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  • Name: Ksenia Novikova ( Kseniya Novikova )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: Russian singer, former soloist of the Russian women’s group «Brilliant»
  • Marital status: married

    Ksenia Novikova biography

    The future soloist of group «Brilliant» Ksenia Novikova — Muscovite. Parents, having noticed the musical abilities of his daughter, took her to the famous children’s choir named after Vladimir Loktev. Soon the girl became one of its soloists. And in 1990, when Xenia was 10 years old, Novikova solo in another team youth pop group «Class».

    While Xenia had time learn good. After all, her parents put a condition: her tours and performances in the «Class» should not interfere with success in school. The girl found time to study at a music school which he graduated successfully.

    After 9-th class of Kseniya Novikova entered the capital of pop-jazz College. And by its end in 1999, went to the Moscow University of culture, where all of a sudden chose the directing Department. The diploma she received in 2004.


    In the summer of 1999 biography of Ksenia Novikova was enriched with new star’s head: the singer has officially adopted the group «Brilliant» to the place vacated after the departure of the soloist Poliny Iodis. Prior to that, she acted as a backing vocalist.

    For the first time fans of the «Brilliant» saw a new party band in the video for the song «Ciao, Bambina!». It was the debut Novikova, was successful.

    In 2000, the «sparkly» already had 2 Studio albums – «White snow» and «love». On some songs there video. For a long time they were kept on the first lines of the music charts and the songs became hits, got in rotation on various radio stations.

    In 2002, «Shiny» presented their fans a new album called «four sea.» It fans of the team noted a distinct advantage of the voice Xenia Novikova: she sang major hits. The words of one of them – «I flew» — wrote Ksenia. The song was awarded the «Golden gramophone» and «Muz-TV». And she won «Song of the year, Bomb of the year» and «Hit FM».

    But in the middle of 2007 Novikova left the group, stayed in the longest participating – 8 years. Fans and music critics agree that Ksenia was the most popular soloist in the history of the band.

    In 2011, fans of the «Brilliant» happy news about the return of Ksenia in the group. But the joy was short-lived: in less than six months Novikova again left the band.

    Solo career

    The singer started his solo career in 2012. In the spring she presented the song «Want to forget». I must say that the new songs Ksenia Novikova pleases his fans not too often. The second her song «tango» appeared in 2014, and the third, called «Obsessed», was made in may 2016.

    In 2015, Kseniya Novikova has announced casting for a new girly pop band called «Xenia». Casting took place in September. For the first time the girls performed in December of the same year on the award «Russian Music Box».

    2015 is notable for the fact that this year the singer, along with attorney Maria Timofeevskaya founded a new charitable Foundation, which chose for its focus the protection of the rights and interests of families. The Fund is called «the meaning of Our life.»

    Personal life

    In the past the ex-shiny, pobedivshego her to engage in social and charitable activities, and severe events. Some time Ksenia Novikova lived in a civil marriage with a businessman named Andrey Sereda. At first the couple was happy. They had two boys, Myron and Bogdan.

    But after the birth of her second son’s life was finally ruined, and the couple broke up. The tabloids are running pictures of a battered Novikova. But the problems in the life of Ksenia is not over. Unexpectedly for the woman’s ex-husband kidnapped the son and took them to England. During the years she fought for the return of children. Fortunately, Myron, Bohdan returned to his mother.

    In 2015, personal life Ksenia Novikova was again in top news. This time the event, which attracted the attention of journalists, was joyful. Ex-shiny met the man who became her husband and true friend of her sons. His name is Alexey Sorokin. Looks like the Xenia is happy again and, as she says, calm for their children.

    Discography (as part of the group «Brilliant»)

    • «There, there»
    • «About love»
    • «White snow»
    • The «four sea»
    • «Orange Paradise»
    • «Eastern tales»


    Ksenia Novikova

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