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  • Name: Laima Vaikule ( Laima Vaikule )
  • Date of birth: 31 March 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: cēsis, Latvia
  • Activity: the Latvian pop singer, actress
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Andrew Latkovskis

    Laima Vaikule’s biography

    Lyme Stanislavovna Vaikule was born on 31 March 1954 in the Latvian town of Cesis. The family of the future singer was simple and the music had no relationship. Father Stanislaw Vaikulis was a laborer, and mother Janina worked first as a salesman and then store Manager. Is that grandma Laima Vaikule sang in the Church choir.

    When Lima was three years old, the family moved from the provincial Cesis to Riga, in a small Studio apartment. A family of well was big enough: in addition to limes grew two more daughters and a son. In the bustling capital city Riga, the girl went to school, and at age 12 made her debut with the present. Up to this lime songs entertained only household and guests. Now it was a contest of young singers in the House of culture of the Riga plant WEF. The girl received a diploma first award for the talent. This day can be called the start of the creative biography of Laima Vaikule.

    But to become the artist she dreamed of. The girl saw a doctor, so after graduating from the 8th grade of secondary school, he enrolled in medical school.

    Lime did not choose music music chose Lima. The girl was destined to sing and not to treat. The scene has always attracted the young songstress. In 15 years of Lyme Vajkule has successfully passed competition and became the soloist of the Riga orchestra of radio and television under the leadership of

  • Raimond. Since 1979 Vajkule performed in the famous variety show «Juras Perle» («Sea pearl») in Jurmala. At first she sang in a dance band, but then became a soloist. But to stop there she was going, knowing what to study further. In 1984, singer Laima Vaikule arrived in GITIS in the directing Department.

    Laima Vaikule: creativity and disease

    Even while studying in GITIS limes a young Latvian singer was noticed by the famous songwriter

  • Ilya Reznik. He saw her the singer of the song «Night fire». First song sounded on the radio, then on the popular music shows «Song-86″. In the same year, Laima Vaikule, together with Valery Leontiev, the Soviet-Italian concert of pop stars sang a new song»
  • Opening day» (music by Paul, the words of Resnick). It was the rise and recognition of Laima Vaikule as a popular singer. She woke up famous.

    A year later, the singer has consolidated her success with «

  • The night». At the same lime invited to perform their original interpretation, and the song only won once on the first positions of the charts of radio and music programs. All-Union popularity Vaikule came in February 1987 after participating in the author’s evening of Raimonds Pauls in the concert hall «Russia». It was her time, and lime worked tirelessly. No job training at GITIS Vajkule has prepared an extensive solo program, which premiered in the concert hall «Russia» in early 1988. It was another convincing step which proved that the creative biography of Laima Vaikule — it is no accident, and regularity. The Latvian star was finally established on the pop music orbit and found my niche.

    In 1989, the American producer of the Wall Cornelius invited Lima Vajkule in the United States. Seven months the singer has worked in America, recording a new album in the Studio of Michael Sembello. In the US, Vaikule has signed a contract with a famous record company MCA/GRP. American TV released a documentary film about Lyme Vajkule, filmed by the Studio «Video,» and American filmmakers. The Western press dubbed Lima «the Russian Madonna».

    On the rise of career trouble came. Doctors diagnosed Vaikule

  • tumor. Lime overcame the disease, but in America left. She had one desire — to return home. The singer broke all the contracts. After returning from USA, lime saw how the world has changed around them. The Soviet Union was no more, and the Latvian Newspapers called it a scout: «Russian army goes, and the agents are staying!» But the scientist survived.

    During his career, the Russian-Latvian singer has recorded 10 albums in Latvia and Russia, 20 million discs were sold in Russia, Europe and the United States.

    Laima Vaikule is a frequent guest on the musical contest «New wave» in radio, television and holiday concerts. She was invited in the jury of KVN «wailing kivin».

    Vaikule is known as an active protector of animals. She is a vegetarian for ethical reasons. The singer doesn’t wear fur, constantly opposes circuses with trained animals, she is a fanatical opponent of fighting animals, hunting, bullfighting and other blood sports and traditions, where the victims are four-footed.

    Fans love her for her unique image. Laima Vaikule age admits that she doesn’t need to do it: she looked great twenty years ago, and now. The star is the correct way of life, has no bad habits, loves sports and healthy food.

    Laima Vaikule: personal life

    Personal life Lima Vajkule very rarely reach the pages of the tabloids and yellow press. Star never used the scandals to raise the rating and not sharing private details.

    The first and only civilian husband of Laima Vaikule is

  • Andrew Latkovskis, the former bass player and producer. Together the pair since 1970 — since the Dating. More than forty years Vajkule and Latkovskis — spouses, best friends and partners in creative work. Andrew was there when lime was seriously ill. He helped her to stand, without leaving your beloved a single step. Children in pairs. But my unspent motherly love Laima Vaikule gives to young singers: she is one of the organizers of the founders of the contest of young performers of pop song «Jurmala».

    Laima Vaikule: discography

    • Vernissage
    • The night is
    • Fiddler on the roof
    • I’m praying for you
    • Acapulco
    • Sweetheart, goodbye!
    • I went to Piccadilly circus
    • Latin quarter
    • What is a pianist?

    Laima Vaikule: photo

    Laima Vaikule

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