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  • Name: Kotrelev Kuzma ( Kuzma Kotrelev )
  • Date of birth: 14 June 1997
  • Age: 19 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, broadcaster
  • Marital status: not married

    Kuzma kotrelev: biography

    Little shooting star of the national cinema and theatre Kuzma kotrelev was born in Moscow in June 1997. About Kuzma family little is known. His parents, Mary and Theodore Kotrelev, deeply faithful Orthodox people. According to some social networks, in addition to Kuzma family grows up another 8 children.

    Kuzma kotrelev grew up in a creative atmosphere. He read a lot and soon fell in love with theatre. Already in his early childhood it was obvious that the boy has many talents. Kuzma recites perfectly. And he sings well and easily develops new musical instruments. In his 19 years kotrelev plays the piano, French horn and guitar.

    Kuzma Kotrelev
    Kuzma kotrelev | VK

    The fact that they face a talented actor, the audience can see, when the boy appeared on the screen as a presenter of children’s programs. All of them were broadcast on the channel «Carousel».

    It was already clear that the emergence of Kuzma Kotrelev on the theatrical stage and in cinema is only a matter of time, and near.

    It just happened. After graduating from high school kotrelev easily entered the Moscow theatre College of Oleg Tabakova. Today the very first mobile children’s theatre «Sofit».


    A cinematic biography Kuzma Kotrelev began in 2012, when the young artist was 15 years old. He appeared in the episode of the Russian-Ukrainian detective psychological Thriller «the dragon Syndrome». The popularity of this project Kuzma has not brought, but aspiring actor saw how professionals work. And the film turned out a lot. The main role was played by Alexei Guskov, Alexey Serebryakov, Andrei Merzlikin, Yekaterina Klimova.

    The debut was quite successful. But in the next film project Kuzma kotrelev appeared after 3-year hiatus. All this time he perfected acting skills on the theater stage.

    Kuzma Kotrelev
    Kuzma kotrelev | VK

    In 2015, the screens out the touching TV series «Red bracelets». This is a Russian adaptation of the eponymous Catalan project, which tells of the lives of patients at children’s hospital. Adult characters played by Anna Mikhalkova, Daria Moroz, Evgenii Tsyganov and other famous actors. But as children got Kuzma Kotrelev, Philip Ershov, Azamat Aliev, Stacy Charles and other young artists.

    This project was very warmly received by the audience and highly appreciated by the critics. So in 2016 the tape was shown at the Odessa film festival. Note that earlier series on film festivals are not represented. In 2016, the organizers first chose 6 serial feeds of different genres from all over Europe. From domestic chose «Red bracelets», where brilliantly played Kuzma kotrelev.

    Personal life

    So far, the main for the novice actor, is creativity. All free time he spends on stage. So personal life Kuzma Kotrelev, as they say, out of the equation.

    Kuzma Kotrelev
    Kuzma kotrelev | VK


    • 2012 – «the dragon Syndrome»
    • 2015 – «Red band society»


    Kuzma Kotrelev

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