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  • Name: Kurt Russell ( Kurt Vogel Russell )
  • Date of birth: 17 March 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, film producer, screenwriter
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Goldie hawn

    Kurt Russell: biography

    Kurt Russell is an American actor, best known to film fans for the films «overboard», «Big trouble in little China,» «tango and cash», «Stargate». For the drama «SILKWOOD» actor was nominated for film award «Golden globe».

    The future actor was born in Springfield, located in Massachusetts. His father is Bing Russell was a very popular actor, played in many American series. His mother, Louise Julia Kron is a former dancer. Kurt has a younger sister Jill, whose son Matt Franco – formerly known baseball player.

    Kurt Russell has finished school «Thousand oaks», although in the study, he did not give enough serious attention because at age 11 he began his professional acting career. By Bing Russell, the boy signed a contract with the film Studio by Walt Disney and participated in a large number of TV movies that comes on their own channel. By the way, nobody knows why, but the last words he wrote shortly before his death, legendary Disney animator, was the «Kurt Russell».


    The first film for the big screen for 12-year-old Kurt Russell was the film version of the Broadway musical «It happened at the world fair», in which the main role plays the famous Elvis Presley. Kurt had a small episode in which he gets 25 cents of the character of Elvis in the leg, so he had a reason to go to a hospital, where he liked the nurse. This seemingly minor role, turned out for Russell’s iconic. In his career he played Presley in the biographical drama «Elvis» in 1979 and in the crime drama «3000 miles to Graceland», although his character Michael Zane only disguised in the king of rock-n-roll. Also Kurt was the voice of the actor who plays Elvis Presley in the tragicomedy «Forrest Gump.»

    The great popularity the actor came in 1981, when they released fiction Thriller «Escape from new York», filmed in the style of cyberpunk. Russell plays the role of a war veteran and a dangerous criminal Pliskin Snake, who is sent to prison island to free the hostages of the President. The film was a large box office, it was supposed to be a sequel. But shooting the second part was delayed for more than 10 years. A sequel called «Escape from Los Angeles» was released in 1996. And only the insistence of Kurt Russell, is included in the processing of the first failure scenario, allowed a new picture to go out.

    Interesting fate awaited another fantastic movie with the actor. The apocalyptic horror film «the thing» was released in 1982 and quite unsuccessfully showed itself at the box office, only recouping quite a bit of money. But when in the late 80s, the film was reissued on VHS, started a real boom, and today that «Something» is one of the best horror films of the 20th century.

    Continued a series of fantastic roles Kurt Russell sci-Fi Thriller «Stargate» in which the actor conveys the image of Colonel, U.S. air force Jack O’neill, leading a reconnaissance team through the Stargate. Interestingly, it was the first in the history of cinema film, which has an official personal page on the Internet. On this web site one of the script writers Dean Devlin has posted photos and trailers of the picture, thus becoming the progenitor of today’s standard.

    Despite the fact that Kurt Russell in many moviegoers consistently associated with militants and fantastic blockbusters, he played in Comedy films, and melodramas. In the film «SILKWOOD», where his colleagues on the court were such stars as Meryl Streep and cher, he created the image of a courageous, determined, but of mental character. But in the film, Garry Marshall’s «overboard» not only is he reincarnated in love with the character Dean Proffitt, but filed it in the sparkling Comedy style. Partner on the set this time was another Hollywood star Goldie hawn.

    Personal life

    In the movie «Elvis» Kurt Russell met actress Season Hubley. They got married, and in 1980 they had a son Boston. But the family did not last long. Soon Kurt and the Season began to live separately, and in 1983 divorced officially.

    During the divorce process in shooting the romantic Comedy «Extra change» Russell again met actress Goldie hawn, which first met when he was 16 years old. They dated for a while, and then began to live in a civil marriage. Kurt and Goldie are still together, although the formal procedures of marriage were not satisfied. In 1986 the couple had a son Uayett. Also in the family was raised Kate and Oliver Hudson, the children of Goldie hawn from the first marriage who see Russell as a father.

    Celebrity couple owns a home in palm desert, California, a small ranch located near Aspen, Colorado. But since 2003, Russell and hawn live in Vancouver, Canada.

    Russell has a professional private pilot license and is an honorary Board member of the humanitarian civil aviation organization «Wings of Hope».

    In the late 60’s-early 70-ies Kurt Russell tried his hand at baseball. He played second base in the club for the California angels of Anaheim, who played in one of the lower divisions of the Northwest League. And then was a member of the club «Sun kings» of El Passo, and in the club «Portland tramps», whose owner was his father, was playing striker. But in 1973, a severe shoulder injury did not allow Russell to continue his athletic career, and he returned to the movie.


    • 1979 — Elvis
    • 1981 — Escape from new York
    • 1982 — Something
    • 1983 — SILKWOOD
    • 1987 — overboard
    • 1989 — tango and cash
    • 1991 — Fire vortex
    • 1994 — Stargate
    • 1996 — Escape from Los Angeles
    • 2006 — Poseidon


    Kurt Russell

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