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  • Name: Kseniya Rappoport ( Kseniya Rappoport )
  • Date of birth: 25 March 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Kseniya Rappoport biography

    It is a successful theater and movie actress. On its huge talent say numerous awards and appropriation in 2015 the honorary title «people’s artist of the Russian Federation».

    Ksenia Rappoport
    Photos of actress | DiwiS

    Kseniya Aleksandrovna Rappoport was born on 25 March 1974 in Leningrad. The girl grew up in a family of intellectuals, which directly affected the formation of her as a person. From early childhood she has attended the circle of gymnastics and climbing. Then, when he grew up, began to play in the puppet theater and learned to paint. Then the parents chose to give talented daughter to a specialized school with advanced study of French.

    Already in his youth the girl began to translate poems that gave her much pleasure. Then she was planning to link their lives with the French, but the biography of Ksenia Rappoport was subsequently developed differently. When she was 15 years old, Dmitry Astrakhan, invited the young artist to the shooting of the film «Begone». Rappaport took the job with the professionals on one platform, and then she seriously began to think about becoming an actress.

    Ksenia Rappoport
    Photo of Ksenia Alexandrovna | MK.RU

    After school, Rappaport entered the Academy of theatre arts in Moscow on the rate of lighting. Two years later, according to circumstances she has gone on maternity leave. Later, the artist returned to the same head when it was set on another course. As a student, Rappaport noticed and invited to work in the Maly drama theatre, which was renamed to the Theatre of Europe.


    Following graduation, the aspiring actress continued to work in the same theatre. The audience could see her in Chekhov’s «the Seagull» and «Uncle Vanya», «Play without a title» and «the Cherry orchard». In addition, the artist has participated in productions of the drama Theatre on Liteiny.

    Kseniya Rappoport in the play
    With Danila Kozlovsky in the play «the Cherry orchard» | AIF.RU

    A cinematic biography of Ksenia Rappoport began in his student years. Then the actress starred in the TV series «Streets of broken lanterns-2», «national security Agent», «Russian bride», «calendula Flowers». Later, the actress participated in the filming of the movie «Anna Karenina», playing Mary.

    Later on the development of the biography Rappaport was influenced by an invitation for the lead role of Irena in the film of Giuseppe Tornatore «the Stranger». Because the shooting took place in Italy, the woman was not sure that it is approved for the ignorance of Italian. When she sent the script, was quite a surprise. To learn the language had in the course of gradual learning of the script and working with Italian artists. The role of Irena became Rappoport starting point in cinema. The work of Xenia was awarded the prize «best actress». Play on the set the actress got lucky with Michele Placido, Pierfrancesco Favino, and other actors.

    Ksenia Rappoport in the film
    The role of Irina in the movie «the Stranger» | Kinopoisk

    After the success of «the Stranger» Ksenia appeared in the films «Liquidation» and «Betrothed-disguised». After a time, Rappaport asked for it to play in the film «Jurev day». Then the young actress about her plans told Kirill Serebrennikov. It greatly impressed the plot of the upcoming productions, and Rappaport decided to try himself in the lead role. Interestingly, the actress first pieces of silver was not introduced as the main character, height and age is not suitable for the role. But tests showed that the Xenia will be fine.

    Ksenia Rappoport in the film
    The main role actress in the movie «Yuri’s day» | Paper

    Later, the Director noted the exceptional quality of the actress during filming, the film was warmly received by critics and audiences, and the Xenia got a lot of experience and a new round of popularity. In 2008, the actress again appeared in Spain in the drama «the Man who loves you.» She was lucky to meet on the set with Monica Bellucci. Other foreign works of the artist were the Comedy «the Italians», the film «Double hour,» Thriller «Ice dog» and the painting «the Invisible boy».

    Ksenia Rappoport in the film
    Role in the film «Mama daraga» | full Movie.RU

    But not only foreign filmmakers love to shoot Xenia. In Russia, the actress is also a lot of suggestions. She created an image of the mother of the friend in the Comedy «Mama daraga», and to provide the Comedy here was helping her actors Dmitry Averin, Nina Loshchinin, Uljana Fomicheva and others. 2016 brought Ksenia the role of Opera singer in the drama «the Queen of Spades», which is between our heroine and hero Ivan Yankovsky turns stormy affair.

    Movies of Kseniya Rappoport always interesting and reveal the diversity of talent of the actress. Surprisingly, the artist is rarely satisfied with his work in cinema. According to her, only bits and pieces and scenes be good for her. Much more opportunity to convey the image in the theater, where the actor completely lays it all himself, perfecting the game from performance to performance.

    Personal life Ksenia Rappoport

    About my personal life Ksenia Rappoport said reluctantly. In 1994, Rappoport daughter Daria-Aglaya from Victor Tarasov. The novel was short, so the appearance of a common child is not an obstacle for separation. Daughter Ksenia Rappoport went in her mother’s footsteps and also chose an acting career.

    Ksenia Rappoport with daughter Aglaia Tarasova
    With her daughter Aglaia Tarasova | news Express

    The second daughter, Sonya gave birth to the actress in 2011, the actor Yuri Kolokolnikov. The couple does not live together, but the actor often goes to visit the baby. Sisters are getting along well despite the large age difference.

    Kseniya Rappoport and Yuri Kolokolnikov
    Father of Sofia Yuri Kolokolnikov | Home

    Personal life Ksenia Rappoport he had a happy marriage with businessman Dmitry Borisov. The couple concealed the fact of registration of the relationship, so as not to attract the attention of the public.

    Kseniya Rappoport and Dmitry Borisov
    With her husband Dmitry Borisov | Woman Hit

    My husband Rappoport has its own network of restaurants in Moscow, but for the sake of Xenia, he moved to St. Petersburg and now here establishes the business.


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    Ksenia Rappoport

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