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  • Name: Ksenia Khairova ( Kseniya Hairova )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Ksenia Khairova : biography

    Actress Ksenia Leonidovna Khairova was able to prove to all sceptics that is the exception to the rule that «nature rests on the children of celebrities».

    And celebrities among her family is really enough. Xenia was born in a family where both parents are known in the art world. Mother – people’s artist of Russia Valentina Talyzina. The father of the famous artist Leonid Nepomnyashchii.

    As often happens with creative people, the parents of Xenia briefly lived together. After the divorce, father moved to Mexico, where he had a new family. And Kseniya Talyzina – that was nee the name of the actress remained with the mother.

    Ksenia studied at the school, where in-depth studied foreign languages. To give the daughter to a specialized school was the idea mom. Valentina Illarionovna, as no one knew the seamy side of the acting profession, most did not want the daughters of destiny of the artist. But genes took over. After school Kseniya Talyzina, was about to enter the prestigious Institute of foreign languages, suddenly changed his mind and took the documents to GITIS. The entreaties of his mother did not work.

    So in 1986, Talyzina, Jr. began to learn in high school theater. She was enrolled in a course of Evgeny Lazarev.


    In 1991, after graduating, the aspiring actress was accepted into the troupe of the Metropolitan Theatre of the Russian army (CATRA). But this scene is Ksenia Khairova did not have time to go out because in the same 1991, received an offer from Polish Director Janusz Yuzefovich. He recruited artists for the musical «Metro». Khairova suddenly entered the second round and went to Poland.

    In the capital Ksenia Khairova came back the next year and took a job at CATRA. Theatergoers saw a young actress in productions of «the Soldier and eve». At that time it was focused on particular attention, because Ksenia Leonidovna still bore his mother’s surname. It was another incentive to play at full strength, each time proving that the scene for it is not the whim of a child of the great actress Talyzina, and heart.

    Soon the theatre lovers were convinced that they face a Mature and talented actress. The play «the busiest place», «Much ADO about nothing», «the curious savage», in which Ksenia Khairova has played a very significant role, became the proof of her skill.

    For the artist the most outstanding event of those years was meeting with the legendary Peter Stein. Theater Director decided to put in Moscow «Orestea». Ksenia Hairaway got the role of ELEKTRA. The production was a huge success. Together with «Orestea» actress for a long time toured Europe.

    In our days Ksenia Khairova continues to serve in the Russian army Theatre. She plays in several performances. Among the most prominent roles the last time the Monastery in the play «Forever living» and Anna Falikova in the «Classmates».


    A cinematic biography of Ksenia Hairaway began immediately after the termination of GITIS. She made her debut in the movie «Nikolai Vavilov». It was a small role, but the first career step was passed. Participation in this project for Hairboy was valuable because she was able to watch «live» games such masters of cinema as Bohdan Stupka and Costas Smoriginas.

    In a year, Ksenia Khairova has played a big role in the film «Our American Borya». In the credits of this and the previous films, the actress is still listed as Talyzina. But after change the mother’s surname at the present, it seems, fell down some kind of barrier that prevents the Directors to use her in their projects.

    Since the mid-1990s, Ksenia Khairova is removed regularly and a lot. It often appears in popular series. «You are my happiness», «Detectives-5», «Airport-2», «Hour Volkova -2», «Opera-1. Chronicles of lethal Department». Everywhere Khairova plays with bright and memorable roles. Especially loved the audience of her character in the melodrama «Race for happiness» and «mothers and Daughters».

    But the real popularity has hit Xenia Hairov after the release of the rating of the series «Institute for noble maidens». This project was broadcast for several years, and its popularity was renewed for several seasons. The work in this tape was the though and heavy (the actress was also involved in the theatre and on the set), but very interesting.

    Work in the «Institute for noble maidens» ended in 2013, but here is Ksenia Khairova was involved in new projects. It is noteworthy that the images created by the artist in the films «drop dead diva», «Voice», «Offer status» and «City of temptation», is very different. Khairova has repeatedly proved that it forces a variety of roles, the range of which varies from light Comedy to deep psychological and even tragic.

    In 2014 fans of Ksenia Hairaway saw favorite actress in the series «Craftsmen» and «Good hands».

    Personal life

    The actress was married three times. But it just so happens that all marriage was unhappy.

    The first time Ksenia Khairova was married to a graduate of the mother of the Eldar Maneeva. Khairova claims it was a marriage of great and mutual love. But the Eldar decided to change their place of residence, changing Russia to the United States. Xenia, whose career was on the rise, did not want to leave their homeland and go into the unknown. This was the reason for the breakup.

    A second marriage, which Khairova not like to think, also ended in divorce. But unlike the first men with whom she maintains friendly relations, break with the second husband was very painful. The woman says she threw this man out of your life, despite the 6-month pregnancy. Daughter Anastasia hadn’t seen his father ever. She wears the name of her legendary grandmother – Talyzina.

    Third husband left Ksenia Khairova name. But life together again did not work out. The husband was jealous the wife to work and every time she went on tour, in the house of the raging scandal. To quit the profession for the sake of peace in the family, the actress did not become, having decided to leave her husband.

    Today’s personal life Ksenia Hairaway arranged, although she is reluctant to share details. It is known that her civil husband’s name is Yuri. He fully shared all the views of his half for life and respect for her profession. Familiarity with the jury occurred during the filming of «Institute of noble maidens».


    • «You are my happiness»
    • «Detectives-5»
    • «Airport-2»
    • «Opera-1. Chronicles of lethal Department»
    • «Race for happiness»
    • «Mothers and daughters»
    • «The voice»
    • «Institute of noble maidens»
    • «Craftsmen»
    • «Good hands»


    Ksenia Khairova in childhood

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