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  • Name: Kseniya Lavrova-Glinka ( Kseniya Lavrova-Glinka )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Kimry, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka: biography

    The star of the series «the Fate of the choice,» a talented and bright actress Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka is the successor of this theatrical dynasty. Ksenia’s grandfather was a theatre actor, and his son, father of the artist, continued the family tradition, having received the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. Even when Lavrov was married, she decided to keep her name, to the legacy of her grandfather and father have not sunk into oblivion.

    Xenia was born 2 October 1977 in the small town of Kimry. The girl grew up «daddy’s girl», all trying to be like his father Oleg Alekseevich. In childhood Lavrov was often ill, and the doctors advised me to carry the child of the sea, where the climate is more had to maintain a good health. But break away from parents is not always aligned, and therefore, together with his beloved daughter to the South went father, Ksenia spending almost all my free time. The same situation was at home: the girl often came to Oleg to the theater, where he watched a life and performances of actors.

    From an early age she saw the whole story of the life of the artist, without romanticizing the theatrical world. Over time, the Xenia began to play on stage with his father. At first it was a wordless role, and then had the opportunity to play her first major role. One of the leading Actresses of the small theater was ill and could not attend the performance, so Lavrov, Sr. decided to take on this role with my daughter. At that time the young artist was only fifteen years old, that was a real test of strength. The girl had to learn a large amount of text to remember what to do on stage. Critic of its achievements was the father, so Lavrov tried not to disappoint him.

    Despite his involvement in the theater world, first Xenia was not going to become an actress. In the childhood she dreamed about the profession of policeman, and later, when he learned the problems of the deficit, wanted to work at the factory, to be able to pamper with delicacies his family. Only in the eleventh grade, she realized that he didn’t see my life without theatre.

    To do the Xenia planned in all theatrical institutes of Moscow. Her dream was school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, where he taught the legendary actor Oleg Tabakov. The girl was lucky, at the audition she read an excerpt from the novel «the Idiot» by Dostoevsky, I was very nervous but managed to restrain myself and not to faint. The excitement of Laurel remained unnoticed admissions, and she became a student of the acting Department. One day the teacher Tabakov recommended Xenia, which weighs at that time and seventy pounds, to lose weight to be able to play in the prestigious heroines. In one summer she lost a whopping 20 kg.


    In the theatre she began to play, while still a student. The girl and a few guys from the course were invited to his legendary «Snuff» the head of the course of Oleg Tabakov. The young actors were paid a salary, and together with the theatre they toured Europe. Then Lavrov fell for the first time in Paris, where he spent almost all his fee on the world-famous perfume «Chanel allure» and a huge number of fashionable dresses.

    Nevertheless, after finishing the Moscow art theatre in 1998, Ksenia left the troupe of «Snuff». Lavrova-Glinka has received the invitation in the young theatre «Et Cetera», the head of which was Alexander Kalyagin. On the stage she played in five productions and had a lot of experience.

    In 2001, a friend of the actress, directed by Vladimir Mashkov, who worked at the Moscow Art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, asked Xenia to play in the performance «№13». The girl happily agreed to go back to wall home theatre and get the opportunity to prove themselves. The show was a huge success, and the actress was able to fully open up on stage that did not escape the attention of his apostles, who in 2003 suggested she return to the theater.

    On stage, she plays a variety of roles, especially refers to the ambiguous characters with a heavy fate, where the viewer cannot immediately label it a villain or hero. Lavrov involved in several productions, among which are the famous musical play «the Threepenny Opera», where the actress plays along with Konstantin Khabensky. On the stage there is a live orchestra, and almost all artists besides the usual dialogues performed the vocals.


    Lavrova-Glinka, first and foremost, a famous theater actress, so the choice of screen pictures suitable with all responsibility and seriousness. The first film with Ksenia was a dramatic picture, «Daddy», the Director was Vladimir Mashkov.

    She played in movies of different genres, ranging from comedies, action-Packed ending with the militants. Xenia also not spared so popular in Russia, the genre, like soap operas, taking part in the shooting paintings «Heavy sand», «the Palmist — 2», «Montecristo» and «Closed school».

    In parallel with the «public school» in 2011, the screens out the film about the film «the Fate of the choice,» where she plays the main role. The film also has mystical Foundation: the actress appears in the image of the «good Guardian,» which enters into a dispute with the «evil Keeper», and together they allow people to Express themselves. Colleague Lavrova on the set was a wonderful actor Alexander Gordon, with whom the artist formed a good friendship. Xenia is proud of his role in this series, believes his bold, original and interesting shows actual problems of choice.

    With the popularity of Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, the actress began to call in larger and more popular projects, such as the action series about paramedics «Copernicus», a Comedy drama about a youth team in ice hockey «Junior» and the mystical project.

    Personal life

    The story of Xenia is reminiscent of the tale: her Prince was businessman Sergey Glinka, which is literally on the second date, took a girl to a fancy restaurant and offered her his hand and heart. Parents learned about the upcoming wedding, five days after meeting of lovers, but faced with the choice of his daughter, fully endorsed her choice. The festival was quite extensive, in addition to relatives he invited the entire troupe of «Snuff», including the head of Oleg Tabakov.

    In 2000, the couple had a son Daniel, and six years later a daughter, Daria. Unfortunately, the busy schedule of the actress does not allow her to devote much time to the children, their education is nanny and grandmother. Your vacation Lavrova-Glinka usually spends with his family on the shores of the azure sea in France, where in 2001 the family purchased a small house.


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    Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka

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