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  • Name: Kseniya Korneva ( Korneva, Ksenia )
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Activities: actress Comedy
  • Marital status: not married

    Kseniya Korneva: biography

    Kseniya Korneva was born 5 February 1988 in Novosibirsk. She laughs and jokes from childhood.

    Father and mother are engineers-electronics specialty. They instilled in her daughter a love for the WHC. In 9 years, Ksenia has played in the KVN team of the school. However, those performances were child’s play that has little to do with this «Club of cheerful and resourceful».

    Ksenia from childhood I was overweight. At first it was complexed because of it, but then made the image of their brand.

    After school Kseniya Korneva he entered the Novosibirsk state University of Economics and management. The University has its own KVN team. A student, a freshman came to one of its members and directly said he wants to play. The University team at the moment just need a chunk for the room. Xenia took. So began her life in KVN.


    Ksenia says that all creative life is breaking up with her from the women’s team in the men’s and back. She played for the women’s team «a Bust of Lenin», and then moved to the «Heart of Siberia», which was one among the 11 men. But the audience Kseniya Korneva remember the women’s team «Raisa» — the team of the Higher League of KVN. Invited her longtime friend and part-time creative Director of the group of Stas Agafonov. Xenia thought, consulted with the colleagues of «Bust of Lenin» and the «Heart of Siberia» and agree. Besides, her mother accepted the proposal with enthusiasm – «Raisa» is her favorite team.

    Kseniya Korneva worried how people will react to the women’s team. But the fears vanished as soon as she met with the girls. Root had to get used to the fact that the rehearsal starts early in the morning – his former teams, the participants gathered closer to the evening and late into the night. Very soon, she realized that singing at 7 a.m. and the run at 10 am have pleased her.

    Now Kseniya Korneva party show «Ural dumplings». In September 2015 she called Anton Zvezdin, one of the authors of the Ekaterinburg TCF, and offered to play the role of the wife Rozhkova in one of the rooms. Participants in the «Dumplings» pre-watched the video with the speech of the Root and decided that it suits them. Soon, she flew from Moscow to Ekaterinburg.

    After the first «Ural dumplings» suggested the girl regular cooperation. In her confession, she likes the style of this team, so she agreed to the offer without hesitation. Now Xenia often have to fly from Moscow to Ekaterinburg and back.

    Her stage roles – a Virago, or stupid, grimacing girl. Kornevo Xenia way, do not bother, because the WHC for the most part she acted in the same role.

    She says in her stage heroines have a kind of madness. But what she does on stage, not invented. It is prompted by life friends, overheard from passers-by because it’s close to the audience.

    Personal life

    Personal life Ksenia Root hard. She is open and outgoing on stage, but admits that her character is complicated. Moreover, the tight schedule and frequent travel, flights interfere with a woman’s happiness. But the girl believes that you will meet a brave guy, willing to tolerate and love her for who she is.

    In his spare time Korneva sings under the alias of Xena, although music education it does not. She tried to write own songs – did not work, so to echo others’.


    Kseniya Korneva

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