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  • Name: Lady Gaga ( Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta )
  • Date of birth: March 28, 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 155
  • Activity: American singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist, fashion designer and actress
  • Marital status: Not married

    Lady Gaga: biography

    Date of birth Lady Gaga — March 28, 1986, new York. The full name of singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Today Lady Gaga is a star with a world name, world-renowned author and performer of many American musical works in the direction of electronic music.


    Stephanie is the first child of a poor Italian family of entrepreneurs Cynthia bissette and Joseph Germanotta. Has a sister Natalie, which is older than six years. When Stephanie was only 4 years old, she picked up melodies and independently learned to play the piano. The future «Lady Gaga» began to sing the songs of Michael Jackson and S. loper and recorded your voice on a cheap tape recorder, feeling like a real star.

    Lady Gaga childhood
    Baby photo | Things-Dryukov

    When Stephanie was 11 years old, the future celebrity has been paid to Catholic school «Convent of Christ», where she began to hold open evenings and actively participated in theatrical sketches, singing the leading role. Gaga sang songs in the school jazz band and was a lot smarter than their peers. Therefore, already at the age of 17 she was able early to take the program of musical theatre Clive Davis in new York school of art. In the world only 20 have managed to do it.

    At the same time she actively tried to prove myself in any field, in particular, due to the influence of the surrounding musicians through various unconventional actions, like extravagant clothes or appearance in the society of transgenders and transvestites on certain shows. In 2016, it was announced the availability of the mental illness of the singer, but the rumors have not been confirmed.

    Lady Gaga
    A penchant for music manifested itself in childhood | GAGAPEDIA

    The girl suffers from a congenital malformation associated with small body size. Low height (155 cm) was the subject of much ridicule in the school years and serves as a source of problems for many designers, fashion designers and film Directors, who have to adapt to the unusual size of the singer.

    Musical career

    After school, the father rented an apartment, gave start-up capital, however, he wished to Steph for the year reached some success and met the expectations of the old entrepreneur, Stephanie started an independent life.

    The team of young music bands Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand she started her performances in the clubs of the Eastern part of new York, where he was constantly surrounded by musicians and singers working in the electronic music direction. It is in this period of time Stephanie made the decision to become an unusual flamboyant singer and since 2006 started working with producer Rob Fusari working in this direction.

    Lady Gaga
    Photos of the singer | telegraf

    With Fusari singer wrote these early songs, like «Beautiful Dirty Rich», «Dirty Ice Cream» and «Disco Heaven». At this very moment and there was an alias (from the song Queen «Radio Ga Ga»). Since then, Gaga was asked never to call her Stefani.

    Early in your career, in 2006, Gaga met with the artist Lady Starligh that influenced the holistic style and signature «» image of Lady Gaga. A very important role in the development of career freak-singer played by the rapper Akon.

    Lady Gaga is the winner of a huge list of awards for his songs: «Amy», five Grammy awards and thirty MTV awards in different countries. Over four years of full successful career the singer has released 5 music albums. Lady Gaga is winner of the American Music Awards is one of the most outstanding music awards in the USA.

    Lady Gaga at the awards
    The Grammy awards | Wtvr

    Most popular songs that has a huge circulation — «Just Dance» and «Poker Face» — 20 million copies to make a lot of money even with piracy and copying discs nowadays, and also «Bad Romance» — about 1.5 million copies, have had more success in USA than in Europe.

    Despite young age (30 years), it is a very rich woman who can live as she pleases, leaving the means to work and public life.

    The song «Bad Romance», very well received by critics in different countries: great music and execution of the plot in the clip was rated as «highly professional».

    Lady Gaga is kidnapped, taken away by mafia and sold into sexual slavery. Itself Stephanie is very happily took the plot and overall concept of the video, its depth and symbolism. Also, many clips were filmed at the personal request of lady Gaga, who wanted to increase their popularity.

    Films with Lady Gaga

    Stephanie has appeared in several film projects with varying degrees of success. For example: the role of Chameleon in «Machete kills» — a complete failure, nominated for worst role. But the huge success and recognition she got in the TV series «American horror story» seasons «Hotel» and «Roanoke».

    Now, many US citizens find out her role of Countess Elizabeth and Ramps for these shots, Stephanie received large fees, part of which went to orphanages and shelters. Also the film «the Story of lady Gaga», describes the life and work of the singer with her own memories and documentary evidence. Praised by critics as «objective, high-quality memoir».

    Alexander Gusev
    Alexander Gusev — double of Lady Gaga |

    The great success of the singer provokes people to create parodies and impersonators. Around the world people are creating copies of lady Gaga’s often like her as two drops of water. For example, Russia is home to Alexander Gusev, the only official double miss Germanotta.

    The image and costumes

    Relatively bright images – lady Gaga likes to appear in public in an unusual form, which is expressed through different costumes. Special attention is awarded acclaimed in the media image of the «meat dress».

    Lady Gaga
    In a dress made of meat | read more

    Stephanie has always sought to stand out with a very unusual clothing, whether it’s a wig height in half its growth or net outfit, practically nothing to hide. But the appearance of miss Germanotta in this form on the 27th ceremony of the music awards in 2010 was very strange: the dress to made entirely from pork meat, along with a hat and clutch bag was custom, lined with pork meat and processed with a special compound sealed his status almost all day.

    At the same time, in the company of lady Gaga is constantly having problems because of the photo images of the singer. So, in the summer of 2016, there was a scandal with incriminating photos Stephanie – the story was hushed up, but had to pay large amounts of money to stop provocative program.

    Public activity

    Lady Gaga takes an active stance against human rights the LGBT movement, is widely involved in charity work and participates in various promotions. The singer actively struggling with HIV and AIDS, talking to young people about the dangers of these diseases. Teaming up with Cyndi Lauper and MAK Cosmetics, Gaga began to produce lipstick «Viva Glam», the profit from the sale of which the company’s commitment to distributes to the movement to combat the spread of HIV.

    In 2010 Lady Gaga became the administrator and coordinator of the social network LittleMonsters. In addition to the usual features of any social network, every user will be able to communicate with the Queen of outrageousness in local chat.

    Lady Gaga
    Photo artist | Vodopada

    A large number of songs that are popular, Stephanie provides big profit, distributed in various places: for charity, the campaign against HIV infection, support, health funds, etc.

    At the moment lady Gaga, known as an ardent defender of the rights of the LGBT community that includes all sexual minorities. With its active assistance in America was repealed the law banning homosexual service in the armed forces of the United States, and was expanded the rights of such people. In 2010, Stephanie was actively involved in the support rallies and meetings, campaigned for same-sex marriage.

    Lady Gaga
    Actively engaged in social activities | Nydaily News

    She also conducts programs to inform young women about the dangers of AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, which, according to the Center for disease Control (CDC), the infection rate fell by 5-7 points.

    In 2012, Harvard opened a special Fund, which supports members of the LGBT community and instilling a respect and tolerance towards representatives of sexual minorities.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of the singer know that since 2005, Gaga for 3 years, spent all her time with musician Luc Carl. Further, from 2008 to 2009, the star met with his producer Rob Fusari, and from 2009 to 2010, the singer was captured by creative Director Matthew Wilsom.

    In 2011, Gaga had an affair with model and actor Taylor Kinney. The circle of the couple said they soon get married. Due to the workload lovers can’t have that relationship, but on Valentine’s day in 2015 favorite Horse made a formal offer hands and hearts.

    Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney
    Taylor Kinney | therajpost

    In July 2016 Stephanie said that they broke up Taylor. At the moment she is not married and has no plans of a relationship.


    Lady Gaga appeared before the audience on a musical Olympus in 2008 when her album «The Fame», containing such hits as «Just Dance» and «Poker Face» became super popular. Today it already triple platinum, and to date has sold nearly four million copies.

    Studio editions:

    2008 — «The Fame»

    2011 — «Born This Way»

    2013 — «Artpop»

    2014 — «Cheek To Cheek»

    2016 – «Joanne»

    Private collections:

    2010 — «The Remix»

    2010 — «The Singles»

    2011 — «Born This Way: The Remix»

    2011 — «Born This Way: The Collection»

    Small albums:

    2009 — «The Cherrytree Sessions»

    2009 — «Hitmixes»

    2009 — «The Fame Monster»

    Photo Of Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga

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