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  • Name: Ksenia Knyazeva ( Kseniya Knyazeva )
  • Date of birth: 6 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Sergiev Posad, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: theater and film actress, singer, winner of the beauty contest
  • Marital status: married

    Ksenia Knyazeva: biography

    Ksenia Knyazeva — Russian actress and model, known to lovers of Russian cinema thanks to roles in such films as «Poor little thing», «bridge», «Love out of competition», and many others. In addition, she as a teenager has won at competition «Ms. Krasnoyarsk».

    She was born in the suburbs, in the town of Sergiev Posad, where another young Russian artist, Tatiana Rybinets. But the Xenia in this ancient town did not live long, as her parents moved to Siberia and settled in Krasnoyarsk. Mom knyazevoy continued his creative work as a choreographer and ballet-master, and dad opened his own business, which I’ve provided all the material needs of the family.

    In school she studied at the «excellent», though the exact Sciences felt less passionate feelings than to the Humanities. The girl just loved to read and a huge amount of time spent with the book in his hands. Then she dreamed that she would become a journalist, but once, walking with a friend in the city, Knyazeva saw the announcement of casting for the upcoming beauty contest. Ksenia was then only 15 years old, but nothing better to do she decided to take part. Unexpectedly for herself she only made the finals, but also became «Ms. Krasnoyarsk-97».

    A year later, after graduating from school, Kseniya Knyazeva is sent to Moscow to enter Moscow state University on the coveted journalism. But in the capital she met with a professional photographer who offers her a new casting, this time in a modeling Agency «Elite Model Look». The girl tries again, goes to the finals and signed a contract to work as a runway and photo model.

    In the next three years, the future star of the silver screen continuously travel about from country to country. She performs at the most prestigious fashion shows in the United States, Japan, Italy and France. During these endless tours, she had the idea to change the podium on stage. Ksenia wanted to go to an American College, as is fluent English, but have decided that the domestic theatrical universities offer more quality education.

    Interestingly, Xenia Knyazev took into its ranks the famous brand all educational institutions of Moscow are preparing actors, but she chose the school-Studio of the Moscow art theater and studied at the art Directors S. V. Zemtsova and I. Y. ‘ Zolotovitskiy. Having graduated in 2006, the aspiring actress joined the troupe of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, where he made his debut in the performance «With favourite do not leave».


    To be in a movie Ksenia Knyazeva beginning of senior courses of universities. She first appeared in the military drama «Cadets», and then in the Comedy «From 180 and higher», and then waited for the lead role in the musical family film «Poor little thing». A real breakthrough in the career of a young artist took place in 2007. She not only worked with Christina Orbakajte and Gosha Kutsenko in the romantic Comedy «Love-carrot», but also played key characters in the family drama «the Stepfather», the crime Thriller «the bridge» and the historical-adventure film «the Servant Gosudarev».

    Later proved that the actress was expecting melodrama «Road to happiness» youth film «Platon», a family Saga «Buy a friend» and psychological picture of «Montecristo». The most notable work of that period was a military belt of the Belarusian production «the Dneprovsky boundary».

    After a three year break Ksenia are back in a big movie. It can be seen in the melodrama «Wife Stirlitz» love story «give me a Sunday» and the detective «Nerd.» Recently, fans of the actress enjoyed her play in the drama of life «Love out of competition», and soon on the screens should get the action-Thriller «Hostage».

    Kseniya Knyazeva, actress pretty diverse. It has no clear role as the artist is able to reproduce almost any female image. She Knyazev explains his success not only to the innate stage talent, but also feature face on which the makeup is easy to detect and traits of a romantic person, woman vamp.

    Personal life

    First love caught up with Xenia Knyazev in Krasnoyarsk. It was romantic feelings, but she is grateful to the boy for what he showed: a person must first be a friend. Later she again convinced of the rightness of these words. Moreover, the actress realized that with colleagues in a serious relationship can not build.

    In the end, she married banker Paul Hayrapetyan, who is older than wife for 9 years. They met at a Bank branch. We can say that she came there to solve financial issues, and came out with a date and showed the future, the resolved issue of privacy.

    In this marriage, Xenia and Paul were born girls twins Alisa and Vasilisa. The actress loves children, but quickly made it clear to the spouse, the fans and journalists that do not intend to become a housewife, and soon returned to the set.


    • 2006 — Poor little thing
    • 2007 — On the bridge
    • 2007 — Love
    • 2007 — Stepfather
    • 2007 — Servant
    • 2008 — Road to happiness
    • 2009 — the Dnieper frontier
    • 2012 — give me a Sunday
    • 2012 — Wife Stirlitz
    • 2016 — Love is out of the competition


    Kseniya Knyazeva

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