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  • Name: Lada ( Lada Volkova )
  • Date of birth: 11 September 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian pop singer, jazz singer, actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lada Dance : biography

    Volkova E. Lada, which we know as singer and actress Lada Dance, born in September 1966 in Kaliningrad. Her family was musical: my dad was an engineer, mother is a translator. Besides the daughter in the family grew up the son. Now he is an artist.

    It is known that Lada went to the same school with the former spouse of Russian President Lyudmila Putina. Another famous pupil of this school was the singer Oleg Gazmanov.

    Since childhood Lada Volkova demonstrated good vocal skills. Parents gave her daughter to a music school where she had the opportunity to develop their musical abilities further. After this musical institution, Lada has entered the school of music, where he first studied academic singing, but then decided to go on jazz-pop Department.

    The biography of Lada Dance began in her school years: she played keyboards in the school band. Later, when Lada was a student, she continued to speak: singing in discos, for visitors restaurants and bars. It is noteworthy that at the dawn of his career Lada played, and only started singing at the musical College.

    Lada Dance: music

    Professional career Lada Dance began in 1988 at the festival in Jurmala. Singer did not bring home awards, but participation in popular Latvian festival has opened her doors to the world stage. It is in Jurmala Lada met two future colleagues. It was the singer Svetlana Lazareva and Alina Vitebsk. Soon the girls began performing together, creating a trio of «women’s Council». Its peak of popularity the band had achieved in the years of perestroika. Their songs had a critical nature, but after the adjustment has lost relevance. The trio broke up.

    After the collapse of «women’s Council» Lada lost his job. But to return to his native Kaliningrad from the capital she didn’t want. Soon Lada worked as backing vocalist in the team of Philip Kirkorov. But in this capacity she worked for a short time because I really wanted to start a solo career. And it succeeded. Assistance in the realization of the dream of the singer was made by the composer Leonid velichkovski. He was famous for his work with the team of «Technology». Familiarity Lada Dens and Velichkovsky soon bore first fruits. Collaborative composition called «Girl-night» becomes the first hit of the singer. Soon followed by another smash hit – «Live in the buzz». In 1993, these two songs formed the basis of the debut album of the singer called «Night album».

    The partnership lady Dens and Velichkovsky ended. And again the performer had to leave in free swimming. First, she sang together with group «penalties-Maine». But in 1994, after sung by Lev Leshchenko hit «anything, anything», as her career went up again.

    In the mid-1990s Lada becomes a real pop star. She often appears at various concerts. In those years, the Dance met with composers from Germany, and the fruit of their cooperation soon become new hits. In 1996 there was a second album titled «Taste of love», with all songs performed in the then fashionable disco style. It was the hour of Lada Dance. With tour tours she traveled all the major cities of the country.

    The popularity of the performer multiplies the candid photo shoots in fashion magazines. So in the late 1990s she appeared in several issues of the magazine «Playboy». In 1997, the singer has pleased its fans with a third album, after which came 4-year pause.

    In the period from 2001 to 2005 Lada Dens recorded three records. Sorry, still had no success.

    Lada Dens: filesy

    But the previously popular singer has managed to become famous in a different field: she started acting in movies. A cinematic biography of Lada Dance began episodic roles, but soon, the actress has loudly declared itself in the film «the Spanish trip stepanich», where starred with Lyubov Polishchuk and Ilya Oleynikov.

    Then, on the screens out the series «Territory of love» and «Balzac age, or All men are bast…». Especially enjoyed great success last tape. In addition to Lada Dance in the main roles were played by Yulia Menshova, Zhanna Epple and Alika Smekhova. The show was so popular that in 2013 there was a continuation.

    Lada: personal life

    Lada Dens has two marriages. First husband of singer and actress was Leonid velichkovski. This marriage did not last long and was civil.

    The second and more official marriage was contracted with entrepreneur Paul swirski. In 1997, the couple had a son, Ilya, and in 1997-m – daughter Elizabeth. Over time, the couple began to move away, in the end the family broke up.

    Lada owns a recruiting Agency. Another business is interior design and clothing. The singer and actress has a hobby – horse riding.

    Lada Dens: discography

    • Night album
    • Dancing by the sea
    • The newest — the best
    • The taste of love
    • When blooming gardens
    • How I loved
    • Control kiss

    Lada Dance: photo

    Lada Dens-group Zhensovet

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