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  • Name: Lara Fabian ( Lara Crocker )
  • Date of birth: 9 January 1970
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Etterbeek, Belgium
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, composer, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Lara Fabian-a biography

    Lara Fabian (Crocker) was born in Belgium, in the Brussels suburb of Etterbeek. But the first 5 years she lived in Sicily, the home of her mother Louise Fabian, where the family moved almost immediately after her birth. Father of Lara, Pierre Crocker, was the first person who noticed the child’s musical ability and love of singing, because he was a guitarist. In 8 years, Lara became a student of the music school at the Conservatory and dance Studio. Later, she becomes a student of the Royal Music Academy of Brussels.

    The first professional performances began for the young singer at age 14, when she began to go on stage restaurants and night clubs with his father. In parallel the girl takes part in various music contests and in 1986, winning one of them – «the Springboard», the main prize being the entry song at a professional Studio. After 2 years, the singer participates in the show «Eurovision», representing the Luxembourg. She sang the song «Croire» and took the 4th place.

    The crucial event for a successful career of Lara Fabian is its familiarity with the novice producer Rick Allison, who was fascinated by her voice and offers her services to record their first full-length CD. Not finding reviews of Belgian firms of a sound recording, the Year, and Lara travel to the French-speaking part of Canada, starting my own production company and released in 1991 the first album.


    In 1987 they released the single «L’aziza est en pleurs», which Lara Fabian dedicates tragically died beloved by Daniel Balavoine. On the back of the album was the song «Il y avait».

    There were other singles — «Croire», «Je sais», «l’amour voyage», which had some popularity, but the real triumph was waiting for the singer after the release of the first album «Lara Fabian». The album almost immediately becomes gold, and later platinum. The second album «Carpe Diem», released in 1994, follows the success of their debut album. One of the songs from this album, «‘Si tu m’aimes», sung in Portuguese, it becomes the soundtrack to a popular Brazilian TV series «Clone».

    At the same time Lara opens a new way and offers the public a private musical performance «Sentiments acoustiques». Due to the success of this show and the popularity of the two albums, the singer receives award the canadian Association of recording ADISQ awards as the best performer of the year.

    The third album «Pure», published in 1996, had an even greater success. In one week the album became platinum and brought Lara Fabian the award for «album of the year» in Canada and a Gold record in Europe. Then she signed a contract with Sony Music recording English-language albums.

    In late 1998, Fabian embarks on a tour in world tour, and in February 1999 released the album «Live» recordings of concerts. The triumph of this CD was so awesome that he moved from the first lines of the charts even rattled around the world the musical «Notre Dame de Paris».

    In October 1999, published the first English-language album, «Lara Fabian». In the preparation of the disc Lara Fabian and Rick Allison has recorded more than 40 songs. In the official part of the plates were only 13 of them, but in many countries the album was released with bonus tracks, so often part of the album is different.

    The new Millennium the singer met the album «Nue» and an acoustic performance of «En toute intimité», which was distributed on DVD. 3 years later they released their second English album «A Wonderful Life». Then followed a series of new works in various languages, including in Russia in duet with the composer Igor Krutoy. The album «Mademoiselle Zhivago» included songs in English, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as a bonus track on the Russian «Love like sleep» from the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva.

    The last to date, album by Lara Fabian was released in 2013 and was called «Le secret». Like all previous work, this CD has been enthusiastically adopted by fans and the press.

    Personal life

    The first serious romance Lara Fabian developed with producer Rick Allisona. Life together lasted for 6 years, then the young people ended the relationship, but continued to work in a creative tandem since 2004.

    After breaking up with Rick the singer was somewhat long and fleeting novels, for example, 1.5 years she lived with producer Walter Afanasieff, for some time met with singer Patrick Fiori. About 3 years lasted novel Fabian with guitarist Jean-Felix, Cesar. From 2005 to 2012 it consisted in a civil marriage with a French television Director Gerard Pullicino. From these relations in 2007 was born the daughter of Lou. That is the only child of the singer.

    After parting with Pullicino, Lara soon meets with Italian illusionist Gabriel Di Giorgio. In the summer of 2013 they have become spouses.

    Now Lara Fabian and his family live in the suburbs of Brussels – Waterloo.


    • 1991 — Lara Fabian
    • 1994 — Carpe Diem
    • 1996 — Pure
    • 1999 — Lara Fabian
    • 2001 — Nue
    • 2004 — A Wonderful Life
    • 2009 — Every Woman in Me
    • 2009 — Toutes les femmes en moi
    • 2010 — Mademoiselle Zhivago
    • 2013 — Le secret


    Lara Fabian

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