. She was the Executive Director of the Odessa festival «Big difference».

    Once Lara Katsova was going through mom’s things and found them in her grandmother’s recipe book. And then another and another piles of notes and clues to the secrets of cooking from my mother and grandmother. Katsova began to cook for him, and so carried away that he gained fame as one of the best chefs in his native Odessa. She was invited to Moscow, where as a free cook she cooked for various restaurants and cafes homemade food.

    The second time Moscow was more hospitable. The inhabitant of Odessa took concert Director on the TV show «ProjectorParisHilton», where she had to solve many organizational issues. But most of all Lara Kazova was attracted to the kitchen where she felt like a fish in water.

    In 2014, when Kozovoy was 47 years old, came to her popularity. Lara called on the TV channel «Home» and had the TV show «Home cooking».

    On the transfer of come to her only famous guests, stars of show business, famous athletes, actors and politicians. Together with them, Lara Katsova is incredibly delicious home-cooked meals according to the recipes of his grandmother Esther, and her own. But all these preparations would not be interesting, if they are in «duet» was not a great Odessa humor leading. Group «on-On» Bari by Alibasova, Hope Granovsky, Sergey Zverev, Shura and Sati Casanova – who was not only on the «Home kitchen» Lara.

    Today Kazova often invited to various popular TV shows, which is not surprising. Because now Lara is a real star. The audience enjoyed watching a favorite artist in the show «Killer evening», «Laughter without rules» and a «Recipe in a million».

    Personal life

    Open and knows how to joke artist doesn’t like to talk about that not about her work. Personal life of Lara Kozovoy fairly closed from prying eyes. In one of the television slipped in that the TV presenter is married and has a family. But all information ends.


    Lara Katsova dad

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