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  • Name: Kylie Minogue ( Kylie Ann Minogue )
  • Date of birth: 28 may 1968.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Height: 152
  • Activity: singer, actress, composer, film producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Kylie Minogue: the biography

    Kylie Ann Minogue was born in Melbourne, Australia in may 1968. Her father Ronald Minogue is an accountant, and his mother Carol Ann dancer. In addition to Kylie Minogue in the family brought up the younger brother and sister.

    Kylie was very shy as a child, so in school activities almost never participated. Only once, the future singer and actress appeared together with other students in a production of «Cinderella.» The girl was engaged in choreography and music.

    Both Minogue sisters made the first steps into show business quite early, while her parents predicted her acting career youngest daughter. One day the mother took the youngest daughter of Danny to audition, and the eldest took over the company. In the end the role went to Kylie.


    After a successful audition 9-year-old Kylie Minogue appeared on the screen. Among her early works – the role in the TV series «The Sullivans» and «Skyways». After leaving school, in 1986, Kylie accepted the offer to play in another TV series with Jason Donovan. This project brought the young actress, the first major success. So Minogue became the youngest actress of the country and received Gold awards and four Logie awards Logie Awards.

    In 1989, the actress starred in the melodrama «Criminals» which had good commercial success, despite the dissatisfaction of critics. Then Kylie’s acting career was followed by a pause.

    In 1994 she starred in the Thriller «Street fighter» with Jean-Claude van dam. The picture is not added Minogue popularity, it was even called «the worst actress». The following films – «Bio-House» (1996), «Director’s cut» (2000), «Exemplary people» (2000) — also had no success among the audience.

    In 2001 Kylie Minogue sang in «Moulin Rouge» (2001). This small work became significant in the film career of the actress.

    In 2007, Kylie can be seen in this Christmas series sci-Fi series «Doctor Who». In five years she starred in the film «the Corporation «Saints engines» and in 2015 she appeared in the film «the Fault San Andreas».


    In 1986, Kylie Minogue was invited to open the event in honor of the football stars to Dallas Brooks Hall. Her performance got one of the producers, and he offered the young girl a contract. The first single called «Locomotion» was released in late July 1987. The song became so popular that was the biggest selling single of the year. No less successful was another song — «I Should Be So Lucky».

    Quite a good start of the singing career was launched, and in late 1988, Minogue stopped acting in TV series «Neighbours».

    The first Kylie album brought immense popularity, among them — «Kylie» (1988), «Enjoy Yourself» (1989), «Rhythm Of Love» (1990) and «let’s Get To It» (1991).

    Becoming a star worldwide, the singer has changed the stage persona. In 1991 is a domestic girl fans to see the seductive beauty of this move only increased her popularity. By this time in her repertoire there were more than 30 songs.

    In 1992 he published a collection of hits Kylie Minogue «The Greatest Hits», then signing the contract with Deconstruction Records and the release of their fifth album «Kylie Minogue», of which 2.5 million copies were sold worldwide.

    One of his greatest hits Minogue recorded in 1996 duet with Nick Cave’s song «Where The Wild Roses Grow».

    The following album of the singer «Impossible Princess», was released in 1998 and was certified platinum. Two years later, the dance floors of Europe and the United States literally blew up the new hit of Kylie «can’t Get You Out Of My Head», and a month later came the album «Fever» that brought Australian singer two awards «Brit Awards». For the song «Slow» from the album Kylie Minogue received a «Grammy».

    Then I had a break in your career due to illness. In 2005 Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had to interrupt a concert tour. Tenth Studio album «X» (2007) was the first album of the singer, published after a serious illness.

    Over the last five years has released three albums Kylie Minogue: «Aphrodite» (2010), «Kiss Me Once» (2014) and «a Kylie Christmas» (2015). They are included and re-recorded songs from the early repertoire of the singer.

    Personal life

    In personal life, Minogue was carrying much less than a career. Despite the abundance of novels, none of them have not brought the Australian singer is neither marriage nor birth of children. At school beauty Kylie had a lot of fans. Friends of the pop star remember that she even had a special notebook in which he recorded the names of the fans.

    During the filming of «the Neighbors» young Minogue met with his colleague Jason Donovan. Everything pointed to the fact that the couple began a relationship. But the novel did not last long: many believe that the rupture occurred at the initiative of Donovan, who allegedly failed to come to terms with the growing popularity of the female partner.

    Later in life, Kylie went to a time when elegant, feminine girl she turned into a real rocker. This was due to the influence of her new boyfriend Michael Hutchence, which, unfortunately, often fell into depression and one committed suicide.

    Some time after the death of beloved singer began a relationship with British model James Gooding. The affair lasted three years, Kylie Minogue has decided to leave the young man, as he did not miss a single skirt.

    From 2002 to 2007, Minogue dated Olivier Martinez, who was with the singer during the struggle with cancer.

    In 2010, in the life of a pop star has a new man. This time she started Dating a male model from Spain Andres Velencoso. The relationship lasted three years.

    About two years heart Australian beauties was free, but recently she began to notice in society 27-year-old actor Joshua Sassari..


    • «The Children Of Henderson»
    • «The Sullivans»
    • «The neighbors»
    • «Moulin Rouge!»
    • «Criminals»
    • «Street fighter»
    • «Doctor Who»
    • «Jack and Diane»
    • «Faulting San Andreas»
    • «Exemplary people»


    • «Enjoy Yourself»
    • «Let’s Get To It»
    • «Body Language»
    • «Kylie Minogue»
    • «Fever»
    • «Aphrodite»
    • «X»
    • «Kiss Me Once»
    • «Light Years»
    • «A Kylie Christmas»


    Kylie Minogue

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