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  • Name: Lukyanchikova Ksenia ( Kseniya Lukyanchikova )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1993
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ksenia lukyanchikova: biography

    Ksenia lukyanchikova is a young Russian actress, who became famous thanks to her performance as the legendary fashion models in the television series «the Red Queen». She was born and raised in St. Petersburg. In school girl engaged in children’s and youth theater Studio. Thanks to the talented teacher Ksenia fell in love with an actress, and favorite example of chinaespecially Tatiana Samoilova and Elina Bystritskaya have only strengthened the desire to go to drama College.

    After finishing school in 2010 lukyanchikova becomes a student at the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts, where he studied in the Studio of Arvid Zelanda Mikhailovich. Already during his studies at the Academy, she played in productions of such classic plays as «King Lear,» «Uncle Vanya», «drama on the hunt» and many others. And after graduation she moved to the capital and started cooperating with the Moscow theatre «Practice», but also makes the first steps in the career of the actress.


    The first film Ksenia Lukyanchikova became a 12-episode drama «the Red Queen», which brought the actress popular. The first show of the film took place in 2015, and in Russia, the demonstration of the series began on 14 March 2016. The film tells about the tragic fate of one of the most popular Soviet mannequins Regina Zbarsky. The picture was taken on the basis of some facts of celebrity life, but is not biographical in the full sense of the concept, as Directors and writers added to the story with plenty of imagination and even a little fixed name, making it the Gentry.

    By the way, the film’s Director Alena Semenova says that the crew really could not pick an actress for the lead role. At the auditions has been revised thousands of candidates, not only in Russia but also in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia and even France.

    Lukyanchikova was a total accident – the Director has noticed her in the hallway of the theatre University, and it immediately had an Epiphany: this is exactly the kind of girl they were looking for. However, to fit the character type of the heroine, Ksenia had in a short time to lose about 15 pounds, but the desire to play in the film exceeded the difficulty of adhering to a strict diet, and the actress coped with the task.

    Two new films with participation of Ksenia Lukyanchikova also dated 2015. In the romance «Fantasy of the white nights» again she got the role of a celebrity, this time the legendary French singer Mireille Mathieu. In the film adaptation of the detective writer Tatiana Ustinova «Uncut pages» Xenia also plays the singer, but is already invented, named Phia.

    Personal life

    Ksenia lukyanchikova is relatively open. She communicates with her fans in various social networks, where it also had its own page, and official fan group. But about a romantic relationship she tries not to speak, leaving behind the scenes heroes of his heart.

    In June 2016, it became known that Ksenia lukyanchikova meets with the star of «Youth» by Ivan Zacinam. The young people met on set and fell in love with each other. The pair did not advertise their relationship, but later, the actors admitted that this is not a rumor.

    Xenia – the hot admirer of creativity of the famous American film Director Quentin Tarantino. She does not miss any of his work, and then shares his impressions of the paintings on their pages in social networks.


    • 2015 — the Red Queen
    • 2015 — Fantasy white nights
    • 2015 — Uncut pages


    Ksenia Lukyanchikova

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