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  • Name: Ksenia Sabitova ( Ksenia Syabitova )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: psychologist
  • Marital status: married to Andrew Shnekovym

    Ksenia Sabitova: biography

    Ksenia Sabitova was born in 1992 in Moscow in the family of the famous TV presenter Rose Sabitova. In fact, this fact has made her name known in the world of show business.

    The girl was born in the «breakaway of the nineties» and, like all children of Perestroika, experienced a shortage of funds and a broken ideals, and abandoned the world around the child: the schools closed and mugs. Parents of young Ksenia divorced when she was just a year old. Sabitova brother and I were raised by a mother who approached this with full responsibility, and even after 20 years, continues to arrange the life of his child.

    Control and enthusiasm of the mother Xenia in some way can be justified not only motherly love, but also her own childhood. He recalls the well-known TV presenter, her parents were alcoholics and didn’t care much about their children.

    After the death of her husband and brother rose tried to open the jewelry store, but the harsh 90’s and the then-common racket she was given to do business. After the loss of business to have Xenia began to abuse alcohol, but the time came around and got myself together for the sake of their kids. The woman decided to make them happy, why would she do this.

    Ksenia Sabitova was in the most ordinary Moscow secondary school No. 865. The girl showed average results and finished school also. Noted she, apparently, only at the competition «Fair of ideas in the southwest», in which the children presented their project and research work. Ksenia won in the district competition the diploma of 2 degrees.

    For seven years She studied dance at the famous ensemble «Kalinka». As you know, almost all ensemble members become professional dancers. But here she did not go of the beaten road and quit dancing at age 12.

    After high school, Xenia arrives at the Russian Academy of state service under the President of the Russian Federation and studying to be a psychologist.

    The first self-achievement of a talented girl can be called a personal column in the magazine «Women’s secrets», which she begins to with 2013.

    Ksenia Sabitova: personal life

    The hype around Xenia rose from the moment her mother, a professional telezhka rose Sabitova, decided that the girl got married and went looking for her husband. It began with the moment when Ksenia was 19. Sabitova, Jr. took part in the program of mothers «let’s get married», but never met his mate.

    Fate was otherwise, and her husband she met when her mother was looking for a lawyer for personal Affairs. Husband Andrey Snetkov is a bit older than her. The husband teaches at the University of law. The pair met about six months, and finally fulfilled a dream as mom and daughter. In August 2015 Ksenia Sabitova got married.

    It is not surprising that the wedding Sabitova was under scrutiny from the first day of training. The organization took on her mother. After spending millions, she organized a fabulous wedding. Needless to say about the seriousness of approach to the organization, even if the date was chosen with the help of renowned astrologers. Rose was not only an organizer, but a writer and the host of the event. Despite numerous Tatar tradition in the family, the wedding was designed in a Russian style.

    Ksenia Sabitova: photo

    Ksenia Sabtah with Troyanda Sabatova

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