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  • Name: Ksenia Kuznetsova ( Ksenia Kyznetcova )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Kapchagai, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: widow

    Ksenia Kuznetsova: biography

    Ksenia Kuznetsova (in the credits of some movies, Ksenia Rus) was born in 1977 in a remarkable holiday – Victory Day. When the staff of the hospital in the Kazakh town of Kapchagai heard the first cries of the girls, they all decided that Victoria was born. But my mother have already come up with daughter’s name is Ksenia.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova in childhood
    Ksenia in childhood | VK

    Ksenia grew up in a creative atmosphere. After all, her mother Tatyana Kuznetsova was the Director of show programs. (Lately, Tatiana has taught dance in the municipal children’s theatre of Samara).

    The first dream girls was associated with a different profession: Ksenia wanted to become an accountant. The girl, as if spellbound, watched the cashiers who sorted the money and was planning to do the same when they grow up.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova
    Ksenia Kuznetsova | VK

    But they took their genes: Xenia, from an early age been to my mother’s work soon became addicted to dancing. Since then her artistic nature developed in one direction only. After high school she enrolled in drama school Novosibirsk. Teachers immediately noted the maturity of a young actress and advised not to waste time.

    The girl went to the capital and without difficulty entered the School-Studio of MKHAT. She enrolled on the course the talented mentor of Avangard Leontiev. She was a diligent student. In 2001, she was awarded a diploma with honors.


    Despite the fact that the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre traditionally prepares actors for the theatre, the artistic biography of Ksenia Kuznetsova has little to do with access to the stage. On stage the artist was able to play only in two performances in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. She wanted to get into the troupe of the Theatre of Peter Fomenko, but to realize this dream of Xenia and failed.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova in the transmission
    Ksenia Kuznetsova in the program «Abvgdeyka» | VK

    For the first time on the screens aspiring actress came immediately after graduation. She successfully passed the casting in the famous children’s program «Abvgdeyka», which is published for more than 30 years. A young artist during the years of living in the capital are used to difficulties. Therefore, the temperature under 40 degrees and stye didn’t stop Xenia from going to trial. Directors transfer appreciated his commitment and took the girl to his happy family.

    The actress does not consider herself a star, despite the fact that she was able to work in high-profile projects and acting in one of the main roles. Filmography Kuznetsova is not amazing a large number of projects, but all the paintings or TV series, which appeared Ksenia – the rating and favorite if not millions, then hundreds of thousands of spectators probably.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova in the film
    The role of Ksenia Kuznetsova in the film «Taiga. Survival course» | Wokrout

    As to star in his student years at the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater was strictly forbidden, Xenia debut in the movie took place after graduation. It is noteworthy that already debut role brought the young actress in the commercial. After all, it was a wonderful serial «the Taiga. The rate of survival.» It starred the current constellation of domestic actors, such as Elena Ksenofontova, Alexei Shevchenko, Boris Galkin, Sergey Veksler and many others.

    These shooting almost recaptured Ksenia Kuznetsova the desire to withdraw further. After all, they took place in extreme conditions of the harsh fall and winter in Adygeya. The young actress had to experience all the «charms» of the profession. It was a kind of Robinson Crusoe. A film crew filled with rain and covered with snow. About such familiar and ordinary things like a hot meal, a warm bed and shower, often had to forget. In addition, the theatrical actress had on the go to learn these concepts as a major or overall plan. The process of shooting was so heavy that Ksenia Kuznetsova at the end even thought not to leave this profession, changing to a less «extreme».

    But after returning to the capital after a short rest Kuznetsova received a wonderful offer which could not refuse.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova and Viktor Merezhko in the series
    Ksenia Kuznetsova and Viktor Merezhko in the TV series «Provincials» | etvnet.com

    The girl starred in the audience favorite TV series Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Valery Uskov «Hicks», playing the main character. Kuznetsova became a recognizable actress. It seems that her character shone with light and happiness. Maybe that’s why the heroine Xenia – Cat – although he was intended as a negative character, many evoked sympathy and understanding.

    Looks Ksenia Kuznetsova as if «debited» from the heroines of the 40-50-ies of the last century. The Directors noticed this and often offer Xenia respective roles. As an example we can call the project a success, «Alexander garden» and its sequel, as well as the films «Hunting for Beria», «Admiral» and «Three days in Odessa».

    Ksenia Kuznetsova in the film
    The role of Ksenia Kuznetsova in the film «Alexander garden» | kino-teatr.ru

    Shooting each of these tapes left in memory of Ksenia Kuznetsova’s many highlights. For example, the series «the Aleksandrovsky garden» Alexey Pimanova starred in the Kremlin. When the actors came here for night shooting scenes, it seemed that it happens not in the capital, and in the last century and in a very different world. First, after the actors went protection, which strictly regulate and restrict their movements. The tape and its sequel were filmed in over three years. Later, as she says, the Kremlin guard took them like old friends, calling «Gypsies» because of the huge trunks with props.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova in the film
    Image Ksenia Kuznetsova in the movie «gentlemen, comrades» | kino-teatr.ru

    In 2012, the actress starred in two popular designs: the melodrama «the Heart without a lock» and «Froda». Kuznetsova got the main role. And in 2014, the audience saw their favourite artist in the wonderful film «Elusive» and «gentlemen-companions».

    Personal life

    On the subject of personal life, the actress does not like to talk. According to some information from social networks it becomes clear that her life had two marriages. First with the actor of theatre «At Nikitsky gate» Vladimir Davidenko. Judging from early interviews of the artist, in this marriage was very good. Why, in a moment he collapsed – no information.

    More information can be found about the second marriage of Ksenia Kuznetsova with a man named Igor Rus. Previously, Ross wore a different name – Malakhov. This former concert Director Aziza. It is because of his weapons were produced fatal shot into your favorite millions of singer Igor Talkova. About this mysterious man said he had close ties to the solntsevskaya criminal group. Perhaps it is only a rumor.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova and Igor Rus
    Ksenia Kuznetsova and Igor Rus | ed.Gee

    It is known that the charges against Malakhov was removed. However, he disappeared from public life and changed his name to Igor Rus. It was said that Malakhov has left the country. As it turned out, Igor Rus did not go anywhere. He married Ksenia Kuznetsova and built a house in the woods near Moscow.

    The happy couple were born the sons of Rurik and Ingvar. The actress claims that the names of the children were picked up along with her husband, deciding that they will go perfectly with the name Rus. Boys, like his father, lived a fairly secluded life. For example, children Kuznetsova studied at home. As explained Xenia, this decision was dictated by the poor environment of the capital. But the fellowship of sons was quite enough: the family often went to visit and their home was always open to friends who came with their children.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova and Igor Rus lived about in this house
    Ksenia Kuznetsova and Igor Rus lived in this house | Wholeworldmen.ru

    Personal life Ksenia Kuznetsova, in recent years, is a taboo. From sketchy reports from different sources that in 2015 the actress has gone from Igor Rus together with the children. During this period, the man was terminally ill and did not rise from the bed. He died in the summer of 2016. About this, how about the fact that Kuznetsova at the request of her husband to see the kids refused to go, said the mother of Igor Rus – Galina Stepanovna Malakhov. Her story the audience heard in the program «live» in September 2016.

    Itself Ksenia last years of his life with Igor Tier comments.


    As you know, Ksenia Kuznetsova has a popular talk show «Act» on TV channel «Star». This program, where interesting and courageous people, the real strong personality. The actress and presenter says she’s happy to work on the project, which they watch her sons Rurik and Ingvar.

    Ksenia Kuznetsova at the filming of
    The shooting of «the Act» Ksenia Kuznetsova | VK

    And the actress continues to act in films. In 2016, the audience saw their favorite actress 8-series Comedy melodrama «the Crisis of tender age.» And in 2017, the screens will show the sports drama «From the bottom to the top», in which Kuznetsova plays the mother of the young Paralympic athlete of a boy who lost both of his legs.


    • «Taiga. Survival course»
    • Hicks
    • «Saboteur»
    • «MOORE is MOORE»
    • «Alexander garden»
    • «Admiral»
    • «Gypsy»
    • «Traffic cops»
    • «Froda»
    • «Gentlemen, comrades»


    Ksenia Kuznetsova

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