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  • Name: Kurt Cobain ( Kurt Donald Cobain )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1967
  • Age: 27 years
  • Date of death: 5 APR 1994
  • Place of birth: Aberdeen, United States
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: musician, songwriter, artist
  • Marital status: was married to Courtney Love

    Kurt Cobain: biography

    Kurt Donald Cobain was born in February 1967 in Aberdeen, near Seattle. His parents, Donald Leland Cobain, was a mechanic at the service station, and Wendy Elizabeth Cobain (Frangenberg), which at one time was a teacher and then as a cocktail waitress. In addition to mother and father, the boy was cared for by a family uncle and aunt. Three years after the appearance of Kurt the Cobain family of a baby girl, Kimberly.

    Interest in music Kurt appeared at the age of two. In childhood he was fond of The Beatles and The Monkees. Cobain often attended rehearsals relatives uncle and aunt, who played in a country music group. When the boy was seven years old, aunt Mary Earl presented him with a gift of a child’s drum set. Later he became interested in the works of bands AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and Kiss.

    At the age of eight Kurt Cobain had to survive his parents ‘ divorce, that affected his psyche and future behavior. From then on he became withdrawn, cynical and aggressive. One time Kurt lived with his mother, but then moved to the father in Montesano. During this period, took his own life, his uncle, whom he loved very much. Father married Jenny Westby. Kurt didn’t get along with his new obsession of the father, and so slipped from him. In adolescence he lived with relatives.

    At age 14, Cobain began learning to play the guitar, and his first mentor was Warren Mason, musician of The Beachcombers.

    After school, the young man for some time he wandered on to friends. He finally got a job, and in 1986 in 8 days in jail for trespassing on someone else’s territory and drinking alcohol.


    In 1985, Kurt Cobain started a band Fecal Matter. The team had seven tracks, but never releasing a single disc, the band broke up. Then one of Kurt, the musician Krist Novoselic, invited him to create a rock band. In addition to Novoselic and Cobain, the team appeared drummer Chad Channing. The musicians could not find a suitable name for their team – the band was called Skid Row, Ted Ed Fred, Bliss, Pen Cap Chew and. Eventually settled on Nirvana.

    In 1988 she released the single called «Love Buzz/Big Cheese», and the following year the band released their first album «Bleach». Songs played Kurt Cobain in the Nirvana part was a particular combination of punk and pop.

    World fame came to the band in 1991 after the album «Nevermind». The song «Smells Like Teen Spirit», kept on the tops of the charts for a long time, became the anthem of this generation.

    The Kurt Cobain’s irritated with the fact that he became an idol for the masses. The musician wanted to be identified with the direction independent of the year, so the next album «In Utero» released in 1993, he made a deliberate grim. The album became so popular as the previous one, but has taken a worthy place in the charts. The most successful were the songs «About a Girl», «You Know You’re», «All apologies», «Rape Me», «In Bloom», «Lithium», «Heart-Shaped Box», «Come As You Are».

    Personal life

    Kurt Cobain met his future wife Courtney Love in 1990 at a concert in one of the clubs of Portland, where both were in their groups. Itself Courtney claimed to have noticed Kurt in 1989 at a Nirvana concert and immediately showed interest in him, but the musician ignored the girl. Later, the musician explained his behavior by the desire to stay longer a bachelor.

    Between Kurt and Courtney had an affair, and in early 1992, she learned about her pregnancy. In February of the same year the couple were married. The wedding ceremony took place on the Hawaiian beach, Waikiki – Courtney Love was in a dress that once belonged to Frances Farmer (bride admired this actress) and Kurt Cobain, too lazy to put on a suit, came to the celebration in my pajamas. 18 Aug 1992 the couple had a daughter


    Health problems Kurt Cobain was observed since childhood. He was delivered several diagnoses, including manic-depressive psychosis, with the result that he was forced to take stimulants. In his youth he was addicted to drugs, and this hobby has grown into a full-fledged persistent dependence. This has been influenced by the fact that among the relatives Cobain was attended by alcoholism and mental illness – uncle of the musician on his father’s side committed suicide.

    After experimenting with various drugs Kurt Cobain turned to heroin. In 1993, he suffered a severe overdose of this drug. A couple of weeks before the death of friends persuaded Kurt to pass a rehabilitation course, where the artist ran away the next day.

    The musician’s body was discovered April 8, 1994 in their own home by electrician Gary Smith arrived at Cobain for setting alarms. After several calls to the door the man came into the garage and climbed into the greenhouse, where through the glass doors and saw Kurt. First, Smith assumed that someone sleeping, but then noticed the blood and the gun.

    Given the incidents that have occurred with overdose, the police have made a formal Protocol that the musician was injected with an overdose of heroin and shot him in the head with a gun. Near the body was discovered, and posthumous note, which indicates suicide. Fans still believe that Kurt Cobain’s death was staged.


    • «Bleach»
    • «Nevermind»
    • «In Utero»


    Kurt Cobain

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