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  • Name: Kseniya Kutepova ( Kseniya Kutepova )
  • Date of birth: 1 August 1971.
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress, Merited artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married

    Ksenia Kutepova: biography

    Kseniya Kutepova – Muscovite. She was born in August 1971 in a family of engineers. Although parents were not related to art, but they were of the generation of intellectuals-«men of the sixties», which is called «physics and poetry». Ksenia was born not alone, but together with twin sister Pauline. At the time of their birth in the family Kutepova has grown 2-year-old daughter Zlata. In the future eldest sister has had a considerable influence on the younger. It was she who instilled Ksenia and Polina love of theater.

    In elementary school Xenia with her sister attended the children art school of the Palace of pioneers, which was located on the Lenin hills. In addition Kutepov more than 7 years in famous dance ensemble named Loktev. Often the ensemble has performed in the Kremlin and at the Bolshoi theatre. Besides Ksenia Kutepova along with her sisters were playing on stage Amateur theater. There are two red-haired twins noticed, by making a picture of them acting in database records. Ksenia and Polina made her film debut at a very young age. They played in several films, the most famous being «Red, honest, enamored». This film adaptation of the tale by Jan Ekholm did Kutepova famous.

    In 1988, Kseniya Kutepova has entered GITIS. Together with his sister, they chose the faculty of directing, where he studied in the workshop of Peter Fomenko.

    After GITIS Ksenia Kutepova since 1993 works as an actress in Moscow theater «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop».


    Ksenia Kutepova argues that there are two places on earth where she feels comfortable and able to fully open. This is the home of theatre of Peter Fomenko, where she now serves. Here Kutepova played about 20 roles. For many of them it was awarded.

    Among the first performances that brought Ksenia Kutepova popularity, the play «Tanya-Tanya». With him in the theater in the late 1990s went on tour in Poland. There, at the theatre festival «Contact», Kutepova awarded a special prize as best young actress.

    In 2001 Kutepova again receives award – the award of Stanislavsky for the best female role in the play «Family happiness». The following year, Kseniya Kutepova – laureate of the State prize of Russia.

    Participation in the production of «the sound and the fury», where Kutepova played Caddy, brought the artist the second prize of Stanislavsky. And the award «the Seagull» and «crystal Turandot» was awarded to Ksenia Kutepova for her role in the play «Three sisters».

    Sometimes the artist plays in other theatres. She has participated in productions of «the Kreutzer Sonata» and «the White guard», which was on the stage of the Moscow art theatre of Chekhov names.


    Debut the role of Kseniya Kutepova in the movie was played in my childhood years. For the first time the young actress appeared in the short film «Where he go!» in 1981. Then the screens came out films with the participation of Xenia. In the mid-1990s, she played a small role in the film «Agnus Dei» and «little demon».

    In the first decade of the 2000s, the spectators watched the game Kutepova in the films «Walk», «Write», «spring is coming» and «the guy with the chocolate factory». In the adventure film «First house», which was released in 2008, Ksenia Kutepova appeared in one of the main roles.

    The artist herself claims that cinema is not her priority. Family and guests was and still is theatre. Therefore, the proposed roles in the movie Ksenia Kutepova more often refused than accepted.

    It is noteworthy that she only once appeared in a soap role. It happened in the serial film «Doctor Tyrsa», where she played Dr. Anna Vladimirovna.

    Personal life

    Ksenia Kutepova met her future husband at the theatre. She and her sister played in the play «Dead souls». Sergei Osipyan, the young Director, then shot a small documentary films. Once he was advised to go to the theater Fomenko, there are a lot of interesting and talented cast. Seeing the game sisters Kutepova in «Dead souls», the Director realized that he was not deceived. He was amazed by the game Actresses. But the novel Ksenia happened later, when Sergei invited her to play in her band «Fish.»

    Personal life Ksenia Kutepova and Sergey academic Osip’yan has developed happily. In this marriage growing up two children – the eldest son Basil, who was born on 9 may 2002, and daughter Lida, who was born 3 years after my brother.

    According to Ksenia, children did not prevent the development of her acting career. On the contrary, made the game deeper and richer psychologically. But to introduce children to the world of theater Kutepova not in a hurry.


    • Where he go!
    • Red, honest, in love
    • Little demon
    • The lamb of God
    • Walk
    • Kromov Dr. Tyrsa
    • The first house
    • Without witnesses
    • Territory


    Ksenia Kutepova,

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