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  • Name: Lana Del Rey ( Elizabeth Grant )
  • Date of birth: 21 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, songwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Lana Del Rey: biography

    Real name Lana Del Rey Elizabeth Wooldridge Grant. She was born June 21, 1985 in new York. The future star grew up in lake placid, where the 30-ies and 80-ies were the Winter Olympic games. Her father is engaged in the domain of investing. Earned the millions he is spending in a musical career of his daughter.

    At school she showed interest in music. She loved to sing in the school choir. The girl had very little contact with other children, but happy to spent time at home watching old Hollywood films, played the guitar.

    Lizzy Grant went to the University, but about the passion not forgotten. She played jazz at bars.

    Stage name star came up with her managers. There was a rumor that the creation of the alias have been inspired by actress Lana Turner and the car of Chevrolet the «Delray». But Lana denies this. She says she just liked the combination that seemed to her a very mysterious and relevant to the music that she performs.

    Musical career

    Not everyone knows that debuted Lana Del Rey under his own name in 2008. The album «Kill Kill» Lizzie Grant did not get popularity. Full-length album hanging on sale on iTunes for two months. Then he took off, planning to publish in 2012.

    In 2011, the song «Video Games» blew up the music world. The first concert of Lana and some time tranger Records released the single Video Games»/»Blue Jeans» vinyl. In the UK it entered the top ten, and the Netherlands took the third place.

    In the same year, he released the single «Born to Die». In early 2012 the sale was a new album of the same name. Critics were ambivalent, but the public received the album well. In the UK it went from the top of the charts. In late 2012, Lana reissued the album, adding to its 9 new songs.

    In 2014, the world saw the third album Ultraviolence. In 2015, she presented a «Honeymoon». The song «High by the Beach» seeks to occupy the first ranks of music charts.

    Already releasing their fourth album, Lana Del Rey true to their style. She describes herself «the self-proclaimed gangster version of Nancy Sinatra» and keeps this brand. Her music and videos are filled with references to the 60-m and 50-m to years, and different pop cultures of the time. Her vintage image adorns magazine covers. Often in the network fall pictures made by her own sister.

    Many have criticized the style of Lana to stand on the stage. For example, the famous actress and singer Juliette Lewis wrote in his Twitter account about what to look at Lana, it was like staring at a 12 year old girl pretending to be a singer in my room. By the way, in the morning she changed her mind, because, waking up, sang one of the songs of Del Rey.

    Lana herself, answering such attacks, admits that she feels uncomfortable during the interview and public speaking. While she doesn’t have a lot of experience.

    Personal life

    In his youth, Lana Del Rey had problems with alcohol. She calls herself «a complete alcoholic.» Parents have even been forced to give the daughter to boarding school. At first she liked to have a «dark side» and she has romanticized his bad habit. But then the «dark side» began to prevail, and the girl didn’t like it. She was rescued by the charity. She went to alcoholics anonymous meetings, helped the homeless.

    Today Lana has a drinking problem no. For some time she was torn between new York and Glasgow, where he lives musician Barry James o’neill. They dated for three years, but now the couple broke up. Lana blames his depressive nature. Despite the fact that the singer speaks in the press about their breakup, Barry calls it «fiction».

    Lately Lana Del Rey is paying attention to the time of Francesco Corrosin, photographer. But serious novel is not necessary to speak.


    • «Lana Del Ray»
    • «Born to Die»
    • «Ultraviolence»
    • «Honeymoon»


    Lana Del Rey

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